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Pulses the Meal of Kings

Pulses the Meal of Kings

Most of us have eaten pulses. There are lots of different types of pulses. There is a history of pulses; we will look at each type one by one, along with their history. Pulses are full of nutrition and energy.

 In 1739 and famous Irani worrier Nadar Shah came to India, he saw people eating pulses with rice or bread so he was very surprised, the same situation was with his soldiers. At this situation Nadar Shah said “these are very strange people who eat pulses with pulses". In subcontinent eating pulses with pulses is very old/historic.

Actually when doctors of that era gave patients pulses to eat them as a part of medical treatment, the treatment itself continued for a very long period of time, so from that point on and generations after generation pulses started to became a part of meal of the people of subcontinent. Pulses are very good substitute of meat because both of them have almost same type of nutrition. It should be noted that only in subcontinent people also eat pulses alone which is the part of the culture which is not so common in the other parts of the world.

When you compare pulses with meat, pulses have a feature that it contains very less amount of fat. Pulses contain those elements which help in producing more meat and blood. Research has proven that pulses contain different types of salts and it’s less in acidic nature. From the point of view of researchers pulses should be eaten wholesome (along with their outer layer). Actual nutrition is in the outer layer or the skin. If you remove the outer layer of pulses you will be removed a great part of salts and other important vitamins.

According to the latest research the outer layer contains a part of nutrition which is helpful in the treatment of infertility. So always try to eat pulses as a whole. Those people who eat more rice, they should also eat pulses because the reason is this rice doesn’t contain nutritional elements which are helpful in making the meat. Eating rice along with pulses removes this deficiency.

Types of pulses

They are lots of different types of pulses. Every pulse has its own taste and its own benefits. Following are some of the many different types of pulses.

Green gram

In the subcontinent Green gram is also known as "Shahi Daal" because the last King of subcontinent which was Bahdur Shah Zafar he liked it very much. A great meal for patients. It contains vitamin A, B, and D, potassium and Glucose. Those people who do mental work and those who are physically weak they should eat Green gram.

If you are getting flu more often than eat Green gram along with spinach. In every type of fever making the soup o of Green gram is very effective. If you use powdered Green gram as ubtan than it will make your skin soft and beautiful.

Red Lentil

Chiefs of Lakhnau, ( A place in India ) and Delhi are very famous for making delicious Red Lentil, if you every go to India and get a chance to go to Delhi then do try Red Lentil there you will simply love it.

There is a story on it, a rich man came to sub-continent and ordered Red Lentil, when he ate Red Lentil he was very happy, he gave a great tip to chief, and talked about the Red Lentil during discussion he asked about the expense of making such a dish the chief told him that Red Lintel costs 1 Pesa( monetary term), to make it like this special it needs different types of other ingredients which are in Rupees, which was very much at that time in subcontinent. On knowing this the rich man got mad on such frugality he said these words “Yeah Mooh or Masoor ke daal" which is a proverb that means “Monkey doesn’t knows the taste of Ginger".
This Red Lentil is also full of nutrition it does not contain any type of fat contains phosphorus and iron which is not only useful for heart but also makes immune system better. This gives us calcium, potassium and vitamin D along with this it also helps to keep lower the cholesterol level low.

If blood comes from your nose more often due to any reason you can take the soup of Red Lentil along with rice as medicine meal. Please note that Red lentil is enemy of vitamin A, which is helpful in making eye sight better so it should be used less often.

Bengal Gram

Bengal gram is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine. In 250gm of Bengal is equal to half gram of meat in terms of nutrition. If you think or you are weak in mental abilities or you have flu more often then put two spoon of Bengal gram in water. In the morning take this Bengal gram along with 7 almonds and 3 small piece of green cardamom ( we call it Elaichi here in India ) then along with that take one glass of milk you will feel better in just 3 days especially from the mental point of view.

Hope you would have come to know more about pulses, these are some of the many pulses and each one is unique in its benefits. Happy eating every oneJ


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