An apple a day keeps a doctor away

Apple is a unique fruit, highly rich in fiber, zinc, iron and other useful nutrients. Apples also contain extremely high doses of antioxidants, what makes them a quintessence of cell renovation and recovery. Such extracts are completely natural and affordable for any person, what makes all apple based hair remedies a wonderful idea for natural hair loss fighting. According to last research, unripe apples contain Procyanidin B-2 – vital for new hair growth protein. If you aim to grow new hair fast and keep your mane healthy, eat an apples every day. Our professionals at the best barber shop in new york city offer you top 3 magical apple benefits for your hair.

Shampoos with apple seeds
Apple seeds shampoo is a very popular among fans of natural treatment, anti-hair loss remedy. The extract of apple seeds stimulates follicles in your scalp produce new, healthy strands twice faster. Caffeine is also often added to such shampoos to strengthen general improvements and fix the result. Anyway, your hair looks neat and handsome with minimum efforts.

Pilled supplements
Polyphenol – the basic apple nutrient can also be found in a powder, for oral use. The combination of other natural supplements also stimulates hair improvements. For example, cocoa butter, blueberry or lemon essence can help you to get rid of dandruff, frizzes and brittleness. Consuming such powder you will forget about hair loss very fast.

Lack of moisture consider to be the  most popular reason of all possible hair problems, starting from dandruff and frizzes, up to hair loss and split ends. Regular eating of fresh apple can compensate this lack partially, what leads to proper scalp hydration and healthier hair, as a result. You can also try different hair masks, based on apples. Mix them with some essential oils like coconut, jojoba or tea tree oil, and apply to your roots for about 30 minutes. Trust as, the effect will amaze you.

Now you know three major benefits of apple seeds. Follow our tips, pay more attention to your hair, and soon you will see first results, that will inspire you for future changes.


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