Foods that help boost men's health

Here are Five best foods that will help your health ( Man hood )

1. Chocolate

In my list use of chocolate for men is number 1, you must be wondering that girls eat chocolate, it's kind of related to girl nature but I can tell you we ( men ) need more chocolate then anyone on earth. Here are reasons

a) Chocolate improves blood flow,
b) According to study Flavanols present in chocolate helps level of bad cholesterol, improve blood circulation.
c) If you have low blood pressure then it may or may not cause erectile dysfunction, so by eating chocolate will help you maintain a good relationship in life.
d) Don't eat too much chocolate eating to much will result in weight gain which you don't want.

2. Ginger

When you work to hard, like doing weight lifting, any kind of much physical work you need to use Ginger in your diet. Ginger has anti-inflammatory elements which helps you when you do heavy exercise lessens your muscles pain.

3. Milk and Yogurt

Milk and yogurt contains Whey which is very important element in building muscles. According to Leslie J. Bonci you should use Greek yogurt "It has a thicker consistency that men may like better" she also says " it requires no preparation whatsoever."

4. Eating Mixed Vegetables

My point of view of eating mixed vegetables is that it will make you feel better, vegetables contain Phytochemicals and plant based nutrients that improve health of cells and provide protection against cancer and I believe that to get most out of vegetables is to eat them mix, that's also the point of Leslie J. Bonci "There should be color on your plate at every meal" 

5. Coffee

The last on my list is Coffee. If you are tired of doing mental work or need a boost of awareness then make a good old cup of coffee. Bonci also recommends it, and if you use plain coffee than it's better because it contains almost no calories, no need to worry on weight, this makes a good choice than using expensive calorie rich drink.


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