Five Home Remedies For Back Pain

Ah the back pain! Every one gets this back pain once in a life. Back pain can occur due to a number of reasons. Maybe you lifted a heavy weight after a very long time, you got energetic in your friends group and you swung the baseball really hard. You can also get back pain by sitting too long in front of the PC, or sitting in the wrong posture for a long time. When the back pain occurs, trust me, you don't want it and if you  have back pain then you know how painful back pain can become. Here are some home developed remedies that can relief the back pain.

1. The Bed

If you, when wake up in the morning and feel back pain for sometime like for half an hour, two hours then you must at any cost change your bed or mattress. Trust me mattress over the time can produce back pain because mattress over time can no longer hold the body weight.  Look at your mattress if it is in slightly "U" shape from the middle then please change it or you will get permanent back pain for your laziness. Yes, I am getting blunt here.

2. Don't rest too much in back pain

When a person gets back pain, people around him/her tell to rest. Trust me don't do this, if you rest, then your back pain can get worse. Even if it doesn't get worse, the healing time will be extended. If you have any kind of doubts, you can ask your doctor about this. There is however one effective way to redcue the back pain and that is sleep like a "LOG" but in the other direction with your right hand under your face and make sure that you sleep on the floor, that is important. Do it for 1 week and your pain would be gone. Trust me sleeping like this with right hand under the face is really difficult but it will help in relief of back pain.

3. Massage for back pain

If you are having back pain one of most effective and common way of reducing back pain is having a massage. Yes, back pain won't go away with massage but your pain would be significantly reduced.

4. Relax  your body 

Yes, sometimes it happens that unconsciously individual's body parts get stressed out and that individual doesn't know about it. This usually occurs because of emotional tension. That is why mediation is so important and which you see everyday in the morning on the T.V. It will help your body to relax and this can cure the back pain because when you are in control of mood then there would be no tension.

5. Swimming 

Now this may look odd, but if you do swim your back pain would be reduced significantly as all body parts are involved in swimming. Actually, when you are swimming, you are helping your body to develop muscles in the back and in the stomach, this can literally relief from the back pain.


  1. Back pain cause several reasons and for those who suffer back pain then you should consider these remedies to treat and manage your back pain. But still regular check on a doctor or chiropractic is much better that you should do.


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