5 Best Doctor Recommended Remedies Which are Natural

There are lot's of home remedies which people use when some problem occurs but there are very few which are actually recommended by the doctor's. After searching for a quiet time I came to know about five remedies which are recommended by doctor Andrew Rubman, who is doctor of Naturopathic medicine. There are other doctor's natural remedies I choose doctor Andrew because of his extensive work, I also included other doctors work and studies. Let's come to the point, here are five best home remedies.

1. Aloe Vera

It's common that when you are in kitchen doing work some times you get small burns. You may get sunburn when you are more exposed to sunlight. If you get sunburn or small burns when in kitchen. The best natural remedy for this type is Aloe Vera gel. According to Andrew “The gel contains active compounds that help the burn heal much more quickly,” 
Some times when I get small burn I use tooth paste if I don't have Aloe Vera but tooth paste is not natural. Where you can get pure Aloe gel ? You can get from the plant, take small part of Aloe break it's end and squeeze the gel on the burn, immediately you will feel relief from pain and definitely heal quick.
Note: Aloe Vera Gel should be not be used for internal parts/use.

2. Witch hazel

Witch Hazel is very effective for Eczema ( I also wrote about it ), pimples, aftershave. Witch Hazel is effective  because it has antioxidant and astringent properties which help in reducing inflammation. Witch Hazel should be used only externally, the area which is affected clean it with soap, then dry it, after that apply witch hazel as treatment, it's best to apply it on bandage and then apply it.

3. Raw Honey

Every one likes Honey, and it has lot's of benefits some of are it can treat upset stomach, bites of insects, ulcers and burns. According to a study which was published in Journal of Clinical Nursing in the year 2008 found that those who had venous ulcers when honey was applied as dressing their infection decreased by 34%.

4.  Cinnamon

Cinnamon is best known for treating bad breath and snoring. According to study done by CHU Hosptial Nord which is in France, they have found that Cinnamon has properties of antiseptic it mean that it has the ability to kill germs.
It can be made as tea, take 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder then put this in boiling cup of water. If you have bad breath use take same amount 1/2 teaspoon put it in cold water and use it as mouthwash. 

According to doctor Andrew Cinnamon contains Coumarin which has relation with kidney damage, but it will take huge amount to do this, so Cinnamon is safe to use.

5. Coffee

The last on my list is coffee yes coffee. Coffee can treat headaches and asthma. According to Phyllis D. Light coffee can be used as emergency treatment in asthma in adults. The recommended amount is 3 cups in whole day. If I am getting headaches I use 1cup of coffee it works wonders. I really love coffee I believe you do to :).


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