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Hair tips for side part style

If you are a fan of classic men hairstyles, sleek side part cut is for you. Basically, such cut suits every face shape. Among all the classic hairstyles for guys, the side part is, without a doubt, the most popular men’s hairstyle.
In fact, you can side part any haircut you wear from messy and daring Ivy League cuts to strict and neat hairstyles for businessmen. Because a side parting presupposes putting some major part of your hair left or right, you should have a longer, messy top or a quiff. Our Manhattan Barber has created an exclusive guide on side parted hairstyles for you to take the best out of your hair.
Tip #1 The length of the hair
Short or medium hair length is appropriate for side parting. If you have too long or too short hair, it will not work on you; moreover, it is almost impossible to style a long hair because it will be very annoying and difficult to keep it still and secured. Ask your barber for a taper cut, with a longer top and you will never regret this decision. Be careful with face hairstyles, because a smooth change of hair length doesn’t work well with a side parting.

  When it comes to the top hair, the longer it is, the messier and more casual it will look. So, if your life is full of business meetings and negotiations, keep your temper. The only case when it can look formal is laying low on the scalp with a huge amount of pomade. Only under this condition it will look classic and formal at any length.
Tip #2 Hairstyling products for your shag
This cut has one big advantage: you can choose any styling product you want. From wax to gel, from cream to pomade they all fit you. Though, professional barbers claim that hair pomade, wax, and gel are the perfect options in this case.  These products can be used on any men`s hairstyle, so you don’t have to buy a huge number of different bottles for every single cut.
To get the coveted classic look, use hair pomade with strong fixation.  Stick to water based ones, or you are risking to get a horrible, greasy-looking hair instead. Waxes and gels fit for more modern hairstyles with some volume in it.
Style your hair right with useful tips from 



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