Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Can Beat Gastric, Constipation, Acidity With Just Simple Food

There are lots of individuals which have constant problem of Gastric, Constipation and acidity, and this is a real problem, lot's of doctor tell that this is due to Gallbladder problem and If you can't get recover from medicine than the option comes of removing of Gallbladder which I don't recommend you when there is a solution. Let's come to the solution.

Remember if you have constant problem of gastric, constipation and acidity then you can act on this, even if you do act on this food pattern when you don't have any disease it won't hurt you in any way.


1. Take 2 to 3 eggs poked or boiled any style is O.K.
2. Then take Tea with it. ( It's a must only tea no coffee ).


1. Get some Ghee/Butter Fat.
2. Then cook any thing in it, it can be Chicken, meat, vegetable anything you like just remember don't take bread with it.


1. Take 30-40 pieces of Almonds. Put them in water so that you can easily peal off the skin of Almonds.
2. Then take 30-40 pieces of Raisins.
3. Mix both of these and eat them all.
4. After that take tea.

What to Avoid

1. This program expands over one week and during this time don't eat any type of bread and rice. That's it you will heal in just one week.

2. And eat only if you are feeling hungry, If you are not feeling hungry don't eat. The rest of procedure remains the same.

3. And when you are eating avoid drinking water during that time as much as you can. You can drink water after 1 hour of eating.

4. When you got rid of Gastric,Acidity and Constipation you can eat what ever you like.

Happy Eating.

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