Top 3 effects alcohol has on your hair

What were you doing last weekend? Have you visited some cool party and drink there a couple of champagne glasses, or something stronger? Well, it is time to pay the bills. Today our professionals at the barber shop in Midtown will tell you about three horrible effects alcohol parties have on your hair. Read our article and think twice next time you will hit the floor.

Hair dryness
Alcohol works as diuretic in our body and causes accelerated dehydration. As a result, your scalp and your locks lack moisture and become dry, weak, and dull. Moreover, too dry skin usually leads to hair dandruff. Drink a lot of water after a marvelous party and apply special hydrating masks, oils or creams to your hair, in order to neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol.

Split ends  
Dehydration, caused by drinking alcohol, makes your strands weak and dry and such hair is more prone to other damages like split ends and tangling. Combing turns to be pure torture for you and your locks. In this case, a glass of water again will be a saving boat for your healthy.

Hair loss
Yes, you have read it right. Drinking heavy drinks can lead to early balding. Alcohol damage hair follicles in your scalp so that new healthy strands couldn’t grow out. Zinc deficiency can also have the same effect on your hair. 
Love your hair and try to avoid harmful effects of your surroundings. It is ok to hang out with friends from time to time, but you should control your desires.

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