Healthy perks of drinking water in the morning

Water is the foundation of healthy body and mind while dehydration leads to numerous negative consequences. If you want to get the most from water, you should drink it right after waking up:

1. Improvement of hair condition
Healthy hair starts with a proper hydration from the outside (conditioning) as well as from the inside (water). Lack of moisture increases the risk of dullness, thinness, and brittleness. According to experts at Best Salon NYC, drinking water on an empty stomach helps to improve the condition of your hair more effectively.

2. Faster metabolism
It has been proved that intake of water before breakfast can improve your metabolism considerably. This point is especially important for the ladies, who are trying to lose some extra pounds. A faster metabolism means more opportunities to get a thinner waist and see the desired number on your weigh-scales.

3. Clear and smooth skin
Professionals at Best Salon NYC have a common consent on the perks of morning hydration for our skin. If you fail to provide your organism with enough water, you can have a dull skin color and develop wrinkles early. Water before breakfast is a ticket to healthy and smooth skin!

4. Comfortable digestion
Starting your morning with a glass of water helps to ensure comfortable digestion throughout the day. No more heartburn or indigestion! If you suffer from high acidity, drinking water on an empty stomach will keep the acid in your belly, thus preventing burning sensation in your chest.

Remember to drink water once you wake up!

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