Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ten Most Obvious Causes of Fatigue

The First Cause; You are not getting enough Sleep.

One of the main reasons of fatigue is that one is not getting enough sleep, or if he/she is having sleep but the amount is little. This can and does negatively effects health and concentration of a person. You get headaches when you are concentrating on work etc.

How to Fix it?

There is a fix to it, and it is that make a fix time of sleep. Like if you have made schedule to sleep at 10 pm then it must be 10, no cell phones, laptops every thing should be banned at that time. This is one classic method of fixing fatigue.

The Second Cause; Sleep Apnea

There are some people they think that they are getting enough sleep 8 hours but they still feel fatigue at work. The reason might be " Sleep Apnea". In this case your breathing stops at night for a very few moments that makes you awake at night but you may not know this, but it's effects come when you get up in morning in the result of fatigue.

How to Fix it ?

There are different methods to fix Sleep Apnea.

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. If you are overweight loose that weight.
  3. Take CPAP device that can help to open your airway passage in the night.
The Third Cause; Not enough food.

Most people don't do breakfast, this is one of main reasons of headaches and getting fatigue during work. You don't feel energetic. Second if they do breakfast they don't take right meal, this is very important because if you don't have a daily balanced diet you will still feel fatigue, because it won't give you enough fuel.   

How to fix it ?

  1. Take protein and complex carbs in each meal you take.
  2. In breakfast take eggs with milk or fresh juice, along with whole grain bread/toast.
  3. Take small portions of meal through out the day to maintain energy.
  4. Take small portion of baked potatoes at evening to get energy, because carbohydrate is source of basic energy.

Fourth Cause; Depression 

You can think depression is emotional disorder, but this same depression is cause of many physical health problems. You get consistent headaches, loss of concentration, loss of appetite and so on so forth. If you think that you are following all instructions on removing the fatigue and still you are "down", see a doctor. Doctors can help you in fighting depression and do psychotherapy.

Fifth Cause; Caffeine

You might be thinking that does caffeine causes fatigue ? Yes it can, but in some people. If the intake is too much than it will cause fatigue in you.

How to Fix it ?

First thing first, Gradually cut down on Coffee, tea, chocolate, drinks. Don't do cold turkey as it will cause withdrawal symptoms. One cup of coffee is good but over dosage is not good it certainly effects the heart rate, blood pressure and causes jitteriness.
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