Thursday, September 1, 2011

Energy Therapy: Integrative Healing For Cancer Patients

Medical patients facing a cancer diagnosis should be aware that traditional medical treatment is not their only option. Alternative therapies such as emotional freedom technique (EFT), healing touch, and intuitive bodywork have a place in cancer treatment as well.

Known as energy healing, these alternative healing therapies can benefit cancer patients in a number of important ways. They help patients cope with the emotional and spiritual aspects of living with cancer such as rare diseases like
mesothelioma as well as the physical side effects (pain, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting) that can really take their toll on a person's health.

Patients typically feel a tremendous loss of control when they discover they have cancer. EFT and other healing therapies give them a renewed sense of being in control. When integrated with standard medical treatment, alternative therapies offer hope to cancer patients. Even those with the most serious cases are most likely faced with an unfavorable
mesothelioma life expectancy can reap the benefits of energy healing. By healing the mind, all patients should be aware that it helps to heal the body.

EFT, healing touch, and intuitive bodywork are three different forms of energy therapy. Patients can receive them alone (EFT tapping, for example) or in combination (as intuitive bodywork integrated with healing touch). Each therapy works in a unique way to support natural healing. They do this by clearing energy blocks at many different levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This allows for the free movement of universal life energy.

While energy healing cannot treat or cure cancer, it can help patients explore the roots of their illness and manage their current symptoms. Numerous anecdotal reports suggest EFT and other energy therapies can help cancer patients bear their symptoms, pain, and stress.

Some people consider energy healing to be humankind’s definitive healing tool, supporting a person's journey from brokenness back to wholeness. Conventional medicine (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation) usually produces painful side effects in people who are already suffering pain. EFT, healing touch, and intuitive bodywork -- together or apart -- can minimize the negative effects of cancer treatment.

The National Cancer Institute, reports a growth in the number of cancer patients using energy therapy as an alternative healing method. They use these alternative treatments, not in replace of, but alongside traditional cancer treatment. Complementary therapy helps patients manage cancer in a safe, non-invasive manner. And it is ideal for patients with serious illnesses like mesothelioma or pancreatic cancer, because it helps them accept death and reach inner peace.

Patients who are diagnosed with cancer naturally want to fight their disease. While conventional treatment is a proven method for battling cancer, alternative therapies are often essential for helping patients survive the fight. EFT, healing touch, and intuitive bodywork may work better for some patients than others. But patient testimonials and anecdotal reports make energy healing worth exploring.

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  1. "Alternative therapies such as emotional freedom technique (EFT), healing touch, and intuitive bodywork have a place in cancer treatment as well."

    Yeah right, that's why I do EFT when i feel depressed. I don't take medicinal drugs. I already know that good effect of EFT so i would highly recommend this technique.

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