Alcohol Effects

Every one know about the use of alcohol and it's effects. If you think health risks, car accidents are the only caused due to alcohol use, you are wrong according to the science alcohol causes more than sixty types of diseases. Here I will list down the 5 most important types of conditions that are very closely linked to alcohol effects.

1. Anemia and alcohol effects

In this type of condition the number of oxygen carrying red blood cells become extremely low and when you drink alcohol, alcohol causes this effect. When this happens you feel fatigued, difficulty in breathing and small headaches.

2. Cancer

According to Jurgen Rehm who is chairman of the department of addiction policy of University of Toronto and a scientist at Center for addiction and mental health " Habitual Drinking causes the increase risk of cancer"

3. Cardiovascular and Alcohol Effects

If you are heavy drinker than accroding to 2005 research, doing binge drinking increases the rate of death by 2 times among the people who actually survived by initial heart attack this is according to Harvard researchers.

4. Depression 

People normally drink to reduce the depression but it's actually the other way around, according to research done in 2010 by New Zealand researchers. So drinking increases the depression which you have to watch out.

5. Prone to Infection

Heavy drinking suppresses the immune system so the chances of getting HIV/AIDS and other STD's increases dramatically. According to Rehm "Heavy drinking is associated with a threefold increase in the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease" 


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