Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to get rid of "Ads by DNS Unlocker " ?

First of all this post is not in context in any way with the "All About Health Blog". I am writing this post, because I want to write it, and I will. This is my blog after all :) 

Some time ago, I was having a really bad time with an annoying spy ware/ virus known as DNS Unlocker. I went to the Internet just like you people do, to get a solution for it and found no solution for it. Yes, there were temporary solutions for it but eventually the DNS unlocker came back with it's annoying ads all the time popping up on my browser.

What really pissed me off was DNS unlocker made my mozilla firefox unresponsive, and it was annoying.

After a long time of search on the Internet, I finally found a solution, and I wanted to share this solution to everyone who is facing with the DNS UNLOCKER virus.

There is a company which is known as Malwarebytes. They have this software named Malwarebytes anti-malware. I have used it and trust me; it does wonders. It took all that annoying kind of irritation from my browser, and the DNS unlocker was gone forever.

I am not advertising the company; it's my honest post of how to remove that irritating DNS unlocker virus from your system.

If you like the software, you should buy it, and I don't sell their products.  
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hair Loss a problem ? Not anymore

Hair loss is a big problem and this can create a depression for both men and women. Hair loss can occur due to any reason but once it starts the hair start to fall so quickly that makes one depressed. A person cannot go to parties or starts to avoid the social gatherings because of hair loss or baldness.

In this post, I would be talking about how to stop hair fall completely. Yes, you read this right, there is a way to stop hair fall completely.

There is an oil which is known as Black Seed Oil, this oil will help the hair fall to stop completely. If you want this oil to work, you need to get original oil.

To make the black seed oil to work, apply a small amount on the parts where the hair is falling and then gently rub it, till you feel that oil is started to reach the scalp. This is really important that the oil reaches the scalp or the bald part because it's the only way it will work.

There are no side effects of using or applying Black Seed Oil, especially for Hair Loss/Hair fall. You have to use this method for about 1-2 months.

I will be discussing in my other posts about more natural ways through which one can stop hair fall completely. Out of many things which I have tried I have found that Black Seed Oil works the best for the treatment of hair loss.

I do have hair fall and believe me Black Seed Oil is the best method to treat hair loss.

Good Luck everyone out there who is going through a hard time of dealing with hair loss.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

How to make Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry has been used in North America, Europe and in different parts of North Africa for medicine and for various health benefits. During Middle Ages, Elderberry was considered as Holy because it can improve longevity.

Elderberry has a color of cherries so these are purplish in nature.

Here are some steps that will help you to make a great Elderberry syrup.

You need the following things to make Elderberry syrup.

1. 3 cups of fresh water ( This makes it total of 3x 8oz of water )

2. 1 cup full of Elderberry ( Must be fresh )

3. One cup of honey is required.

4. These 3 things are optional, and this is

  • one cinnamon Stick.
  • Three cloves.
  • Fresh minced 1 or 1/2 teaspoon of ginger root for taste.


1. First of all, you have to place all the ingredients that are Elderberries, fresh water; cloves, ginger root and cinnamon stick in a sauce pan.

2. Make medium heat.

3. Make it boil.

4. Now once it reaches the boiling point reduce the heat and simmer it. You need to simmer it for about thirty minutes or so.

5. You will need to use a potato masher so that you can mash the Elderberries to release the juice.

6. Filter the juice and discard the pulp ( for making syrup you have to discard the pulp part )

7. Once filtered, you now have to add 1 cup of Honey in it. Keep stirring the syrup with honey until it is thoroughly mixed.

8. Put it in a tight lid jar.

9. You can use this for about two months ( it must be refrigerated ) 
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Benefits of Date

It's Ramadan and in the month of Ramadan Muslims use dates during the time of Iftar and Sehri. There are numerous benefits of using dates. I will be listing the brief yet lasting effects of dates.

1. One of the best benefit of eating a date is that it gives you energy within minutes. If you are low all day and want to get energized then have 1-2 dates, and you will see the positive effect of it.

2. If you have intestinal disorder then eating dates ( How much and how many, I still have to search on this part ) will remove the intestinal disorders.

3. If you have constipation then soak 2-3 dates in water over night. In the morning eat these dates along with water. If you have bowl movement problem then dates will help you in correcting the bowl movement as the dates have high level of soluble fiber.

Use Dates regularly in the month of Ramadan as individual has to fast for whole day so high level of energy is required to sustain throughout the day. Take 3 dates in sehri and 3-4 dates in aftari as means of energy booster.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cure for Hemorrhoids ( Internal or External )

There are lot's of people who get hemorrhoids or Piles. This is a painful experience which no body wants to experience. If you have Hemorrhoids  ( External or Internal ) then you have reached the right page, keep reading, as you will get to know that you can completely cure it.

If you have Hemorrhoids, you know this for sure that the doctors give only option of Operation to remove it. Yes, it can be removed through operation ( surgery ) but it can come back because piles are created because of different habits which the individual develops through time.

These habits which trigger piles are

1. Sitting for long hours.
2. Eating meat a lot.
3. Drinking less water through out the day.
4. Drinking alcohol a lot.
5. Drinking Soft drinks a lot.
6. Have a bowl syndrome.
7. Having constipation for a long period of time.

First thing first here are some habits which you need to replace immedietely if you have External  or internal piles.

1. Start Drinking a lot of water that is you need to drink at least 3 liters of water through out the day, even if you think you are not thirsty.

2. Stop drinking alcohol and soft drinks

3. If you have bowl syndrome or you have constipation for a long time then you need to use
Ispaghula husk or Ispaghul husk ( Psyllium husk ) . Ask first from doctor if you are using any medications for constipation. This is the most important because constipation and piles are interrelated. If you are able to control constipation then you have recovered 50% from Piles.

Once you have started to work on these 3 steps next you need to cure Piles completely.

Here are the steps to completely cure piles or Hemorrhoids

1. Take small size onion and cut it into 6 pieces. Take three in lunch and three during dinner time. Yes, it will have bitter taste but within 12 hours the swelling and pain of Hemorrhoids will be gone. You have to do this method for 3 days.

2. Drink  one glass of mild hot milk before going to bed. If doctor has allowed you to take Psyllium husk then add one small table spoon of Husk in Mild hot milk and drink it. You will realize that once you have done this your stool starts to pass regularly. Make it a habit of drinking one glass of mild milk each day.

3. If you are muslim then recite Surah Al Ala after every salah and if you recite it more often then it will help you to cure from piles.

I hope this helps to those who have piles. Remember that surgery is not the only option, as if you don't cut the root of problem it will come back.

And don't mix Piles syndrome with any other condition; you need to understand this thing.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Plant Based Diet

You might have heard of plant based diet but do you really know what it is ? A Plant based diet is that which involves everything but no food from animal sources.

What it can do ? What it help you accomplish ?

To understand this, you need to read this article. I am just giving the link.


You will be amazed that how much plant based diet can help your body to reduce the weight even from obese state of body.
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Best Five Foods That Burn The Belly Fat

People love to eat but that's not the problem, the problem is that it makes the belly fat and no one wants that.

Anyone can have a smart belly with the right diet and with right kind of exercise. One must always remember that there are two kinds of food categories. One type increases your belly and the other category reduce the belly fat. In this blog post we are only going to focus on five foods that will help you to lose but not loose belly fat.

1. Green Tea

The one of the best to burn fat around that belly. You have tried this and you know that it will help you. The problem is not the green tea but the substitution that is with over time one will start switching the green tea with milk tea or with coffee for caffeine or one simply does not have the option of green tea. Try to take green tea after dinner or when you are at home, it will help a lot. You want to know more about green tea, head to internet and you will learn more about it.

2. Berries

Weather it be blue berries or red berries or any kind of it, it will help to burn fat. The reason behind is that berries help during cravings and it won't be hard on your stomach. So now you know you will get full even without getting it really fatty.

3. Salmon

Eat a Salmon fish, it's because it has omega 3 fatty acids and these acids help in burning up the fat really fast. Just like any other diet don't go eating salmon all the time. Excess of everything is bad.

4. Eggs

Eggs will also help burn the belly fat. It does contain cholesterol but not the level of amount found in our body. Eggs like Salmon fish contain omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins.

5. Avocados

Avocados are rich in fats but it has the fats which are good for your body. Avocados contain monounsaturated fats and these kinds of fats help to reduce the belly fat.

There you go these are the five basic foods that will help you to lose the belly fat and in turn will help to reduce the body weight. You do want to lose weight but remember you don't want to loose it.

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