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What is Eczema ?

There are many types of skin allergies/skin inflammation and Eczema is one of them. Eczema is of many types and the most common type is known as atopic dermatitis.

People of any age can be affected by Eczema, but this percentage is very high among infants and typically children of five years or less can get Eczema this percentage is almost 85%. Those who have Eczema disease they have a family history of also having different types of skin allergies. If we look at girls and boys, girls are more affected by this disease. Normally people believe that Eczema is contagious but that's not true it's just due to the fact that Eczema runs through the family history.

Eczema causes

You might be wondering that eating food from which you are allergic, the air in which you breathe, the water you drink, the surroundings around you may cause this allergy. Whatever your thoughts are the science has not yet been able to identify the cause of Eczema. But doctors do believe that type abnormal immune system when combines with a defect in the skin may cause Eczema. Studies done on Eczema tell us that gene defects of skin that causes certain abnormalities in the protein which are important for the healthy skin may or may not lead to Eczema. Since Eczema is allergy so you may be allergic to specific types of soap, jewellery, detergent, clothes that you may not know.

Eczema treatment

Unfortunately there is no cure in the modern science for Eczema. However there are different types of treatment that are applied to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and itching. According to FDA for treatment of Eczema it has approved only two types of cream which are known as Tacrolimus and the other one is known as Pimecrolimus. Actually these drugs come from a class that is known as calcineurin inhibitors.

You should note that in 2005 the same FDA which approved these drugs gave a warning that if these are
used there is a chance that you may develop different types of cancer. So if even the doctor tells you to use these creams ask him about the precautions.

Eczema Pictures

Cure for Eczema

There is a cure for Eczema even if modern science has not yet discovered it. It's an herb and it’s totally safe to use it. It has seeds which are known as Black seeds. There are different names for it which are black cumin, Habba sowda, Nigella sativa. You can easily find them in stores. According to my findings with his black seed has the ability to improve the immune system of the body as you know that you get disease only when your immune system is weak to that particular disease in this case it would be Eczema.

According to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) if you don't have any knowledge about him or do want to know about him you can consult the book known as “The 100 “written by Michael Heart. Prophet Muhammad said that “Let fall these black seeds upon you, these contain cure for all diseases except death.”

Even the research has proven that black seeds have the ability to improve the immune system of the body. You can consult a report known as "STUDY OF EFFECTS OF NIGELLA (BLACK SEEDS) ON HUMANS."

You might be saying to yourself, okay, if Black Seed contains the key for every disease then why modern science or the doctors don't talk about it? The answer is we live in that age where we just don't believe in things unless it has been scientifically proven even though that particular item has been used for centuries. In black seed there are more than 200 complex compounds that the science has not yet able to find it, that what these compounds actually capable of. So when the time comes where the science will be able to prove that black seeds do contain immune building capability then we all will be using it. You can ask any doctor whether black seeds are safe or not he will tell you that they are perfectly safe you can even ask the quantity that you can take every day.

So if you have Eczema you can cure it by taking oil of black seeds or powdered black seed. Normally you take seven seeds every day for at least three months as you know it's an herbal medicine it will take time to be effective. It will literally “cure” you from Eczema. 

"Seven seeds in quantity are also best for child, seven seeds should be powdered for child add this to small cup of water, and give to child. Actually black seeds are very small so this quantity is equally effective for both adults and children."

This was asked by "Eve" that whether "what quantity should be given to child ?" by mail I was unable to reply back so I updated my post :). 


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