Monday, September 12, 2011

What To Do, When You Need Immediate Attention ?

There are times when you no one is home and you are your own in the kitchen. You are making some salad for yourself and when slicing the tomatoes you also slice your finger. Now at this time lots of question pop up in mind that weather you should apply bandage on it or go to the ER, or go to Walmart, CVS. The first thing you should do is to go to these CVS or Walmart as these also have drop-in medical clinics that can help you out with your situation as they contain nurses, physicians and even sometime doctors. In these situations they can help you out but if they think that you really need to go to ER they will tell you. If you have medical insurance, then there is chance that your medical insurance company might also contain 24/7 nurse hotline, which in many cases can become very useful. There are many who don't have any health insurance if this is the case then you can go to, now this website can help you find federally funded clinic near you. Just type in your home address and you will be there :).
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