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Introduction and History

The word yogurt comes from the Turk, written as Yoğurt, yogurt is obtained by milk and it is a dairy product. Yogurt is made by the help of a bacteria which works on milk and gives the texture of thickness in it, and a taste of bitterness but that bitterness is very less. That bacteria has a long name, known as Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp, I can't pronounce it correctly :).

Rich in Vitamins

Yogurt is rich in Calcium, which is necessary for bones. It is rich in  B Vitamin, and for females it's anti-aging vitamin, this vitamin helps in proper flow of red blood cells in body. If your body is dry using yogurt helps to remove that dryness and it makes you look fresh. If you use it regularly 1 to 2 tablespoon daily in each meal you will live longer and the person who discovered it, he actually go Noble Prize for it ( I don't remember the name but as soon as I find it I will tell you ).

Why we use Yogurt ?

We use yogurt because it has lots of benefits in it internal and external. In the ancient times people used to bath in yogurt, because it soothes your body. 

People wash hair with yogurt normally females do it, it's actually a combination of egg and yogurt, you put it regularly on hair, after some weeks your hair becomes strong and shiny, I don't know which part affects the hair health but it does work.
One recent research done by scientist of Japan, and they have found that if you eat daily yogurt almost 60 grams it may be helpful in preventing of gum disease. The University name is Kyushu University, and the report is published in Periodontology's Journal. The topic was whether any habit other than brushing teeth, might be helpful in preventing Gingivitis.  

If you have Diarrhea use yogurt it does wonders. It is easily digestible by the body because of Lactose found in yogurt which helps in digestion.
From my own personal search, yogurt helps in healing the arteries, if blood is coming from your intestine in the "poop", then only use bread with yogurt trust me in one day bleeding stops.

If you have any kind of Heart Disease then taking homemade yogurt is good for fighting heart disease, but don't take Full-Fat Yogurt in having heart disease. Always ask the doctor before taking yogurt for the doctor must know what you will be taking consistently.

Good News For Loosing Weight

If you are a Fat person or if you think that you have more weight and you are on diet or if you have obesity problem, then please include Fat-Free-Yogurt in your weight loss diet, it's a must. There has been a research done on yogurt and it has been found that taking 3 Fat-free-yogurt servings daily which is included in daily diet routine, then you loose 22% more weight, at the same time you burn fat 61% more than if you didn't included yogurt in your diet. The research has been done in University of Tennessee, and the researcher who told this his name is Michael Zemel, who is PHD.

 The Secret of French Women

You must have seen French Women, they all look very smart and sexy :). But have you have thought what's there secret of being smart and slim ? Why isn't there belly is more than usual ?

There is a book written by a French Lady and the book name is "French Women Don't get Fat", she tells us that eating yogurt helps you stay smart, you might be thinking that I do eat yogurt too! but the question is did you have included in your diet or not ? That the main point, then is it FAT-FREE or NOT ? She tells us that french women eat yogurt in the morning during breakfast and then eat at evening, so it's a two time must.

So When you are including yogurt in your diet ?

1. My English is not good, for that I am apologizing, please ignore my grammar.
2. I do my own research.


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