Guava: The Winter Present

There are different shapes of Guava some are long in length, some are oval, circle while others have grained structure. From inside some guavas are red some are white. Every one likes ripened guavas.  If Guava is not riped it's acerbic in nature but children love to eat in this taste too. On average an individual can eat 250gm to 350gm of guava easily.

Scientific Name and other names of Guava

Guava has scientific name too and it's Psidium Guajava. There are different names for Guava in Arabic it's called Kasm-shiri, In Persian it's known as Amrood, In French it's known as Goyave.


Guava contains more vitamin C than mango and lemon. If you want to get more iron in body then it's seeds are iron rich. Guava contains protein, minerals, sodium, phosphorus, vitamins which help to keep stomach at working it's best.


1. If you eat unripened guava you will get pain in stomach and constipation. Similarly if your stomach is empty and you eat guava it give you pain in stomach.

2. One of the interesting things is that those who have continuous constipation if they eat guava to full in breakfast there stomach will be cleaned completely from constipation.

3. If your children have stomach worms then eating guava will help remove the worms.

4. If there is some problem in arteries, if you are feeling hungry then eating guava in breakfast for three days can cure it.

Mouth Blister

If you have mouth blister then eating the outer shell of guava will help cure mouth blister. Taking 2 hand full of guava leaves and boiling them in 1.25kg and after gurgling with this water will remove the mouth blister.

Bad Breath Cure

If you have bad breath than get a small branch of guava tree, use this branch as your tooth brush. By brushing every day your bad breath will be gone forever. If you continue to use this as your tooth brush then it will make your teeth whiter and swollen gums will also benefit from it.

Dizziness and treatment for dizziness

There are some people who have dizziness which is like a disease. Then this dizziness can be cured if you take almost 12 grams of guava leaves, boil them in 1 liter of water, then let it cool. After that add some salt in it and drink it 2 times in a day. Dizziness will be cured.

Piles and Bleeding Piles

If you have internal piles worry not guava can help in this case. Daily take one guava in any meal it will help in piles remedy.

I hope from now on you will find guava very useful in life. Happy eating.


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  4. The first two facts are contradictory of each other..
    1. If you eat unripened guava you will get pain in stomach and constipation. Similarly if your stomach is empty and you eat guava it give you pain in stomach.

    2. One of the interesting things is that those who have continuous constipation if they eat guava to full in breakfast there stomach will be cleaned completely from

    #1 Says if you eat guava on an empty stomach you can get constipation.
    #2 Says if you have constipation, to eat guava in breakfast.. and since breakfast is the first meal of the day, then infact your stomach is empty.

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