Cure for Hemorrhoids ( Internal or External )

There are lot's of people who get hemorrhoids or Piles. This is a painful experience which no body wants to experience. If you have Hemorrhoids  ( External or Internal ) then you have reached the right page, keep reading, as you will get to know that you can completely cure it.

If you have Hemorrhoids, you know this for sure that the doctors give only option of Operation to remove it. Yes, it can be removed through operation ( surgery ) but it can come back because piles are created because of different habits which the individual develops through time.

These habits which trigger piles are

1. Sitting for long hours.
2. Eating meat a lot.
3. Drinking less water through out the day.
4. Drinking alcohol a lot.
5. Drinking Soft drinks a lot.
6. Have a bowl syndrome.
7. Having constipation for a long period of time.

First thing first here are some habits which you need to replace immedietely if you have External  or internal piles.

1. Start Drinking a lot of water that is you need to drink at least 3 liters of water through out the day, even if you think you are not thirsty.

2. Stop drinking alcohol and soft drinks

3. If you have bowl syndrome or you have constipation for a long time then you need to use
Ispaghula husk or Ispaghul husk ( Psyllium husk ) . Ask first from doctor if you are using any medications for constipation. This is the most important because constipation and piles are interrelated. If you are able to control constipation then you have recovered 50% from Piles.

Once you have started to work on these 3 steps next you need to cure Piles completely.

Here are the steps to completely cure piles or Hemorrhoids

1. Take small size onion and cut it into 6 pieces. Take three in lunch and three during dinner time. Yes, it will have bitter taste but within 12 hours the swelling and pain of Hemorrhoids will be gone. You have to do this method for 3 days.

2. Drink  one glass of mild hot milk before going to bed. If doctor has allowed you to take Psyllium husk then add one small table spoon of Husk in Mild hot milk and drink it. You will realize that once you have done this your stool starts to pass regularly. Make it a habit of drinking one glass of mild milk each day.

3. If you are muslim then recite Surah Al Ala after every salah and if you recite it more often then it will help you to cure from piles.

I hope this helps to those who have piles. Remember that surgery is not the only option, as if you don't cut the root of problem it will come back.

And don't mix Piles syndrome with any other condition; you need to understand this thing.


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