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1. Protection from UV radiation The primary goal of sunglasses is protection against UV radiation. Exposure to the sun is proved to cause damage to our eyesight and lead to serious vision problems. Choose eyewear, which offers 99-100% of protection against UV rays and never leave your custom glasses at home!
2. Stop constantly squinting If we look at the sun without sunglasses, we constantly squint, which makes our eyes feel tired. Squinting also leads to the appearance of wrinkles, and they are not welcome (especially among women). So, you should definitely wear sunglasses if you want to reduce eye strain and perhaps look younger.
3. Effective reduction of glare
The sun glare is a very dangerous factor, especially when being engaged in high-risk activities like driving. It’s extremely important to eliminate glare at the wheel because it can disturb the ability to see clearly and cause an accident. Make sure you put your custom glasses on when driving!

4. Strong protection outside If you lov…


Read this article to see which herbs are beneficial for your hair!
1. Burdock Often used as a hair loss treatment, burdock increases the blood flow to the scalp and promotes your mane’s health. Fatty acids contained in this herb moisturize and nourish hair shafts while repairing the damage caused by heat and rough treatment. Use burdock rinses to add some shine and luster to your hair as well as improve its general health!
2. Calendula Due to its soothing properties, calendula is a fantastic remedy for a range of scalp conditions. It regulates the oil production and is suitable for both dry and oily hair. It also reduces bacterial growth and can be used to treat dandruff.
3. Oat Straw Use oats to add softness, volume, and shine to your hair. Extremely beneficial as a hair mask, this herbal remedy promotes scalp health and nourishes your mane with necessary nutrients.
4. Parsley Ths herb is often used to treat different scalp conditions including dandruff, inflammation, and irritation. This he…


1. Overplaying with hair products You can undermine the health of your hair by using way too much styling products. This obsession can make your mane feel weaker and look dull, so take it easy! Experts at the best NYC Barber Shops recommend using only the most important hair products and giving your mane breaks from styling.
2. Shampooing too frequently Daily shampooing seems like a good idea for a lot of men, but it’s a very bad habit. Frequent washing is the primary cause of dehydration because it deprives our hair of natural oils. It’s essential to have a right shampooing frequency for your mane to feel healthy.
3. Skipping the conditioner part Experts at the best NYC Barber Shops underline the importance of regular conditioning if you want to have healthy hair. It’s crucial to use this product in order to provide your mane with the needed hydration and nourishment. So, use a high-quality conditioner on a regular basis instead of a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.
4. Ignoring scalp mainte…


1. When staying in the sun
Healthy hair maintenance during the summer season starts with a UV protection. When you stay in the sun, your hair is affected by a harmful radiation, which can bring unwanted hair problems. The best NYC barbers recommend shielding your hair from exposure to UV rays with the help of protective products and a simple hat.
2. Shampoo often enough Regular shampooing is extremely important when the hot days come into our life. You should often shampoo enough to keep your hair clean and avoid over-washing at the same time. Excessive washing is harmful to your hair, so you can use a dry shampoo to refresh your mane in-between shampooing.
3. Maintain moisture balance Specific weather conditions of the summer season can take a serious toll on the moisture balance of your hair. According to the best NYC barbers, you should do your best to maintain an optimal hydration level of your mane.
4. Refresh your hair monthly If you really want to keep your mane healthy, you shoul…


1. Proper washing habits

According to the best barbers in New York, proper washing habits are the main prerequisite of healthy hair. It’s important to shampoo your roots only because this is where dirt and grease are. Proper washing frequency also matters because frequent shampooing can cause awful dryness.

Top 3 hair tricks

Woman`s hair is exposed to a huge variety of different problems; that is why it is so difficult to fight them all. Split ends, lack of moisture, knots, tangles, breakages, and weakness – all these things are waiting for those girls, who don’t take care of their strands in a right way. Our professionals at one of the best Hair Salons, NYC are ready to share with you these three most interesting and useful hair tricks every woman should be aware of.
Secret #1 Say bye-bye to split ends
Even if you are longing for an extra long and beautiful hair, you are to cut your ends regularly. Damaged, weak, and fried ends ruin the whole look of your mane. If you ignore this problem, with time all your hair turn to be damaged, from roots to ends. Ask your stylist to cut minimum hair, to save so coveted length. Secret #2 Treat your hair Take as a habit to coddle your hair day after day. Use special oils to provide it with appropriate nourishing and moisture. Coconut oil, jojoba, and argan oil are the m…


Check out these simple tips on how to keep your mane healthy! 1. Lay Off Shampooing Shampooing your scalp too often strips natural oils and therefore stimulates their production. Make sure to wash your hair three times per week with a natural paraben- and sulfate-free shampoo. These chemicals are harmful to your health and cause damage to your hair. Shampoo your roots avoiding washing the overall length. It will be washed second-handedly when you rinse the shampoo. 2. Rinse With Cold Water Rinse your hair with cold water every time you shampoo. It will help to lock the moisture in and will make your hair extra shiny. It is also beneficial for dyed hair. The cold temperature will seal the hairs shut and therefore will prolong the life of the dye-job you got from a Natural Hair Salon In NYC. 3. Condition And Moisturize Many women forget to condition and moisturize their locks every time they wash their hair. Apply shampoo to the roots and conditioner to the ends to save some time in the show…

1. Shampoo every other day Healthy hair maintenance starts with the basics – your shampooing habits. It’s important to keep your hair clean without over-washing it because excessive shampooing isn’t good. According to experts at New York Hair Salon, this bad habit leads to the loss of essential moisture and natural oils, causing dehydration.
2. Condition each time you shampoo Regular conditioning is one of the most important classical principles of hair care. This product is an extremely rich source of moisture and nourishment, which are essential for your hair. Condition each time you shampoo and don’t forget to condition your ends only in order to avoid excessive oiliness!
3. Trim every other month Experts at New York Hair Salon underline an importance of regular trims. If you keep your hair trimmed, you are less likely to deal with split ends or breakage in the future. Trust me, it’s much easier to see your hairdresser every other month th…
Hair tips for side part style

If you are a fan of classic men hairstyles, sleek side part cut is for you. Basically, such cut suits every face shape. Among all the classic hairstyles for guys, the side part is, without a doubt, the most popular men’s hairstyle. In fact, you can side part any haircut you wear from messy and daring Ivy League cuts to strict and neat hairstyles for businessmen. Because a side parting presupposes putting some major part of your hair left or right, you should have a longer, messy top or a quiff. Our Manhattan Barber has created an exclusive guide on side parted hairstyles for you to take the best out of your hair. Tip #1 The length of the hair Short or medium hair length is appropriate for side parting. If you have too long or too short hair, it will not work on you; moreover, it is almost impossible to style a long hair because it will be very annoying and difficult to keep it still and secured. Ask your barber for a taper cut, with a longer top and you wi…
Growing out long hair with professionals

Summer is coming, and it is an excellent opportunity to show your long, beautiful locks to everybody. If it happened that your hair's not long enough for some stunning hairstyle you like, our professionals at Prestige Beauty Salon will teach you how to take the best out of your hair. Check out our secrets of long and shiny strands every woman dreams about. Here are some tips for speeding out a hair growth at home with minimum efforts. Tip #1 Buy some vitamins Long hair needs lots of vitamins and minerals. The healthier your body is, the longer and faster your strands grow. Visit the nearest drugstore and buy special supplements for your hair. The main thing you should pay attention to is the presence of vitamin B, biotin, and protein in your pills. Read an instruction carefully and pick up the best.
Tip #2 Be ready to face the problems Growing out a long hair is a difficult task, mainly because of awkwardness it brings. Be ready constantly t…