Friday, March 15, 2013

Migraine Symptoms

If you look at statistics of American's who get Migraine it is about 30 million! Yes, you read it right. Compared to men women are three times more prone to migraine. If you ever get headaches in which you feel pulse then chances are that you are getting the migraine headaches. In this post you will learn different ways in which migraine can occur. Do keep in mind that when migraine symptoms occur, each individual will experience differently.

1. The Aura Effect

Those individuals who get migraine or start to get migraine, they usually feel the "aura". Yes, you will literally see flashing of light, lines of light, or flickering light.

Note: There are some who without any kind of headache can experience the Aura.

2. Did you just experienced the Depression or Excitement too quickly?

Sometimes it happens that individuals who get migraine attack, they usually first experience extreme depression or extreme excitement without any kind of reason. According the the report which was presented in the American Academy in year of 2010 tells us that those who expereince extreme type of depression they are more prone to migraine and in the long run it can become chronic. So if you sometime experience extreme kind of mood swings, or feel extremely depressed then contact your doctor immediately.

3. Are you feeling sleepless?

When ever you go to the bed, do you feel like you are not getting sleep or you get mild headaches? Then chances are these are migraine symptoms. There is a study done which tells that those who sleep less or they feel really tired when they wake up in the morning, those individuals do get migraine headaches. So a piece of advice is get full 8 hours of sleep! world will not stop with you.

4. Stuffy nose?

When an individual gets stuffy nose, or having water eyes it is usually associated with flu, fever but it is also a fact that those who get migraine headaches have these kinds of migraine symptoms. So this condition all depends on the situation.

5. Before the Migraine Attack Occurs

If you crave for Chocolate and afterwards you get headache then you have migraine headache. There are few people get really high cravings for specific foods before the migraine attack occurs. So now you know (:

6. The Pulse Feel

According to the survey which was done by the National Headache Foundation (NHF) that those who have migraine headache attack usually feel the pulse pain in one side of the head ( it was 50%) and rest 34% of audience felt the pulsating pain on both sides of the head. So if you feel pulsating pain on one side of the head, then you have migraine symptoms.

7. Eye Pain

If often, you feel pain in the back of eye then you have migraine headache. Going to the eye doctor won't help.

8. Too much Urination

If you get too much urination, then chances are that you might get migraine headache but it's not necessary, it may or not be the cause of migraine symptom.

9. Vomiting

According Migraine Study II, those individuals who get migraine headaches, they experience nausea and vomiting  Migraine collected the data from about 3700 individuals and close to 73% said that they experience nausea when they have migraine and close to 34% audience had vomiting during migraine or after vomiting they got migraine.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Five Home Remedies For Back Pain

Ah the back pain! Every one gets this back pain once in a life. Back pain can occur due to a number of reasons. Maybe you lifted a heavy weight after a very long time, you got energetic in your friends group and you swung the baseball really hard. You can also get back pain by sitting too long in front of the PC, or sitting in the wrong posture for a long time. When the back pain occurs, trust me, you don't want it and if you  have back pain then you know how painful back pain can become. Here are some home developed remedies that can relief the back pain.

1. The Bed

If you, when wake up in the morning and feel back pain for sometime like for half an hour, two hours then you must at any cost change your bed or mattress. Trust me mattress over the time can produce back pain because mattress over time can no longer hold the body weight.  Look at your mattress if it is in slightly "U" shape from the middle then please change it or you will get permanent back pain for your laziness. Yes, I am getting blunt here.

2. Don't rest too much in back pain

When a person gets back pain, people around him/her tell to rest. Trust me don't do this, if you rest, then your back pain can get worse. Even if it doesn't get worse, the healing time will be extended. If you have any kind of doubts, you can ask your doctor about this. There is however one effective way to redcue the back pain and that is sleep like a "LOG" but in the other direction with your right hand under your face and make sure that you sleep on the floor, that is important. Do it for 1 week and your pain would be gone. Trust me sleeping like this with right hand under the face is really difficult but it will help in relief of back pain.

3. Massage for back pain

If you are having back pain one of most effective and common way of reducing back pain is having a massage. Yes, back pain won't go away with massage but your pain would be significantly reduced.

4. Relax  your body 

Yes, sometimes it happens that unconsciously individual's body parts get stressed out and that individual doesn't know about it. This usually occurs because of emotional tension. That is why mediation is so important and which you see everyday in the morning on the T.V. It will help your body to relax and this can cure the back pain because when you are in control of mood then there would be no tension.

5. Swimming 

Now this may look odd, but if you do swim your back pain would be reduced significantly as all body parts are involved in swimming. Actually, when you are swimming, you are helping your body to develop muscles in the back and in the stomach, this can literally relief from the back pain.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Healthy Coconuts

Coconut is a useful fruit for most people who live at or under tropical belt. Coconut is a whole food, which is full of calories and different minerals. On average, a coconut which has weight of 400 grams can easily offer all essential minerals and required energy for an averaged size person.

So why is coconut important and what health benefits it can provide? Here are some facts and health benefits that coconut can give you:

1. If you take 100 gram of coconut, it will provide you with almost 400 calories. A coconut depending on where it grew, can have different kinds of bio-active materials which can really benefit the body.

2. If in summer you are feeling really thirsty then drinking coconut water can help to control the thirst.  The coconut water contains cytokin, phosphate, per-oxidase and such which helps to increase the metabolism

3. Coconut contains a fatty acid which is known as lauric acid. 

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Different Home Remedies for Pain in Knee

This blog post will provide you extensive information on how to relief yourself from the pain in knee. So let's get digging shall we :)


Knee is that part of our body on which almost no one gives even a second thought unless you start to feel pain in knee. It's one of the most complex and beautifully engineered body part created by nature and because of it's complex design, knees can hold the whole body weight for life. Of-course when pain in knee occurs, or when an individual start to see knee pain symptoms it's because he/she didn't paid attention in the first place. Don't worry there are numerous remedies which can help the pain in knee go away.

1. Stay Slim

If you are getting overweight then you must try to reduce it, because sooner or later you will feel pain in knee. When an individual gets overweight, different body parts feel stressed and knee is one of them. Consider this example, if you are overweight by 20 pound or 10 kg at most then when you move, you will put almost 50 kg or 100 pounds of weight on your each knee on each step. Yes, that's right, you read it right.

2. Feet Posture

A lot of times when pain in knee occurs, it's because of the feet posture. If your feet are Pronated, then you should at all cost make your feet posture to "Normal Pronation". This is really important because if the posture of your foot is not right then your will feel pain in knee. You can easily bring your foot back to normal posture by buying shoes designed by podiatrist.

3. Are You Buying the Right Kind of Shoes ?

If you are used to high heel shoes ( this goes for both man and woman ) then there is a bad new for you. When you wear high heel shoes, you are deliberately putting body weight forward which in turn badly affects the knee. So if you are feeling pain in knee when you wear high heel shoes then please stop! Understand this; your body is sending you knee pain symptoms which over time if ignored will get worse. "Health is Wealth".

4. Running will only increase the Pain

A lot of people especially the athletes believe that if they are feeling pain in knee, then if they start running or keep running the pain will eventually go away. This is wrong, if knee is in pain then running will make it even worse. Keep in mind that knee is different than biceps, triceps etc. If knee gets injured then it will really take for you to recover.

5. The Surface 

If you do jogging then consider jogging on the grass, running tracks, or in the forest paths. A lot of people like to run on the side of road or on the pedestrian side which is wrong, because when you run on road or on hard surface compared to soft surface your knee takes much more stress.

Two Simple and Effective Exercises Which Can Help You During Pain in Knee

1. Hamstring Stretch 

This is one really simple yet highly effective exercise to heal the pain in knee. First, you have to lie straight on your back. Now raise any leg first, hold your thigh straight with the help of your hands. Second, you now have to straighten your knee, but do it slowly. When you start feeling a mild stress in your thigh, stop at that point. Hold your body in this position for about 30 seconds, then slowly lower the leg. Now do this same method with your other leg. Do this exercise 2 to 3 times a day, it won't bite.

2. The great Calf Stretch Exercise

This exercise has to be done standing. Stand two feet in front of the wall. Bring your right foot forward ( lunge it ) while keeping your left leg as straight as possible. Keep the right leg a bit bent,  now lean towards the wall, while keeping your hands on wall, this will support the body. When you feel a mild stretch in the calf , stop at that point. Keep yourself in the particular position for about 20 seconds and come back to normal position. Do the same with the left leg.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eating Disorder

When people are trying to lose weight; they sometimes go in a disorder which is called Eating Disorder. In eating disorder an individual starts eating less then the normal body requires. Here is typical example which will clarify everything.

If an individual weighs 112 pounds and that individual is size six. Based on this data if that individual eats 500 or less calories daily then yes, that individual has a eating disorder. Eating disorder is psychological disorder because when the individual goes into program of losing weight, he/she with the passage of time may get into habit of eating less than required. This usually starts when an individual sees himself/ herself as becoming popular by losing weight ( yes, when you are losing weight people around you start noticing your body change and you start to feel proud). This psychologically starts to create a goal in the mind of the individual that people are admiring him/ her, so that pride should not fall at any cost and that's the point where one falls into eating disorder.

By the way don't confuse yourself "eating disorder" with "selective disorder" both are different.
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How Much Calories Are Burned When One Climbs Stairs?

A lot of people when are climbing the stairs, they usually are interested in burning the calories. Many people don't know that how much calories are burnt on each step or each stair as they climb. This post will be focusing primarily on calories burnt when you are climbing stairs at about 45 degrees (Assuming that you are not climbing briskly).

So each step which you take to climb up a stair burns about 0.11 calorie ( One step or One stair going up). If you are coming down from a 45 degree angle stairs then you would be burning roughly 0.05 calorie per stair.

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