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Magical Homemade Masks for Your Hair

Every girl, at least once in her life tried to create her own hair mask, using products she had in her fridge. Some experiments can appear to be successful, other – no, but the desire to refuse on chemicals and switch to natural definitely left. And it is not surprising, modern hairstyling industry offers us thousands of different hair care remedies, but they are all chemical based and can cause more harm than benefit. No matter whether you are an allergic and want to avoid chemicals or just a curious person who wants to try something extraordinary, these three nourishing hair masks are for you to be stolen from the best hair salon in new york cityimmediately.
For Dry Damaged Hair: Honey + Yogurt + Olive Oil This mask is meant for over dried, extremely damaged hair that needs instant restoring. We all should face the truth: summer days bring not only pleasure, but also lots of hair problems, so this mask can become a real rescuing boat for all of us. Mix honey, yogurt and olive oil an…

Everything about men`s toners

Look at all your bath stuff right now. Do you have any toners there? If your answer is “No”, it means you have been doing your whole grooming routine wrong for all this time. No matter how surprising it may sound, but facial toner is an integral part of men`s everyday grooming routine. Proper lotion can help you to fix some skin problems, normalize pH balance and improve general look. You will definitely find some major advantages in using toners, no matter what your skin type is.  If you are still hesitating, our professionals at the best barber shop in ny created an ultimate men`s grooming guide. Check it out and hurry up to buy few new bottles for your bath. Being handsome is pretty much easier, if you use right care products. # 1 Toners for Combination Skin Combination skin is very difficult to take care of. The main problem is that some areas of your face are dry, other ones are extremely greasy. The majority of men prefer to ignore this peculiarity, because they simply do not know…

Lemons for stunning hair

You might be surprised, but lemons can do much more for you then make your tea taste better. Being incredibly rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants, lemon can create a real miracle to your hair. Think wider, lemons is no longer just a typical remedy against winter cold, it is a healing cure for all your hair problems. So, if you think it is too difficult to find a good, quality barber in nyc, it is time to try natural remedies for your mane. Check out these five undeniable benefits of using lemon to your locks.

Collagen boost Vitamin C can not only save your organism from catching a cold, but also stimulate collagen boost. Collagen is a natural protein, contained in your body. It plays a very important role in building new tendons, nails and hairs.

Stop hair fall   Unfortunately, the problem of hair loss tends to be frighteningly common among people all over the world. Hair masks with lemon juice can slow down this process, and they also can be used for prophylaxis. You can forget abou…

Top 3 weird hair hacks

The Internet is inexhaustible source of information. You can find there everything from gorgeous Oscar 2017 dresses to the number of chromosomes in human DNA. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? A huge amount of unexpected homemade hair masks and recipes can also be found at the Internet. However, how to define which are really working and which one are hoax? Try every single remedy is not an option, your hair won't bear it, trust us. So, what is left? Rely on professional opinion of our specialists at nyc barber shop! Here are three the most weird, but trustworthy hair hacks you should try this fall.
# 1 Egg hair mask Hair mask itself is extremely useful remedy for hair repairing. It almost doesn’t matter what you will put on your head, some coconut oil, mashed avocado or honey, it still works for better. Eggs are full of protein, what makes the an excellent hair growth booster. It also will make your hair softer and more sleek and polished, causing no harm.
#  2 Anti dandruff baking soda Do you …

Laser Back Removal for Men

Thick, dense body hair is a real problem, no matter whether it is hop summer, windy autumn or cold winter outside. Constant sweating, irritation and unpleasant feelings can make your life unbearable. Why does it happen to you? Well, it is all because of your genes. Men of some nationalities tend to have more body hair, than other, that is how nature works. Anyway, when the question of hair removing rises, you need to decide what method you want to go for. It can be simple shaving trimming, waxing or laser removal. Today, our specialists at barber shop midtownare going to talk about the last one – laser removal. If you are considering this method for yourself, our article will be useful for you. Is it as much expensive as everybody say? Of course, the cost of laser hair removal depends on different factors, starting from the master and salon you chose, up to thickens and density of your back hair. Nevertheless, you have to be ready to spend a lot of money for perfectly smooth back. Depend…

An apple a day keeps a doctor away

Apple is a unique fruit, highly rich in fiber, zinc, iron and other useful nutrients. Apples also contain extremely high doses of antioxidants, what makes them a quintessence of cell renovation and recovery. Such extracts are completely natural and affordable for any person, what makes all apple based hair remedies a wonderful idea for natural hair loss fighting. According to last research, unripe apples contain Procyanidin B-2 – vital for new hair growth protein. If you aim to grow new hair fast and keep your mane healthy, eat an apples every day. Our professionals at the best barber shop in new york city offer you top 3 magical apple benefits for your hair.
Shampoos with apple seeds Apple seeds shampoo is a very popular among fans of natural treatment, anti-hair loss remedy. The extract of apple seeds stimulates follicles in your scalp produce new, healthy strands twice faster. Caffeine is also often added to such shampoos to strengthen general improvements and fix the result. Anywa…

Three Simple Ways To Reduce The Acne

Acne is a symptom of an inconsistent nutrition and improper skin treatment, but don’t be sad! Help is here. We asked the top specialists at the best barber shop NYC to tell us more about acne and how you can solve this problem.
#1 Healthy nutrition The main reason for acne is an inconsistent nutrition, such as eating too harmful fried, salty, spicy, fatty dishes and different fast foods. They toxicate a body, so adding more green leafy plants in the daily ration will be the first step to help your organism. Kale, bok choy, spinach, turnip green, parsley and other green vegetables are full of cellulose, which contributes to removing all toxins. You can add them to salads, sandwiches and make healthy green cocktails. This simple tip will help you to feel better and cleanse stomach, bowels, and skin. Drink more water as well. If you’re dehydrated - the process of body cleansing will be much slower.
#2 Clean facial skin regularly Especially in summer, due to the high temperature and heat,…

Dates and Hair Loss

Dates are a delicious snack in Middle Eastern Countries. People in Middle east eat dates for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest benefits of using dates is that eating just one date gives you instant source of energy, which is far more better than the energy drinks.

Here are 3 main benefits of dates for hair

1. If you are having a hair loss, you can use dates to make your hair strong and decrease the hair fall. 2-3 dates per day are enough.

2. Eating 2-3 dates also makes your hair thicker and strong.

3. Another benefit of using dates is that your hair starts to get longer because when there is less hair fall obviously the hair will start to grow.

Mesothelioma Patients

Today I found an article about "Mesothelioma Patients and their diet". The article has some great insights to it. I am just giving the link here for further reading. Click below on the bold words.

Mesothelioma Patients

Best Ways To Recover Facial Skin And Mane

All we know that we are what we eat and that our skin and mane are a reflection of our inner health. How can you make yourself feel better and let hair and facial skin stay supple, radiant and manageable? We asked the top specialists at the best barber shops in Manhattan to let in on some secrets on how you can do it, so check them out.
#1 More water All we know that we consist of water, and that’s why it’s so important to drink at least 10-12 glasses of a fresh, clean water every day. Drink more if you do sports. This simple change can bring your body with energy and help it to remove all the toxins – and as a result – healthy, radiant skin and supple, manageable mane.
#2 More healthy foods Inconsistent nutrition can provoke many diseases and lots of facial skin and hair troubles. If you struggle with acne, pimples, greasy hair, breakage and loss – you should try to eat more fresh fruit and veggies. Full of natural moisture and cellulose, they help an organism to remove toxins and deeply…

Three Simple Ways To Make Your Mane Healthy And Strong

Suffer from the common mane problems such as over dryness, breakage, and hair loss? There is no need to get sad about it because actually, you can simply solve these issues. Just follow pieces of advice provided by the top hair stylists at the best barber shop Midtown.
#1 Reduce the damage Still washing and styling mane every day? Stop doing it! In such way, you remove all the essential oils from the scalp and make the hair over dried; it provokes breakage and loss as well. Shampooing mane only 2-3 times per week will be enough. Even if you go to the gym every day, you can just rinse a head with lukewarm water. Such simple tip will refresh a mane with no damage. Try to use more natural and organic hair care products, with no parabens, sulfates, silicones, and alcohol in their content. You will overpay $10-15, but at least you’ll be sure that such products won’t harm hair.
#2 Drink more water We consist of water on 80%, and if you don't provide your organism with enough amount of fresh,…

Top Three Masks For Hair Treatment

There are so many things which can take a toll on a hair condition: different weather, heating, the wind, saltwater, inconsistent nutrition, etc. But you need to know that you can recover it straightforwardly with various homemade masks. Very easy in preparing, they will nourish scalp and mane. Check out the list of 3 top masks provided by the top specialists at the good barber shops in NYC.
#1 Remedy for over dried scalp and hair Everyday washing, heating, styling products and tools usage provoke over dryness. Solve this problem with a simple homemade mask. Combine a ½ glass of a warm coconut oil with a ½ cup of a warm cocoa oil, apply a mixture all over the mane length and rub it in a scalp, wait for about 30 minutes and wash it with a daily shampoo. Even after the first usage, you will be able to see the result: hair will be radiant, manageable and without any dryness or dandruff. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times per week to have a soft mane and healthy scalp.
#2 Mask for too greasy man…

Best anti dandruff remedies

Are you feel sick and tired of those annoying white flakes you see on your black T – shirt every single day? Does constant pulling them away from your shoulders make you feel ashamed? Yes, we can understand what you mean, it is horrible. Unfortunately, dandruff is a second most common men hair problem, after balding. Luckily, it is much easier to get rid of  dandruff then hair loss. All you need is regular treatment and proper remedies, and you will succeed very soon. To speed up the whole thing, our professionals at the best hair salon New Yorkoffer you three most effective anti – dandruff remedies every guy can try at home. Trust us, all necessary products you will for sure find in your fridge.
Olive oil heating therapy   Olive oil is one of the most popular salad dressings, so you 100 % have that in stock. How surprising is the fact that it can help you to get rid of dandruff. You need to heat some amount of extra virgin oil until it is warm and then apply it to your scalp with sl…

Preventing receding hairline

If you suddenly notice that you started to lose your hair and receding hairline becomes more and more noticeable, it is high time for you to start acting. In fact, preventing early balding is not so difficult task, it just requires incorporating some simple but useful habits into your life.  Yes, you don’t have to change your life coordinately to save your shag, but still there are some changes you have to pass through. Our professional barbers in New Yorkare here to make this task easier for you.
Try to keep healthy diet Men, usually, are afraid of the world “diet” as fire. However, it is not necessarily means constant hunger and restrictions all over you. You don’t have to take away, you have to add products, rich in protein, iron and calcium to your everyday meal. Exactly these nutrients promote hair growth and stimulate your hair follicles. Nourishing your scalp is a must if you want to fight hair loss. Of course, it is not a pure curing, but proper diet can help you to keep everyth…

Four DIY Masks: For Strong, Long And Shiny Hair

Lots of men struggle with hair loss, thinning and breakage and that’s why we asked the best specialists at men’s barbershop NYCto provide us with simple solutions for any hair troubles. Check out these four simple masks which can help you to recover your mane.
#1 Moisturising mask Everyday shampooing and styling your mane can be a cause of scalp over dryness. To recover hair and moisturize scalp, you should apply a moisturizing mask twice per week. Just rub the organic coconut oil on scalp and all over hair length, wrap it with a bath towel and wait for approximately 1 hour, then just wash hair with a daily shampoo. Coconut oil is full of fats, which provide you with a deep moisturizing and help hair to recover its natural flexibility, shyness and robustness.
#2 Strengthening mask For those men who suffer from hair loss and hair breakage, the greatest decision will be to apply a strengthening mask 2-3 times per week. Combine a ½ cup of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of warm castor oil, ru…

How sugar affects your hair

Doctors say we are what we eat, and what passion to sugar can tell about you? Last researches have shown that men, who eat too much sweets are more prone to hair loss. So, if you are a sweet-tooth, don’t be surprised when your mane becomes much thinner. Your daily ration determines general state of your hair and whether you lose it or not. Moreover, eating too much sugar can lead to serious health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These diseases can make the whole situation even worse. Are you sure you need all these things in your life? Our specialists atNew York Barbershopoffer you three working tips to ease your life and keep balding away from your head.
Drink coffee without sugar Daily high doses of caffeine  can cause serious harm to your body. Being mixed with sugar, it turns to be a real venom for your hair. Scientists have already proved that there is a strong connection between the amount of coffee and sugar you consume every day and your hair thickness.

Five Changes in Nutrition For Your Hair Health

Inconsistent nutrition can be a cause of different health problems and the right foods can be a really great remedy for changing the condition of your facial hair and locks. Just check out  a list of five changes in nutrition you should do, provided by the best specialists at the barber shop, Murray Hill, NYC.
#1 Nuts There are so many tasty nuts which you can eat: hazelnut, almond, pine nut, cashew, and others. Just make a golden rule for yourself to eat a handful of any nuts every day, and this way you will provide your body with all natural fats which will moisturize and recover your scalp and mane from the inside.
#2 Raw seeds Vitamins E and A are the most important vitamins for hair growth. If you want to make your hair supple and facial hair growth fast - you should totally eat sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds. The result will astonish you - in a month of such simple changing in your nutrition, your mane will grow much faster.
#3 Proteins Your hair totally consists of protein, so don…

Five Tips To Make Your Hair Healthy And Strong

Nowadays, due to bad ecology, inconsistent nutrition and daily stress, our hair can struggle from over dryness and dandruff, but you can solve these problems with simple pieces of advice from the best stylists at hair salon, Midtown East NYC.
#1 Healthy nutrition The first thing you should start with is a nutrition. Girl, you are what you eat! Try to make a golden rule for yourself to eat the right things. Provide your organism with all essential vitamins and minerals every day. Eat more of green leafy plants, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Eat more fresh salads; add tomatoes, cucumbers and salad leaves to your sandwich; replace the chips with a handful of raw nuts and seeds. Such simple lifestyle changes can make you feel healthier and look gorgeous every day.
#2 More water Your body consists of water for 80%, and that’s why you should provide yourself with 7-9 glasses of fresh water every day. Drink fresh juices and herbal tea instead of packed juices and coffee, because the last two can’t…

Three Ways To Moisturize Your Skin Naturally

Those of us who pay close attention to skin care knows how important natural moisturizing is for looking young, fresh and radiant. Let's find out how we can provide enough moisture to our skin at home without buying expensive and harmful care products. You can look fabulous with these simple pieces of advice from the best skin care specialists at thebest salon NYC.
#1 Oils There are many skin products with different oils in content and that’s a good thing, cause such oils as coconut, almond, cocoa and argan oils contain lots of natural vitamins and minerals which make our skin looking supple and soft. You can also make a natural organic scrub from any oil you might like. Just mix a little amount of it with a teaspoon of brown sugar or salt (if you have fatty skin); you can use these oils as a natural body cream as well.
#2 Honey Filled with antioxidants, honey contains antibacterial properties that provide skin with moisture. Apply honey on the skin like a mask or try to mix it with …

Seven Good Hair Tips For Men

“If you don’t take care of your hair, you just waste your time and money at the hairdressers” - say the top stylists at best barber shops in NYC- “just like a car your hair needs regular treatment’’. Here you can find some simple pieces of advice which can help your hair grow strong and healthy.
#1 Don’t over wash your hair Daily washing can provoke scalp over dryness. Try to wash your hair 2-3 times per week, it will reduce dry hair and hair loss as well.
#2 Don’t use a hair dryer and don’t rub the hair Everyday usage of the hair dryer and rubbing your locks with a towel after a shower are very harmful, instead of these you should gently pat dry your hair using your old T-shirt and let it air dry.
#3 No comb-overs! You look silly and funny with comb-overs, if your hair is thin, just crop it short! This is the best way to look handsome.
#4 Moisturizing masks The best way to make your scalp healthy and to prevent the dandruff is to apply a moisturizing mask two times a week. Rub the coconut o…

3 unexpected drawbacks of dairy consumption

Many people have completely removed dairy from their diet; others still consume it on a daily basis. Here are 3 unexpected health drawbacks of dairy intake, which professionals at Fashion Hair Salon have detected! 
#1. Hair Loss Have you noticed your newly receding hairline or an excessive amount of hair fallout after brushing? Is your otherwise gorgeous and trendy haircut from the salon in East NYC looking limp and thin? Well, you might be losing your hair. Sure, there can be a lot of reasons for this unfortunate situation; however, did you know your regular consumption of dairy can be one of them? Yes, indeed, your favourite milk can cause hair loss. Not directly of course, but hair fallout is one of the most common forms of allergic reactions to dairy products. The explanation is simple when allergy occurs, your body tries to attack it. Instead of getting rid of the affected cells, your system affects hair follicles.
#2. Excessive Weight Can’t red rid of those stubborn extra five p…

Top 3 foods to fight men’s balding

Recent research has shown that the number of men, suffering from “balding” problem increased. It is connected with unhealthy died, constant noshes, and the absence of the full meal. Being obsessed with their work, men often forget about their health, what leads to numerous problems with nails, hair, and general state. Most barbershops NYC have to deal with the problem of baldness and save men’s hair. However, we have three useful products, which will make you forget about this horrible problem.
#1 Chicken Every man likes meat; moreover, it prevents hair loss and further balding! Poultry meat is rich in high-quality protein which strengthens brittle hair and prevents breakage. Our hair and nails mainly consist of protein, lack of which leads to different problems. Adding chicken to your daily ration guarantees you strong nails and hair.
#2 Nuts Nuts are a great and useful snack for everybody. The most useful are walnuts, which contain biotin, B vitamins (B1, B6 and B9), Vitamin E, protei…

Homemade ice gel pack

Ice gel packs come in handy in case of sore muscles and injuries. Fortunately, you can make one yourself using a Ziploc bag and some rubbing alcohol mixed with water. Having an ice gel pack in the freezer is always a good idea. Using one is as easy as treating a razor burn with after shave cream.
1. Conventional method Make a 2:1 water to rubbing alcohol solution in a bowl. The alcohol doesn’t let the water freeze completely. Rubbing alcohol is available in any drug store nearby. Don’t make too much of the mixture. Add the solution to a Ziploc bag. You can pick the size of the bag according to your preferences. You can double bag, it won’t affect the effectiveness of the pack. Remove all the excess air before zipping. Use your hands or a vacuum sealer. Put in a refrigerator for 12 hours.
2. When you have no rubbing alcohol Fill the Ziploc bag with a colorful dish soap (so that you don’t mistake it for edible things), the blue color looks cool. There are no amount restrictions, make it …