Migraine Symptoms

If you look at statistics of American's who get Migraine it is about 30 million! Yes, you read it right. Compared to men women are three times more prone to migraine. If you ever get headaches in which you feel pulse then chances are that you are getting the migraine headaches. In this post you will learn different ways in which migraine can occur. Do keep in mind that when migraine symptoms occur, each individual will experience differently.

1. The Aura Effect

Those individuals who get migraine or start to get migraine, they usually feel the "aura". Yes, you will literally see flashing of light, lines of light, or flickering light.

Note: There are some who without any kind of headache can experience the Aura.

2. Did you just experienced the Depression or Excitement too quickly?

Sometimes it happens that individuals who get migraine attack, they usually first experience extreme depression or extreme excitement without any kind of reason. According the the report which was presented in the American Academy in year of 2010 tells us that those who expereince extreme type of depression they are more prone to migraine and in the long run it can become chronic. So if you sometime experience extreme kind of mood swings, or feel extremely depressed then contact your doctor immediately.

3. Are you feeling sleepless?

When ever you go to the bed, do you feel like you are not getting sleep or you get mild headaches? Then chances are these are migraine symptoms. There is a study done which tells that those who sleep less or they feel really tired when they wake up in the morning, those individuals do get migraine headaches. So a piece of advice is get full 8 hours of sleep! world will not stop with you.

4. Stuffy nose?

When an individual gets stuffy nose, or having water eyes it is usually associated with flu, fever but it is also a fact that those who get migraine headaches have these kinds of migraine symptoms. So this condition all depends on the situation.

5. Before the Migraine Attack Occurs

If you crave for Chocolate and afterwards you get headache then you have migraine headache. There are few people get really high cravings for specific foods before the migraine attack occurs. So now you know (:

6. The Pulse Feel

According to the survey which was done by the National Headache Foundation (NHF) that those who have migraine headache attack usually feel the pulse pain in one side of the head ( it was 50%) and rest 34% of audience felt the pulsating pain on both sides of the head. So if you feel pulsating pain on one side of the head, then you have migraine symptoms.

7. Eye Pain

If often, you feel pain in the back of eye then you have migraine headache. Going to the eye doctor won't help.

8. Too much Urination

If you get too much urination, then chances are that you might get migraine headache but it's not necessary, it may or not be the cause of migraine symptom.

9. Vomiting

According Migraine Study II, those individuals who get migraine headaches, they experience nausea and vomiting  Migraine collected the data from about 3700 individuals and close to 73% said that they experience nausea when they have migraine and close to 34% audience had vomiting during migraine or after vomiting they got migraine.


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