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Bad Stomach and it's remedy

Some days ago I had a really bad stomach, I just started to vomit in night with no reasons at all. This lead me weak as I was unable to eat or drink, even the smell of food made me felt that I was going to vomit. 
I went to the doctor, he gave me medicine but then I didn't felt hungry for some time as I became worried that I may start to vomit again. This feeling was really bad. 
So to start simple I started to take one table spoon of Honey in the morning and after half an hour I drank green tea. After that I started to drink hot water after every 1 hour. What happened I started to feel hungry again. Now I wanted to eat a lot of things because I went so hungry, but I knew that if I took solid foods too quickly I may get bad stomach again. So I started with banana's and I took two banana's after every 2 hours. 
This schedule went for about 2 days and I was back on track to eating solid things. Those who get bad stomach they know how bad it feels but I found a solution to i…