Best Ways To Recover Facial Skin And Mane

All we know that we are what we eat and that our skin and mane are a reflection of our inner health. How can you make yourself feel better and let hair and facial skin stay supple, radiant and manageable? We asked the top specialists at the best barber shops in Manhattan to let in on some secrets on how you can do it, so check them out.

#1 More water
All we know that we consist of water, and that’s why it’s so important to drink at least 10-12 glasses of a fresh, clean water every day. Drink more if you do sports. This simple change can bring your body with energy and help it to remove all the toxins – and as a result – healthy, radiant skin and supple, manageable mane.

#2 More healthy foods
Inconsistent nutrition can provoke many diseases and lots of facial skin and hair troubles. If you struggle with acne, pimples, greasy hair, breakage and loss – you should try to eat more fresh fruit and veggies. Full of natural moisture and cellulose, they help an organism to remove toxins and deeply cleanse it. Healthy you always means great mane and skin condition.

#3 More sports
Daily activities make you sweat, and it’s great because through it body removes toxins and refreshes a bloodstream. It makes mane grow faster and stronger, let a facial skin stay luminous, soft and flexible. So if you still sit on a couch with the TV turned on, it’s a perfect time to change it and go for a walk. Moreover, there is no need to go to the gym every day, cycling, playing tennis, jogging or even an hourly walking a dog will be enough to feel better.

#4 More organic hair and skin treatment products
Still buying all your stuff in a mall? Just check their content and if you find alcohol, parabens, and sulfates on the back of bottles – just throw them out. Buy some natural organic carrying products; they will treat you in a more gentle, natural and healthy way with no damage.

Stay healthy and smart with some simple changes, which are very easy to start.


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