Parkinson Disease Cure

What is Parkinson Disease ?

Parkinson is a type of disorder in which patient develops motor system disorders, this is developed due to special types of brain cells called dopamine-producing cells are damaged or start degenerating in body. There are actually four types of symptoms which are related to Parkinson disease which are trembling of hands, walking disorder slow or fast, memory loss, unable to keep balance of body. This disease occurs gradually means that at the early stages the patient is fine he/she can do work normally but as the time passes by the conditions become worse.

Are there are any treatment for it ?

In this era of life of medical science there are treatments for suppressing the disease but there is no cure for Parkinson for it in the modern science. Yes you got it there is however cure for Parkinson disease but it's not in the modern science yet. To know about it you have to go to my blog archive named "Aids Cure" in which I  have given the details about the cure the same concept applies here. You might be saying OK! If there is cure for it why the modern science doesn't know about it? The answer is this modern science asks proof even though that cure exists for thousands of years but our 21century science may not yet be able to prove it.


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