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Can You Handle the Pizza? - Part 6

Every one loves the Pizza and this is where the real problem starts. If you are a lover of pizza then moving away from the pizza might get real difficult. The reason is that when you are with the family members, friends, colleagues; you will find it near impossible to resist a pizza even if you are on diet. So here is a very simple trick that will not only reduce your weight but also will keep you in the game.

Whenever you are going to order a pizza ask for a vegetable pizza rather ordering pizza with lots of meat and cheese stuffing. This is one cool little trick which will help you keep your body in shape. You might have to sacrifice but the price would be really low, if you know what it means.

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Prizes: A Way To Motivate Yourself - Part 5

One of the best ways to reduce your weight is that you should be willing to get a prize for your body. By this it means that if you have a skinny jeans, socks, or skinny dress which you always wanted to wear. You can hang this dress at a place which is easily visible to your eyes. What will happen is that when ever you will see the dress, you will know that you have to reduce weight in order to get fit into that particular dress. It's a really cool way to reduce weight because it will have positive psychological effect on you as well.

Whole Grains Are Good For Reducing Weight - Part 4

People normally think that if they take whole grain foods, it will increase the weight, but in reality it is the opposite and here is the reason.

When you shift your diet to whole grain food items like oats, brown rice etc it will fill your tummy quickly plus you will be taking less calories which will help your body to reduce weight. You can easily find whole grain food products from a local super store.

Take Soups to Reduce Your Weight - Part 3

When you want to reduce the weight, consider taking soup before the start of the meal and here are some reasons for it.

1. If you take soup at the start of meal, you will eat less and slow.

2. Don't take those soups which are rich in fats, as it will not help you to reduce the weight.

3. You can take different types of soups namely Chinese won ton soup, minestrone soup and tortilla soup.

Another best way to reduce the weight without sacrificing yourself.


Hope you are enjoying these posts as these are simple ways to reduce your weight, and who doesn't wants it.

Eat More Vegetables More Often
People usually don't like eating vegetables when compared to fast foods. That's alright, I also do it, but here is a great trick which will help you to eat more vegetables and it will also taste good. Never ever eat a single type vegetable in your meal. If you have three different kind of vegetables in your table you will eat more because each time each bite will taste different. Just give it a shot, you will love it.
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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Weight - Part 1

Here are some great tips that will help you to reduce your weight in no time. You just need to be consistent in it, that's all.

1. Increasing the meal time

If you eat meal in 10 minutes or less then you should slow it down. Take small portions of bites and chew your food properly. You should increase your meal time by 20 minutes. This is one of the best ways to reduce your weight because when you are eating slowly and chewing it thoroughly, you will be triggering the fullness hormones in your body, which will make you believe that you have eaten up to full. Eating quickly puts more food in your tummy in less time, which effects digestion plus build fat in your body.

2. Sleep

There has been a research done in Michigan University, which tells that if you are sleep for one extra hour everyday your body weight can reduce to fourteen pounds by the end of year. So if you sleep for 8 hours, then increase it to 9 hours. On the other hand if you are sleeping less like 4-5 hours, your body…

Lady Finger Can Help In Diabetes

If you have diabetes and you are looking a natural way to reduce the sugar level then you just have came to right place.

First thing first, you should know that the other name of lady finger(s) is "OKRA". Here is the method of reducing the sugar level in your body which is as follows:

1. Get two (2) pieces of lady fingers, make sure the lady fingers are fresh as it is most important.
2. Now cut the ends from both sides.
3. You also need to make a cut in the middle and it should be small one ( don't cut into two half's).
4. Now put these two lady fingers in small glass of water. The water should be at room temperature.
5. After that cover the top of the glass with plastic or with paper.
6.  Leave the glass as it is at room temperature for the whole night.
7. Now when you get up in the morning and before going for the breakfast. Drink that water which contains the lady fingers. You don't have to eat the lady fingers.
8. Keep on repeating this method for about fift…