Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ten Most Obvious Causes of Fatigue

The First Cause; You are not getting enough Sleep.

One of the main reasons of fatigue is that one is not getting enough sleep, or if he/she is having sleep but the amount is little. This can and does negatively effects health and concentration of a person. You get headaches when you are concentrating on work etc.

How to Fix it?

There is a fix to it, and it is that make a fix time of sleep. Like if you have made schedule to sleep at 10 pm then it must be 10, no cell phones, laptops every thing should be banned at that time. This is one classic method of fixing fatigue.

The Second Cause; Sleep Apnea

There are some people they think that they are getting enough sleep 8 hours but they still feel fatigue at work. The reason might be " Sleep Apnea". In this case your breathing stops at night for a very few moments that makes you awake at night but you may not know this, but it's effects come when you get up in morning in the result of fatigue.

How to Fix it ?

There are different methods to fix Sleep Apnea.

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. If you are overweight loose that weight.
  3. Take CPAP device that can help to open your airway passage in the night.
The Third Cause; Not enough food.

Most people don't do breakfast, this is one of main reasons of headaches and getting fatigue during work. You don't feel energetic. Second if they do breakfast they don't take right meal, this is very important because if you don't have a daily balanced diet you will still feel fatigue, because it won't give you enough fuel.   

How to fix it ?

  1. Take protein and complex carbs in each meal you take.
  2. In breakfast take eggs with milk or fresh juice, along with whole grain bread/toast.
  3. Take small portions of meal through out the day to maintain energy.
  4. Take small portion of baked potatoes at evening to get energy, because carbohydrate is source of basic energy.

Fourth Cause; Depression 

You can think depression is emotional disorder, but this same depression is cause of many physical health problems. You get consistent headaches, loss of concentration, loss of appetite and so on so forth. If you think that you are following all instructions on removing the fatigue and still you are "down", see a doctor. Doctors can help you in fighting depression and do psychotherapy.

Fifth Cause; Caffeine

You might be thinking that does caffeine causes fatigue ? Yes it can, but in some people. If the intake is too much than it will cause fatigue in you.

How to Fix it ?

First thing first, Gradually cut down on Coffee, tea, chocolate, drinks. Don't do cold turkey as it will cause withdrawal symptoms. One cup of coffee is good but over dosage is not good it certainly effects the heart rate, blood pressure and causes jitteriness.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010



Introduction and History

The word yogurt comes from the Turk, written as Yo─čurt, yogurt is obtained by milk and it is a dairy product. Yogurt is made by the help of a bacteria which works on milk and gives the texture of thickness in it, and a taste of bitterness but that bitterness is very less. That bacteria has a long name, known as Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp, I can't pronounce it correctly :).

Rich in Vitamins

Yogurt is rich in Calcium, which is necessary for bones. It is rich in  B Vitamin, and for females it's anti-aging vitamin, this vitamin helps in proper flow of red blood cells in body. If your body is dry using yogurt helps to remove that dryness and it makes you look fresh. If you use it regularly 1 to 2 tablespoon daily in each meal you will live longer and the person who discovered it, he actually go Noble Prize for it ( I don't remember the name but as soon as I find it I will tell you ).

Why we use Yogurt ?

We use yogurt because it has lots of benefits in it internal and external. In the ancient times people used to bath in yogurt, because it soothes your body. 

People wash hair with yogurt normally females do it, it's actually a combination of egg and yogurt, you put it regularly on hair, after some weeks your hair becomes strong and shiny, I don't know which part affects the hair health but it does work.
One recent research done by scientist of Japan, and they have found that if you eat daily yogurt almost 60 grams it may be helpful in preventing of gum disease. The University name is Kyushu University, and the report is published in Periodontology's Journal. The topic was whether any habit other than brushing teeth, might be helpful in preventing Gingivitis.  

If you have Diarrhea use yogurt it does wonders. It is easily digestible by the body because of Lactose found in yogurt which helps in digestion.
From my own personal search, yogurt helps in healing the arteries, if blood is coming from your intestine in the "poop", then only use bread with yogurt trust me in one day bleeding stops.

If you have any kind of Heart Disease then taking homemade yogurt is good for fighting heart disease, but don't take Full-Fat Yogurt in having heart disease. Always ask the doctor before taking yogurt for the doctor must know what you will be taking consistently.

Good News For Loosing Weight

If you are a Fat person or if you think that you have more weight and you are on diet or if you have obesity problem, then please include Fat-Free-Yogurt in your weight loss diet, it's a must. There has been a research done on yogurt and it has been found that taking 3 Fat-free-yogurt servings daily which is included in daily diet routine, then you loose 22% more weight, at the same time you burn fat 61% more than if you didn't included yogurt in your diet. The research has been done in University of Tennessee, and the researcher who told this his name is Michael Zemel, who is PHD.

 The Secret of French Women

You must have seen French Women, they all look very smart and sexy :). But have you have thought what's there secret of being smart and slim ? Why isn't there belly is more than usual ?

There is a book written by a French Lady and the book name is "French Women Don't get Fat", she tells us that eating yogurt helps you stay smart, you might be thinking that I do eat yogurt too! but the question is did you have included in your diet or not ? That the main point, then is it FAT-FREE or NOT ? She tells us that french women eat yogurt in the morning during breakfast and then eat at evening, so it's a two time must.

So When you are including yogurt in your diet ?

1. My English is not good, for that I am apologizing, please ignore my grammar.
2. I do my own research. Stumble Upon Toolbar

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



There are lots of benefits of pepper and most of people in general don't know about it. In ancient times the pepper was so valuable because of health benefits it has been used in place of money. In ancient times it has been used to appease the GOD'S. It comes from plant known as pepper vine which can reach in length up to to 30 feet, like other fruit plants it gives flowers which contains pepper corn in it, people remove it and grind it, to make it ground black pepper. Lets get to benefits which it gives us
First, if your digestion is not good then take pepper in your food, when you taste pepper it tells your digestive system to produce HCL which then helps in better digestion of food.
Second, if you have flu take one pepper ( just one ball) and eat it daily along with breakfast. You have to remeber this to take it as whole and chew it, it will help in flu.
Third, it helps to reduce the gas which is produced in intestinal tract. Now a days most people complain of gas, give them pepper, ask them to use in their daily meal, amonut should be very little. Stumble Upon Toolbar

Fish Capsule

First thing first a person should know what fish oil is?

Fish oil is special type of oil which is obtained from cod liver oil. You can get fish oil by eating fish or taking capsules/supplements. Those fishes which are rich in nutrition/beneficial oils are known as omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is composed of tuna, mullet, bluefish, mackerel, menhaden, sardines, Salmon.
In almost 28 grams of fish contains 1 gram of omega 3 fatty acids. There are different types of fish oil supplements and contain different amounts of vitamin E, vitamin E is added to prevent spoilage. Along with vitamin E it can also contain calcium, vitamin C, D, B1, B2, B3 and vitamin A.

The usage of Fish Oil

Fish oil is used in lots of conditions. Normally it is used in heart and blood related system. There are lots of people who use fish oil to reduce/lower the blood pressure. Fish oil is also used to prevent heart attacks/disease. The research done on fish oil proves that it actually does lower high triglycerides.
Note: If fish oil is taken too much and then it can actually increase the heart attack rate.

Fish oil has become famous in terms of brain food because there are lots of students and geeks who take fish oil to reduce depression, psychosis and different types of thinking disorders. On the other hand there are some people who use fish oil for dry eyes, and for AMD (age related degeneration).

Fish oil is useful for women because it helps in Painful Periods, pregnancy issues, high blood pressure as described above, early delivery of baby, breast pain.

As described above fish oil is used mostly in heart diseases so it is used after heart transplant surgery to stop the high blood pressure that can caused by drugs that are used to reduce the chances of rejecting the heart by the body.
The way of Cooking can have different effects

If you don't take fish oil/supplements and take fish oil by eating it can make a difference. Eating a baked fish reduces the risk of heart attack; on the other hand if the fish is fried it cancels out the fish oil benefits and can increase heart attack chances.

Fish Oil, effectiveness

According to Natural Medicines Database, they rate the effectiveness of the fish oil on the following scale:

1. Effective
2. Likely effective
3. Possibly effective
4. Likely ineffective
5. Ineffective
6. Insufficient evidence to make it rate.

Let us look at each of the rates according to the effectiveness of the fish oil.

a)      Effective

Fish oil is highly effective in lowering fats called triglycerides. If this level is high then heart disease will likely increase. According to FDA, oil supplement which contains Lovaza, is highly effective to lower triglycerides.

b)     Likely Effective

Those people who have heart disease they can take fish oil to reduce the risk of heart disease. Those who are free from heart disease can take fish oil to keep them away from heart disease.

c)      Possibly Effective for

According to Natural medicines comprehensive database, fish oil can be possibly effective for high blood pressure because it produces modest reduction in blood pressure. In this case omega 3 expands blood vessels and this brings downs the blood pressure.

If you take fish oil making a combination with B12 it is effective for painful periods, and it reduces the need for medications.

If your children thinking skills are not good give them fish oil. If you are sensitive to cold then taking fish oil can increase the tolerance of cold.

If you eat fish once per week it reduces the chance of stroke as low as 27 percent.

If patient has weak bones which is known as Osteoporosis, which is very common in old age, taking fish oil along with calcium reduces the bone loss process and increases the bone density.

Atherosclerosis commonly known as hardening of arteries, fish oil can help reverse the hardening of arteries because of presence of Omega 3.


If you have depression then taking fish oil it helps to reduce the depression. Where there is high consumption of fish like in Bangladesh there level of depression is less. The effect is that if omega 3 is lower in the body that is particularly in plasma and red blood cells has a relation with depression.

Weight loss

There is some evidence that shows the eating fish or taking fish oil reduces the weight and helps decrease level of blood sugar in people who are overweight and with high blood pressure.


There is some research that gives us the evidence that fish will may improve flow of air, help reduce cough and also lower the need of medicine in some children who have asthma.

Dry Eye Syndrome

According to the research those who eat fish or take fish oil supplement especially women helps prevent the dry eyes.

d)    Possibly Ineffective for

Here is a list of diseases/symptoms in which there is a chance that fish oil may not be effective.

1. Gingivitis which is actually gum infection.
2. Diseases of liver.
3. Pain in the leg due to blood flow which is also known as claudication.
4. It may not be affective for migraine headaches.
5. If you do physical exercise fish oil may not be affective for muscle soreness.
6. When not be affective for skin rashes
7. Stomach ulcer.

e)      Likely Ineffective for

On this scale fish oil is likely ineffective in type II diabetes. If you take fish oil in type II diabetes it maybe likely ineffective to lower the blood sugar.

f)     Insufficient Evidence to make it whether effective or inefective


Research has shown that taking fish oil in case of cancer produces different results.


If someone has cataracts than taking fish oil or eating fish, can or cannot lower the risk of cataracts.

Pregnancy Complications

According to the evidence taking fish oil during the time of pregnancy does not reduces the high blood pressure.


This is especially interesting for women who are pregnant; if a woman is pregnant taking fish oil improves the schizophrenia.

Irregular heart beats

If there is some patient who has irregular heartbeats then taking fish oil produces different conflicting results so fish oil should be avoided.

Now the Question How does fish oil works?

After mentioning the above rating scale and nutritional facts you may have a hint that lots of benefits comes from omega-3 fatty acids. This is due to the fact that body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids. So the main ingredient of benefit is Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Is this fish oil is safe?

Fish oil is safe for most people. When the quantity is less than 3 grams per day. If the fish oil is taken in higher quantity more than 3 grams per is possibly unsafe.

Different names of same name Fish oil

W-3 Fatty Acids, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Omega-3 Marine Triglycerides, PUFA, Salmon Oil, Tuna Fish, Tuna Oil, Omega-3, Omega 3, Marine Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Fish Body Oil.

Normally in winter season there is problem that when winter arrives most children catch flu, and this flu remains for a long time, even if they get well they again get infected.

Solutions to not to catch flu in winter especially keeping children safe.
  1. To solve this problem there is a very nice solution to it and that is you buy Fish Capsules from the Medicine shop. Take only one capsule daily and who has flu take one capsule it will help you heal quick. There is another solution it is that make fish once per week it will keep you and your children immune system better.
  2. One of the great benefit of using fish that it helps you control high blood pressure. 
  3. Its good for eyes because it has vitamen A in it which is good for eyes.
  4. It also makes you think smart.
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