Benefits of Doing Exercise

Most often you think that why I am not sharp at work ? Why do I feel tired at home ? Why I feel dizzy most of the time ? How can I spend quality time with family, friends, spouse ? Your all questions can be answered in one word that is Exercise. There are other benefits of doing exercise along with these. Here are 5 best of the best benefits of doing exercise.

1. Increasing the Power of Brain

Exercise not only keeps you healthy but also boosts your brain power. According to David Atkinson, who works for Aerobics Center, located at Dallas"Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity."  So by this means that if you do exercise regularly than you would be more productive and happy at doing work. 

2. The Stress

Doing exercise reliefs stress. Yes, when ever you think of doing exercise you feel stressed but when you actually start doing the exercise stress will go away. According to psychologist, Cedric Bryant " Exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction." 
So when ever you are doing exercise you are making your mood better by thinking better.

3. The Time

One of the excuses that people give is that they don't have time but one must think that every one has 24 hours daily the only thing is that how one uses it as effectively as possible. When one thinks of exercise he/she thinks of gym everyday for an hour or so no matter what which makes it stressful for most of us. But according to Atkinson he says "Everyone has 20 minutes" by this he means that if you every day do some rope jumping, push ups, pull ups, work according to everyday morning TV shows, cleaning the house in morning, going to park with children, riding bike, taking a fast walk in the evening with children in park, it's all you need to make physically active.

4. Bonding Relationships

If you exercise with your partner your relationship becomes more strong. If you do exercise with your friend, spouse, sibling your relationship with them becomes more strong and by the way you also reach to your goals better. In own words of Astorino "people who have exercise partners stay with their programs and reach their goals more often than those who try to go it alone". This makes sense in weight loosing programs where you need more social support because you need some one to motivate you. 

5. I am Different

When you start doing exercise for few weeks with consistency you start feeling that your cloths fit different in a sense that you start to like it more :) and your tone of your body changes, you can see it yourself by looking in mirror. According to Bryant  "you'll gain a greater sense of endurance". To feel this feeling I must say that you have to experience it your self it feels totally different. After reading on exercise, writing on it  I my self started doing exercise which I can tell you from my experience that you literally feel energetic and different. 


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