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Best Seventeen Foods That Help To Prevent Heart Attack

Best Seventeen Foods that help to prevent Heart Attack
In recent years; deaths in America due to heart Attacks has been reduced dramatically but it still remains the number one  killer of Americans. Don’t panic! Over the years individuals, scientists, and many others have discovered specific foods that puts a stop to life threatening heart attacks and strokes. One thing is for sure that doing exercise makes  immense difference. Keep reading this article so that you may gather valuable information on how to prevent heart attack by eating specific foods.
1. Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel Fish Food
These three fatty fishes are on the top list of preventing heart attacks. The reason behind is that these fishes are rich in Omega three fatty acids. Omega three helps in the following cases Arrhythmia ( A condition in which heart beats at irregular rate ) Triglycerides ( Part of fats which causes increased risk of heart attack ) Atherosclerosis ( sticky deposits in the arteries which creates blockag…

Zika Virus In Miami Beach

Zika Virus is now spreading very rapidly in Miami Beach. It has become almost 3x times. The infected zone has increased from 8th street to sixty third 63rd street. This makes almost 4.4 to 4.5 square miles zone. 

Zika Virus spread through mosquitoes which are known as Aedes Mosquitoes. Symptoms of Zika Virus may include headache, mild fever, skin rash, joint pain, muscle pain, conjunctivitis.

If any one is living close to Miami Beach or is having these types of symptoms they must immediately contact the doctor.