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HOW TO CHANGE YOUR HAIR CARE ROUTINE FOR THE BETTER 1. Add deep conditioning If you haven’t tried deep conditioning yet, then you definitely should. This treatment has a number of benefits your hair desperately needs, especially if it feels dry and weak. According to professionals at NYC Hair Salon, deep conditioning nurtures your locks from the outside and replenishes their moisture deposits.
2. Minimize heat styling Although heated tools can create miracles with our hair, they are also capable of taking a serious toll on our locks. Challenge yourself and spend a month without heat. It’s a great way to boost the health of your locks! If you can’t, at least, try to minimize the exposure to direct heat and work with low temperatures.
3. Wear protective styles If you wear your hair loose too often, it becomes damaged more easily and quickly. Protective styling helps to minimize the contact of your hair with different surfaces, thus minimizing the damage. Use protective hairstyles (updos, buns…
Even the best haircut in the world does not look appealing if you have a lice infested scalp. Unfortunately, it is way easier to remove actual lice than to get rid of their eggs. In this article, we’ll teach you to treat the latter! The vinegar rinse is one of the most effective ways to remove nits from your locks. Combine 1 cup of white or apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water and mix thoroughly. The general amount of the concoction depends on the length of your hair. It can also depend on how many times you’ll need to repeat the process. Saturate your whole head with the mixture and leave it in for at least 30 minutes. The acid in the vinegar will dissolve the sticky substance, which attaches the nits to the shafts of your hair. It will make it easier for you to comb the offending eggs out. It will also contribute to your hair’s health and beauty.
Grab your fine-toothed comb and start brushing your tresses. You might want to apply the conditioner o…

1. Stick to the essentials Since we live in the busy world, it’s important to develop an effective and time-efficient hair care routine. Your hair can look great even if you can’t spend two hours in front of the mirror every morning. NextLevel barbers recommend paying more attention to the essentials such as shampooing and conditioning. Choose these products wisely and use them regularly!
2. Maintain your ends Since ends of our hair are extremely weak and vulnerable, they work like indicators. If your hair starts feeling unhealthy, your ends will be the first to show this. Therefore, you should monitor the condition of your ends and make an appointment as soon as they look dry and weak. Timely trim can prevent major damage and save the life of your hair!

3. Concentrate on moisture Maximally healthy hair means maximally hydrated hair. It’s impossible to over-moisturize your mane, so you can go totally crazy about this one. Normal hair doesn’t need more …

Here are 3 ways to recharge yourself when getting sleepy or tired! 1. Go Drink Water Staying hydrated is important if you want to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Water improves your overall well-being, reduces your chances of getting sick, and promotes your beauty. Proper hydration levels can also help you to reduce stress as well as migraines and fainting conditions. Going for a cup of water is an effective way to boost your energy levels if you are starting to feel drowsy or tired. Water will spur on the functioning of your body’s systems, and the additional movement will force you to get a needed boost. 2. Go For A Walk
Speaking about movement, go for a walk when starting to feel drained. Activity will help you to shake off the sleepiness and will contribute to your alertness. Go outside or take some time to do easy exercises. Either of them will improve the circulation of blood, making you energetic once again. 3. Take Power Naps Take small naps i…

Once you notice such obvious signs as split ends, breakage, dryness, and brittleness, you can tell for sure that your hair is damaged with heat. The most experienced experts at New York Barber Shop recommend doing the following things in this tragic situation:
1. Eliminate the cause The first thing you should do is to ask yourself “How the heck did that happen?” You have to be honest with yourself and analyze the possible causes of heat damage. If you styled your hair with heat too frequently in recent times, then you should definitely put the usage of heated tools on pause.
2. Get a haircut It’s better to start a journey to healthy hair with a new haircut. The more you cut, the better, but the vast majority of guys doesn’t want to lose length. It’s more than understandable, so cut as much as you feel comfortable with.

3. Condition thoroughly If your hair is damaged with heat, you should immediately start conditioning it very thoroughly, especially if you …
Best fruits for your hair 

Finally, summer has come. It is time to have fun, swim in the sea, and eat fruits.  We all know that fruits are full of useful nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants which influence greatly on our health. Some can be surprised by the fact that fruits can also affect our strands, make our hair thick and shiny. Rejoice all fruit lovers! Our professionals at Best Salon in NYC are ready to reveal the secret of three most useful fruits for your hair. Don’t forget to include them on your list next time you will be shopping. Product #1 Bananas It is an inexhaustible source of proteins, Vitamins A, C, and E. Bananas restore thin, damaged hair and impart power and shine to your locks. They can also serve as a wonderful base for all kinds of nutritious cocktails and drinks. Product #2 Apples
An apple a day keeps a doctor away. Moreover, it keeps dryness, weakness, and dullness away from your hair. Being reach on iron and antioxidants, apples prevent your hair from dandru…

From drinking enough water to splurging on rejuvenating hair treatments at prestige hair salons, these are so many ways you can ensure the health of your mane this summer! 1. Use Sunscreen Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from UV rays, which are harmful to your health. Fortunately, a lot of manufacturers now provide you with sunscreens designed specifically to shield your mane and scalp. Grab the suitable product at your local store to ensure the safety of your locks! 2. Protect From Water Chemicals contained in the ocean and pool water are beyond doubt harmful to your tresses. They can cause dullness, dryness, and brittleness of the hair shafts resulting in a limp, matted mess on top of your head. Apart from it, both these types of water can cause an undesirable greenish tint to lighter locks. To prevent it from happening, soak your hair in fresh water before going for a swim. It will penetrate the hairs and won’t allow the…

Lip Augmentation Cost

Well if you are looking for the average price for lip augmentation then keep reading this post. The average price range of lip augmentation can fall between $500 to $600. That is the price of the market in USA. I don't have any idea that what would it cost around the globe. I believe that in the rest of the world price of lip augmentation will remain somewhere between $550 - $ 900. Of course, if you are going to a renowned surgeon then it would cost a lot. Doctors as you know will charge you according to their name, work quality and years of experience in the particular field.

Lip Augmentation Before and After Results

Now a days people are especially ladies are going for lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is a method through which your lips get more mass, become fluffy, fuller than before. Depending on the price you can move from beautiful to being gorgeous.

Here are some of the pictures of people who went for lip augmentation. The result varies as I said it all depends on the price.

Lip Filler Enhancement Can Go Wrong

If you are one of those people who just look around the masses and start to do the same thing ? then keep reading this post, as it might change your decision about lip filler forever.

Lip fillers are really good if used in the right way, you must keep the balance that how much do lip filler do you want or how much you are willing to pay the price if you are not cautious.

There is an individual named Claire Hawkins, who did lip filler surgery. In the start every thing was perfect, but she wanted more and more in terms of beauty, so what eventually happened her lip go swollen because it went to the wrong part of the body. It took her almost 1500 pounds to remove that dead part.

If you want to read more or do want to know more please click here, it will direct you to the actual web page from where I found about it.

Lip fillers can sometimes go wrong

Today I was reading about the horrifying moment of Rylan Clark Neal's lip burst due to Lip Filler. He actually wrote about it in his new book called "The Life of Rylan", that he went to a show, do keep in mind that it was live show, now in that time, Rylan clark laughed on something or some idea. He laughed so hard that the lip filler started to dribble out. That can be a real nightmare for anyone who is going to a party, or some live show and suddenly he/she realizes that the lip filling is coming out!

These are rare cases with Lip fillers but it does happens so be warned now, I do love lip fillers but this is something that will keep bugging me for a long time.

If you want to read more about Rylan clark Neal's Nightmare click here.


Follow these simple recommendations to manage your hangover! 1. Vitamin B The deficiency of vitamin B is one of the main reasons behind your hangover. The alcohol you consume depletes the levels of this vitamin and makes you feel sick, disoriented, and sluggish. It also protects you liver from the harmful effects of the liquor you choose to consume. 2. Charcoal Take a couple of the activated charcoal tablets. They will soak up all of the leftover alcohol and toxins in your body. It will relieve some of the painful sensations and will make your life a little bit better. You know, by stopping the feeling like you are the only survivor of the train wreck.
3. Peppermint Oil Peppermint is a wonderful herb, which helps to reduce painful sensations as well as migraines and fainting. Infuse several peppermint leaves and drink the brew. It will soothe your stomach and improve your overall condition. Rub several drops of the peppermint essential oil on your temples to boos…