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Magical Homemade Masks for Your Hair

Every girl, at least once in her life tried to create her own hair mask, using products she had in her fridge. Some experiments can appear to be successful, other – no, but the desire to refuse on chemicals and switch to natural definitely left. And it is not surprising, modern hairstyling industry offers us thousands of different hair care remedies, but they are all chemical based and can cause more harm than benefit. No matter whether you are an allergic and want to avoid chemicals or just a curious person who wants to try something extraordinary, these three nourishing hair masks are for you to be stolen from the best hair salon in new york cityimmediately.
For Dry Damaged Hair: Honey + Yogurt + Olive Oil This mask is meant for over dried, extremely damaged hair that needs instant restoring. We all should face the truth: summer days bring not only pleasure, but also lots of hair problems, so this mask can become a real rescuing boat for all of us. Mix honey, yogurt and olive oil an…

Everything about men`s toners

Look at all your bath stuff right now. Do you have any toners there? If your answer is “No”, it means you have been doing your whole grooming routine wrong for all this time. No matter how surprising it may sound, but facial toner is an integral part of men`s everyday grooming routine. Proper lotion can help you to fix some skin problems, normalize pH balance and improve general look. You will definitely find some major advantages in using toners, no matter what your skin type is.  If you are still hesitating, our professionals at the best barber shop in ny created an ultimate men`s grooming guide. Check it out and hurry up to buy few new bottles for your bath. Being handsome is pretty much easier, if you use right care products. # 1 Toners for Combination Skin Combination skin is very difficult to take care of. The main problem is that some areas of your face are dry, other ones are extremely greasy. The majority of men prefer to ignore this peculiarity, because they simply do not know…

Lemons for stunning hair

You might be surprised, but lemons can do much more for you then make your tea taste better. Being incredibly rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants, lemon can create a real miracle to your hair. Think wider, lemons is no longer just a typical remedy against winter cold, it is a healing cure for all your hair problems. So, if you think it is too difficult to find a good, quality barber in nyc, it is time to try natural remedies for your mane. Check out these five undeniable benefits of using lemon to your locks.

Collagen boost Vitamin C can not only save your organism from catching a cold, but also stimulate collagen boost. Collagen is a natural protein, contained in your body. It plays a very important role in building new tendons, nails and hairs.

Stop hair fall   Unfortunately, the problem of hair loss tends to be frighteningly common among people all over the world. Hair masks with lemon juice can slow down this process, and they also can be used for prophylaxis. You can forget abou…

Top 3 weird hair hacks

The Internet is inexhaustible source of information. You can find there everything from gorgeous Oscar 2017 dresses to the number of chromosomes in human DNA. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? A huge amount of unexpected homemade hair masks and recipes can also be found at the Internet. However, how to define which are really working and which one are hoax? Try every single remedy is not an option, your hair won't bear it, trust us. So, what is left? Rely on professional opinion of our specialists at nyc barber shop! Here are three the most weird, but trustworthy hair hacks you should try this fall.
# 1 Egg hair mask Hair mask itself is extremely useful remedy for hair repairing. It almost doesn’t matter what you will put on your head, some coconut oil, mashed avocado or honey, it still works for better. Eggs are full of protein, what makes the an excellent hair growth booster. It also will make your hair softer and more sleek and polished, causing no harm.
#  2 Anti dandruff baking soda Do you …

Laser Back Removal for Men

Thick, dense body hair is a real problem, no matter whether it is hop summer, windy autumn or cold winter outside. Constant sweating, irritation and unpleasant feelings can make your life unbearable. Why does it happen to you? Well, it is all because of your genes. Men of some nationalities tend to have more body hair, than other, that is how nature works. Anyway, when the question of hair removing rises, you need to decide what method you want to go for. It can be simple shaving trimming, waxing or laser removal. Today, our specialists at barber shop midtownare going to talk about the last one – laser removal. If you are considering this method for yourself, our article will be useful for you. Is it as much expensive as everybody say? Of course, the cost of laser hair removal depends on different factors, starting from the master and salon you chose, up to thickens and density of your back hair. Nevertheless, you have to be ready to spend a lot of money for perfectly smooth back. Depend…