Top 3 weird hair hacks

The Internet is inexhaustible source of information. You can find there everything from gorgeous Oscar 2017 dresses to the number of chromosomes in human DNA. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? A huge amount of unexpected homemade hair masks and recipes can also be found at the Internet. However, how to define which are really working and which one are hoax? Try every single remedy is not an option, your hair won't bear it, trust us. So, what is left? Rely on professional opinion of our specialists at nyc barber shop! Here are three the most weird, but trustworthy hair hacks you should try this fall.

# 1 Egg hair mask
Hair mask itself is extremely useful remedy for hair repairing. It almost doesn’t matter what you will put on your head, some coconut oil, mashed avocado or honey, it still works for better. Eggs are full of protein, what makes the an excellent hair growth booster. It also will make your hair softer and more sleek and polished, causing no harm.

#  2 Anti dandruff baking soda
Do you feel sick and tired of fighting with dandruff, or simply don’t want to use chemical products to combat your problem? Baking soda will help you! Yes, it is true, all you need is to mix soda with water until it looks like a paste, and apply it to your scalp for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse, like you usually do. Baking soda will kill the fungus on your scalp and clean our hair follicles. No more white flakes on your shoulders, only beautiful, healthy locks.

# 3 Lemon juice highlighting  
Summer has almost gone and now we are trying to incorporate warm sunny days at least to your manes. Lemon juice is a wonderful remedy to do it. Of course, it won’t change your hair color completely, and it definitely make some strands few shades lighter. Make your own lemon based tonic and apply it to your hair regularly.

Follow our tips and experiment with your hair. You shouldn’t  be afraid to embrace into life even the weirdest ideas your head produces, because it is cool.


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