Myths and facts about winter hair loss

As the weather outside the window turns to be colder and wetter, you may notice that the amount of hair you lose seriously increases. In fact, snow, frost, and strong winds can really damage your scalp and hair follicles what leads to baldness. To provide you with great hair maintenance we offer you three most common myths about winter hair loss.
Wearing hats causes balding
The fact is that hats keep your head and locks in warm, what can cause dryness and static, but NOT baldness. At the same time, extremely low temperatures can damage your hair follicles and make your hair thinner and much weaker. So, such a stylish accessory like winter hat will never make you bald; moreover, it will protect you from harmful influence of   wet snow, winds, and frost.
Winter increases hair loss 
Hair loss is a seasonal phenomenon. The number of lost hairs varies from 50 to 100, depending on the period of time and physical peculiarities of the human body. Most of us start to lose more hair in last autumn months – October and November, but not in winter. It happens because our body starts to lack vitamins and nutrients after a hot summer.
There is no need in moisturizers in winter
It seems like snow and rain make everything around so wet, and there is no need to use additional moisturizers to our locks. It is so false! During cold fall and winter days, we have to pay even more attention to our scalp and strands.
Provide yourself with great hair maintenance this winter with our tips.

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