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Natural Home Remedies

In the world there are lots of home made remedies, some remedies work some don't work. So I have created a list which can help to understand that weather which home remedy works or not. So here we go :)

1. America: Chicken Soup To Fight Cold

When ever it's cold many Americans go for Chicken soup and Americans believe that chicken soup helps to fight cold. But is it really that effective or just a myth ? According to one study done by  University of Nebraska that when one drinks chicken soup the white blood cells move at 75% increased rate which can help to reduce the infection dramatically. So drink up as much as chicken soup in winter because it works.

2. When Bee Stings Native Americans Use Garlic To Reduce The Pain

When some one gets sting by bee, if garlic is rubbed on the infected area it reduces the pain and stops the swelling. According to Ranella who is clinical assistant professor at Boston University that it's true. So when ever bee stings you again rub that area with garlic, you will relieved immediately.

3. Japan: Ginger Tea For Cold

In Japan when ever one catches cold or flu, they boil 2/3cup of water then crushed ginger is added along with 2 teaspoons of sugar also sometimes ginger roots are also added but in sliced form. According to Dr. Kemper he says that Ginger has the ability of circulation which in turn can help the body to get rid of cold more rapidly. But there is another added benefit of drinking Ginger Tea or just taking ginger, according on one study which is of Iranian study found that those women who had nausea and problem of vomiting it, taking Ginger in the amount of 1000 mg per day decreased their illness by more than 50%.

4. China: Egg To Cure Headaches

In China when ever one gets headaches or wants to get rid of headaches forever. Chinese say that if you take three eggs and boil them, take one boiled egg and remove it's shell put the egg in a cotton made handkerchief, then rub this egg on head and face and keep on doing it till it gets cold, throw that egg away and repeat the procedure. According to Judy Fulop who is a medicine specialist " This method seriously frustrates me" as there is no positive finding on this one. So headaches don't go away with this method.

5. Spain: Garlic Tea With Lemon And Honey To Fight Cold

According to Dr. Kemper this tea can help fight cold effectively as lemon is rich in vitamin C, garlic is full of antibacterial power and third honey can sooth the effect of cold.


  1. In India we use honey and tulsi (an indigenous medicinal plant) to fight cold.

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