Monday, February 28, 2011

5 best Fast food Choices And 5 Not Good Fast Food Choices

Here is my list of five foods which are considered to be best

1. Schlotzsky

When you go to Schlotzsky's look for Small Smoked Turkey Breast. Here is the reason

a) The amount of Calorie is 353.
b) It contains less fat 6gm.
c) The amount of Sodium is 1069mg.

When ever you go to Schlotzsky's don't go for Orginal Style Turkey you know why ? Here is the reason

a) The amount of Calorie is 831.
b) It contains less fat 35g.
c) The amount of Sodium is 2529mg.

This is also due to fact that they add three different types of cheese in it.

2. Quizno's

When you go to Quiznos in the menu go for Honey Bourbon Chicken on Wheat. Here is the reason

a) The amount of Calorie is 300.
b) It contains less fat 5g.
c) The amount of Sodium is very less that is 790mg. 

This is very delicious meal, it makes you full at the same time because of high fiber bread and you also get lean chicken meat. Yummy.

The not for look for is Tuna Melt Deli Sub, though it looks small in size but it's very heavy on these

a) The amount of Calorie is 1220.
b) It contains less fat 94g.
c) The amount of Sodium is very less that is 1370mg. 

3. Blimpie Restaurant

The next is Blimpie Restaurants, when you go there go for Roast Beef and Provolone. This is one of my best meals.

a) The amount of Calorie is 430.
b) It contains less fat 14g.
c) The amount of Sodium is is 980mg. 

The no no on Blimpie is BLT Super Stacked, also when you order some thing "Special" meal, these can contain calories ranging from 920-1250 grams.

a) The amount of Calorie is 640.
b) It contains less fat 41g
c) The amount of Sodium is is 1440mg. 

4. Arby's

Arby's best of best is Regular Roast Beef Sandwich 

a) The amount of Calorie is 350.
b) It contains less fat 13g.
c) The amount of Sodium is is 960mg. 

The worst of the worst on Arby's is Ultimate BLT Market Fresh Sandwich, the thing here is that it has very few food items namely mayo, bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato. But the fact is that

a) The amount of Calorie is 850.
b) It contains less fat 46g
c) The amount of Sodium is is 1680mg. 

5. McDonald's

When you go to McDonald's don't ever go for Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich I know it's very delicious but the amount of calories and sodium is not so good.

a) The amount of Calorie is 630.
b) It contains less fat 28g
c) The amount of Sodium is is 1360mg.

The best of meals in McDonald's is Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Wrap  it gives you a satisfying meal along with the benefit of not having a waistline increase. 

a) The amount of Calorie is 260.
b) It contains less fat 9g.
c) The amount of Sodium is is 800mg. 

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Benefits of Doing Exercise

Most often you think that why I am not sharp at work ? Why do I feel tired at home ? Why I feel dizzy most of the time ? How can I spend quality time with family, friends, spouse ? Your all questions can be answered in one word that is Exercise. There are other benefits of doing exercise along with these. Here are 5 best of the best benefits of doing exercise.

1. Increasing the Power of Brain

Exercise not only keeps you healthy but also boosts your brain power. According to David Atkinson, who works for Aerobics Center, located at Dallas"Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity."  So by this means that if you do exercise regularly than you would be more productive and happy at doing work. 

2. The Stress

Doing exercise reliefs stress. Yes, when ever you think of doing exercise you feel stressed but when you actually start doing the exercise stress will go away. According to psychologist, Cedric Bryant " Exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction." 
So when ever you are doing exercise you are making your mood better by thinking better.

3. The Time

One of the excuses that people give is that they don't have time but one must think that every one has 24 hours daily the only thing is that how one uses it as effectively as possible. When one thinks of exercise he/she thinks of gym everyday for an hour or so no matter what which makes it stressful for most of us. But according to Atkinson he says "Everyone has 20 minutes" by this he means that if you every day do some rope jumping, push ups, pull ups, work according to everyday morning TV shows, cleaning the house in morning, going to park with children, riding bike, taking a fast walk in the evening with children in park, it's all you need to make physically active.

4. Bonding Relationships

If you exercise with your partner your relationship becomes more strong. If you do exercise with your friend, spouse, sibling your relationship with them becomes more strong and by the way you also reach to your goals better. In own words of Astorino "people who have exercise partners stay with their programs and reach their goals more often than those who try to go it alone". This makes sense in weight loosing programs where you need more social support because you need some one to motivate you. 

5. I am Different

When you start doing exercise for few weeks with consistency you start feeling that your cloths fit different in a sense that you start to like it more :) and your tone of your body changes, you can see it yourself by looking in mirror. According to Bryant  "you'll gain a greater sense of endurance". To feel this feeling I must say that you have to experience it your self it feels totally different. After reading on exercise, writing on it  I my self started doing exercise which I can tell you from my experience that you literally feel energetic and different. 

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Monday, February 21, 2011

5 Best Doctor Recommended Remedies Which are Natural

There are lot's of home remedies which people use when some problem occurs but there are very few which are actually recommended by the doctor's. After searching for a quiet time I came to know about five remedies which are recommended by doctor Andrew Rubman, who is doctor of Naturopathic medicine. There are other doctor's natural remedies I choose doctor Andrew because of his extensive work, I also included other doctors work and studies. Let's come to the point, here are five best home remedies.

1. Aloe Vera

It's common that when you are in kitchen doing work some times you get small burns. You may get sunburn when you are more exposed to sunlight. If you get sunburn or small burns when in kitchen. The best natural remedy for this type is Aloe Vera gel. According to Andrew “The gel contains active compounds that help the burn heal much more quickly,” 
Some times when I get small burn I use tooth paste if I don't have Aloe Vera but tooth paste is not natural. Where you can get pure Aloe gel ? You can get from the plant, take small part of Aloe break it's end and squeeze the gel on the burn, immediately you will feel relief from pain and definitely heal quick.
Note: Aloe Vera Gel should be not be used for internal parts/use.

2. Witch hazel

Witch Hazel is very effective for Eczema ( I also wrote about it ), pimples, aftershave. Witch Hazel is effective  because it has antioxidant and astringent properties which help in reducing inflammation. Witch Hazel should be used only externally, the area which is affected clean it with soap, then dry it, after that apply witch hazel as treatment, it's best to apply it on bandage and then apply it.

3. Raw Honey

Every one likes Honey, and it has lot's of benefits some of are it can treat upset stomach, bites of insects, ulcers and burns. According to a study which was published in Journal of Clinical Nursing in the year 2008 found that those who had venous ulcers when honey was applied as dressing their infection decreased by 34%.

4.  Cinnamon

Cinnamon is best known for treating bad breath and snoring. According to study done by CHU Hosptial Nord which is in France, they have found that Cinnamon has properties of antiseptic it mean that it has the ability to kill germs.
It can be made as tea, take 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder then put this in boiling cup of water. If you have bad breath use take same amount 1/2 teaspoon put it in cold water and use it as mouthwash. 

According to doctor Andrew Cinnamon contains Coumarin which has relation with kidney damage, but it will take huge amount to do this, so Cinnamon is safe to use.

5. Coffee

The last on my list is coffee yes coffee. Coffee can treat headaches and asthma. According to Phyllis D. Light coffee can be used as emergency treatment in asthma in adults. The recommended amount is 3 cups in whole day. If I am getting headaches I use 1cup of coffee it works wonders. I really love coffee I believe you do to :).

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Foods that help boost men's health

Here are Five best foods that will help your health ( Man hood )

1. Chocolate

In my list use of chocolate for men is number 1, you must be wondering that girls eat chocolate, it's kind of related to girl nature but I can tell you we ( men ) need more chocolate then anyone on earth. Here are reasons

a) Chocolate improves blood flow,
b) According to study Flavanols present in chocolate helps level of bad cholesterol, improve blood circulation.
c) If you have low blood pressure then it may or may not cause erectile dysfunction, so by eating chocolate will help you maintain a good relationship in life.
d) Don't eat too much chocolate eating to much will result in weight gain which you don't want.

2. Ginger

When you work to hard, like doing weight lifting, any kind of much physical work you need to use Ginger in your diet. Ginger has anti-inflammatory elements which helps you when you do heavy exercise lessens your muscles pain.

3. Milk and Yogurt

Milk and yogurt contains Whey which is very important element in building muscles. According to Leslie J. Bonci you should use Greek yogurt "It has a thicker consistency that men may like better" she also says " it requires no preparation whatsoever."

4. Eating Mixed Vegetables

My point of view of eating mixed vegetables is that it will make you feel better, vegetables contain Phytochemicals and plant based nutrients that improve health of cells and provide protection against cancer and I believe that to get most out of vegetables is to eat them mix, that's also the point of Leslie J. Bonci "There should be color on your plate at every meal" 

5. Coffee

The last on my list is Coffee. If you are tired of doing mental work or need a boost of awareness then make a good old cup of coffee. Bonci also recommends it, and if you use plain coffee than it's better because it contains almost no calories, no need to worry on weight, this makes a good choice than using expensive calorie rich drink.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alcohol Effects

Every one know about the use of alcohol and it's effects. If you think health risks, car accidents are the only caused due to alcohol use, you are wrong according to the science alcohol causes more than sixty types of diseases. Here I will list down the 5 most important types of conditions that are very closely linked to alcohol effects.

1. Anemia and alcohol effects

In this type of condition the number of oxygen carrying red blood cells become extremely low and when you drink alcohol, alcohol causes this effect. When this happens you feel fatigued, difficulty in breathing and small headaches.

2. Cancer

According to Jurgen Rehm who is chairman of the department of addiction policy of University of Toronto and a scientist at Center for addiction and mental health " Habitual Drinking causes the increase risk of cancer"

3. Cardiovascular and Alcohol Effects

If you are heavy drinker than accroding to 2005 research, doing binge drinking increases the rate of death by 2 times among the people who actually survived by initial heart attack this is according to Harvard researchers.

4. Depression 

People normally drink to reduce the depression but it's actually the other way around, according to research done in 2010 by New Zealand researchers. So drinking increases the depression which you have to watch out.

5. Prone to Infection

Heavy drinking suppresses the immune system so the chances of getting HIV/AIDS and other STD's increases dramatically. According to Rehm "Heavy drinking is associated with a threefold increase in the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease" 

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parkinson Disease Cure

What is Parkinson Disease ?

Parkinson is a type of disorder in which patient develops motor system disorders, this is developed due to special types of brain cells called dopamine-producing cells are damaged or start degenerating in body. There are actually four types of symptoms which are related to Parkinson disease which are trembling of hands, walking disorder slow or fast, memory loss, unable to keep balance of body. This disease occurs gradually means that at the early stages the patient is fine he/she can do work normally but as the time passes by the conditions become worse.

Are there are any treatment for it ?

In this era of life of medical science there are treatments for suppressing the disease but there is no cure for Parkinson for it in the modern science. Yes you got it there is however cure for Parkinson disease but it's not in the modern science yet. To know about it you have to go to my blog archive named "Aids Cure" in which I  have given the details about the cure the same concept applies here. You might be saying OK! If there is cure for it why the modern science doesn't know about it? The answer is this modern science asks proof even though that cure exists for thousands of years but our 21century science may not yet be able to prove it.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What is Cholesterol ?

Cholesterol is fat type substance which is found in the body made by our liver. Cholesterol is part of every cell found in the body, so by this it is very important substance of our body. Cholesterol in body works to perform very important functions. some of which are given below.

1. Since cholesterol is part of every cell so it helps maintain the outer wall of cells.
2. cholesterol helps to make hormones in the body which are actually type of chemical messengers.
3. It helps to make a type of vitamin known as vitamin D.

Why it is Considered Bad by People when it is so useful ?

Here things become interesting some times our body start making more cholesterol than we actually need, now what happens is this that this excessive cholesterol starts to circulate in our body and during this circulation it starts to attach itself with the walls of blood vessels and this results to block the blood flow also becomes the cause of clogging the blood vessels which as a result increases the blood pressure of body, increasing the chances of hitting heart strokes. Now you know the story :).

How to Reduce Cholesterol ?

If you want to control the cholesterol level in your body, then you must know that which foods help to reduce the cholesterol level and which foods increase the cholesterol levels. If you know this concept then you can easily control the cholesterol level.

1. High Cholesterol Foods

Here are top 10 foods that cause high cholesterol, the ranking is based on from High to low portion of cholesterol in each food item. The data is taken from "USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory"( you can check the website here of USDA). You can cross check it there.

1. Brain, Beef contains 3100 mg/100gm of food portion.
2. veal contains 3100mg/100gm  of food portion.
3. Pork contains 2552mg/100gm of food portion.
4. Egg, yep eggs, it contains 2335mg/100gm of cholesterol of food portion.
5. Fish Oil, it contains 766mg/100gm cholesterol of food portion.
6. Chicken contains 563mg/100gm cholesterol of food portion.
7. Duck contains 515mg/100gm cholesterol of food portion.
9. Goose contains 515mg/100gm cholesterol of food portion.
10. Turkey contains 388mg/100gm cholesterol of food portion.

2. Low Cholesterol Foods

This list is very basic and simple yet effective. Here are four types of food that have very low or non cholesterol levels.

1. Vegetables: These are considered the healthiest of all because they are low in calorie content. Contains high dietary fiber, more vitamins which are essentials for our body.

2. Pulses

Yep Pulses, these are very effective in reducing the cholesterol level if you want to read more on this you can look into my archive named " Pulses the Meal of Kings".

3. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contain large quantity of vitamins and minerals and they contain very little amount of cholesterol levels.

4. Fruits

Yes the fruits they are rich in vitamins and nutrients, have very very low amount of cholesterol and also very low calorie content in it. 
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pulses the Meal of Kings

Pulses the Meal of Kings

Most of us have eaten pulses. There are lots of different types of pulses. There is a history of pulses; we will look at each type one by one, along with their history. Pulses are full of nutrition and energy.

 In 1739 and famous Irani worrier Nadar Shah came to India, he saw people eating pulses with rice or bread so he was very surprised, the same situation was with his soldiers. At this situation Nadar Shah said “these are very strange people who eat pulses with pulses". In subcontinent eating pulses with pulses is very old/historic.

Actually when doctors of that era gave patients pulses to eat them as a part of medical treatment, the treatment itself continued for a very long period of time, so from that point on and generations after generation pulses started to became a part of meal of the people of subcontinent. Pulses are very good substitute of meat because both of them have almost same type of nutrition. It should be noted that only in subcontinent people also eat pulses alone which is the part of the culture which is not so common in the other parts of the world.

When you compare pulses with meat, pulses have a feature that it contains very less amount of fat. Pulses contain those elements which help in producing more meat and blood. Research has proven that pulses contain different types of salts and it’s less in acidic nature. From the point of view of researchers pulses should be eaten wholesome (along with their outer layer). Actual nutrition is in the outer layer or the skin. If you remove the outer layer of pulses you will be removed a great part of salts and other important vitamins.

According to the latest research the outer layer contains a part of nutrition which is helpful in the treatment of infertility. So always try to eat pulses as a whole. Those people who eat more rice, they should also eat pulses because the reason is this rice doesn’t contain nutritional elements which are helpful in making the meat. Eating rice along with pulses removes this deficiency.

Types of pulses

They are lots of different types of pulses. Every pulse has its own taste and its own benefits. Following are some of the many different types of pulses.

Green gram

In the subcontinent Green gram is also known as "Shahi Daal" because the last King of subcontinent which was Bahdur Shah Zafar he liked it very much. A great meal for patients. It contains vitamin A, B, and D, potassium and Glucose. Those people who do mental work and those who are physically weak they should eat Green gram.

If you are getting flu more often than eat Green gram along with spinach. In every type of fever making the soup o of Green gram is very effective. If you use powdered Green gram as ubtan than it will make your skin soft and beautiful.

Red Lentil

Chiefs of Lakhnau, ( A place in India ) and Delhi are very famous for making delicious Red Lentil, if you every go to India and get a chance to go to Delhi then do try Red Lentil there you will simply love it.

There is a story on it, a rich man came to sub-continent and ordered Red Lentil, when he ate Red Lentil he was very happy, he gave a great tip to chief, and talked about the Red Lentil during discussion he asked about the expense of making such a dish the chief told him that Red Lintel costs 1 Pesa( monetary term), to make it like this special it needs different types of other ingredients which are in Rupees, which was very much at that time in subcontinent. On knowing this the rich man got mad on such frugality he said these words “Yeah Mooh or Masoor ke daal" which is a proverb that means “Monkey doesn’t knows the taste of Ginger".
This Red Lentil is also full of nutrition it does not contain any type of fat contains phosphorus and iron which is not only useful for heart but also makes immune system better. This gives us calcium, potassium and vitamin D along with this it also helps to keep lower the cholesterol level low.

If blood comes from your nose more often due to any reason you can take the soup of Red Lentil along with rice as medicine meal. Please note that Red lentil is enemy of vitamin A, which is helpful in making eye sight better so it should be used less often.

Bengal Gram

Bengal gram is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine. In 250gm of Bengal is equal to half gram of meat in terms of nutrition. If you think or you are weak in mental abilities or you have flu more often then put two spoon of Bengal gram in water. In the morning take this Bengal gram along with 7 almonds and 3 small piece of green cardamom ( we call it Elaichi here in India ) then along with that take one glass of milk you will feel better in just 3 days especially from the mental point of view.

Hope you would have come to know more about pulses, these are some of the many pulses and each one is unique in its benefits. Happy eating every oneJ

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guava: The Winter Present

There are different shapes of Guava some are long in length, some are oval, circle while others have grained structure. From inside some guavas are red some are white. Every one likes ripened guavas.  If Guava is not riped it's acerbic in nature but children love to eat in this taste too. On average an individual can eat 250gm to 350gm of guava easily.

Scientific Name and other names of Guava

Guava has scientific name too and it's Psidium Guajava. There are different names for Guava in Arabic it's called Kasm-shiri, In Persian it's known as Amrood, In French it's known as Goyave.


Guava contains more vitamin C than mango and lemon. If you want to get more iron in body then it's seeds are iron rich. Guava contains protein, minerals, sodium, phosphorus, vitamins which help to keep stomach at working it's best.


1. If you eat unripened guava you will get pain in stomach and constipation. Similarly if your stomach is empty and you eat guava it give you pain in stomach.

2. One of the interesting things is that those who have continuous constipation if they eat guava to full in breakfast there stomach will be cleaned completely from constipation.

3. If your children have stomach worms then eating guava will help remove the worms.

4. If there is some problem in arteries, if you are feeling hungry then eating guava in breakfast for three days can cure it.

Mouth Blister

If you have mouth blister then eating the outer shell of guava will help cure mouth blister. Taking 2 hand full of guava leaves and boiling them in 1.25kg and after gurgling with this water will remove the mouth blister.

Bad Breath Cure

If you have bad breath than get a small branch of guava tree, use this branch as your tooth brush. By brushing every day your bad breath will be gone forever. If you continue to use this as your tooth brush then it will make your teeth whiter and swollen gums will also benefit from it.

Dizziness and treatment for dizziness

There are some people who have dizziness which is like a disease. Then this dizziness can be cured if you take almost 12 grams of guava leaves, boil them in 1 liter of water, then let it cool. After that add some salt in it and drink it 2 times in a day. Dizziness will be cured.

Piles and Bleeding Piles

If you have internal piles worry not guava can help in this case. Daily take one guava in any meal it will help in piles remedy.

I hope from now on you will find guava very useful in life. Happy eating.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What is Eczema ?

There are many types of skin allergies/skin inflammation and Eczema is one of them. Eczema is of many types and the most common type is known as atopic dermatitis.

People of any age can be affected by Eczema, but this percentage is very high among infants and typically children of five years or less can get Eczema this percentage is almost 85%. Those who have Eczema disease they have a family history of also having different types of skin allergies. If we look at girls and boys, girls are more affected by this disease. Normally people believe that Eczema is contagious but that's not true it's just due to the fact that Eczema runs through the family history.

Eczema causes

You might be wondering that eating food from which you are allergic, the air in which you breathe, the water you drink, the surroundings around you may cause this allergy. Whatever your thoughts are the science has not yet been able to identify the cause of Eczema. But doctors do believe that type abnormal immune system when combines with a defect in the skin may cause Eczema. Studies done on Eczema tell us that gene defects of skin that causes certain abnormalities in the protein which are important for the healthy skin may or may not lead to Eczema. Since Eczema is allergy so you may be allergic to specific types of soap, jewellery, detergent, clothes that you may not know.

Eczema treatment

Unfortunately there is no cure in the modern science for Eczema. However there are different types of treatment that are applied to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and itching. According to FDA for treatment of Eczema it has approved only two types of cream which are known as Tacrolimus and the other one is known as Pimecrolimus. Actually these drugs come from a class that is known as calcineurin inhibitors.

You should note that in 2005 the same FDA which approved these drugs gave a warning that if these are
used there is a chance that you may develop different types of cancer. So if even the doctor tells you to use these creams ask him about the precautions.

Eczema Pictures

Cure for Eczema

There is a cure for Eczema even if modern science has not yet discovered it. It's an herb and it’s totally safe to use it. It has seeds which are known as Black seeds. There are different names for it which are black cumin, Habba sowda, Nigella sativa. You can easily find them in stores. According to my findings with his black seed has the ability to improve the immune system of the body as you know that you get disease only when your immune system is weak to that particular disease in this case it would be Eczema.

According to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) if you don't have any knowledge about him or do want to know about him you can consult the book known as “The 100 “written by Michael Heart. Prophet Muhammad said that “Let fall these black seeds upon you, these contain cure for all diseases except death.”

Even the research has proven that black seeds have the ability to improve the immune system of the body. You can consult a report known as "STUDY OF EFFECTS OF NIGELLA (BLACK SEEDS) ON HUMANS."

You might be saying to yourself, okay, if Black Seed contains the key for every disease then why modern science or the doctors don't talk about it? The answer is we live in that age where we just don't believe in things unless it has been scientifically proven even though that particular item has been used for centuries. In black seed there are more than 200 complex compounds that the science has not yet able to find it, that what these compounds actually capable of. So when the time comes where the science will be able to prove that black seeds do contain immune building capability then we all will be using it. You can ask any doctor whether black seeds are safe or not he will tell you that they are perfectly safe you can even ask the quantity that you can take every day.

So if you have Eczema you can cure it by taking oil of black seeds or powdered black seed. Normally you take seven seeds every day for at least three months as you know it's an herbal medicine it will take time to be effective. It will literally “cure” you from Eczema. 

"Seven seeds in quantity are also best for child, seven seeds should be powdered for child add this to small cup of water, and give to child. Actually black seeds are very small so this quantity is equally effective for both adults and children."

This was asked by "Eve" that whether "what quantity should be given to child ?" by mail I was unable to reply back so I updated my post :). 
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