Monday, September 19, 2011


I hope that you must have heard of the vegetable Broccoli which is also known as Brassica Oleracea or Brassica italica. The latter two are the names which most of us are not familiar. This vegetable is full of nutritional values also Broccoli has amazing ability of therapeutic powers. Normally women eat this vegetable as men don't like it also Broccoli is used to fight against Breast Cancer for women. Broccoli is you can say cousin of Cauliflower, which is also full of mineral and vitamins deposit.
Let us digg some more on the Term Broccoli. The Broccoli vegetable is grown in Calabria, Italy, so italy is the home land of Broccoli. The word Broccoli comes from the Iltalian language "brachium" which stands for "branch or Arm". In the 8th century when there was the Roman Empire was on it's full rise, Broccoli was very famous vegetable in Roman Empire, later when immigrants from Italy came to America they also brought this gift to the America. It was in year of 1920's when the first plantation of Broccoli took place in California. Every individual who love's himself and takes care of his or her health, loves to eat Broccoli.

As I mentioned in the start that Broccoli is full of nutrition's, so let's see what these nutritions really are. If we take 100 grams of broccoli, it contains almost 25grams of calories. Other than this it contains

1. Iron
2. Magnesium
3. Zinc
4. Different vitamins including C, B1, B6, B2, E, K, A.
5. Also it contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are normally found in Fish oil.
6. Fiber.
7. Potassium

Due to these valuable minerals and vitamins. Broccoli must be micro waved or sprouts should be steamed, in this way the whole nutrient value will remain safe.

According to the research which was published in the "American Journal of Epidemiology" , there it was mentioned clearly that Broccoli helps to reduce the Coronary heart disease. Also if you have Liver problem like Hepatitis of any kind, Broccoli is very useful in this case as it helps detoxification by boosting it up. Making our immune system strong and also prevents from various infections. If you have any kind of problem in stomach whether it could be stomach pain, indigestion, burning of stomach, intestine problems, use Broccoli as it is useful in stomach problems.
Broccoli is also anti-cancer agent as it has been proved by the scientists at University of Johns Hopkins according to them Broccoli contains sulforaphane which found in abundant quantity in this vegetable and element helps fight cancer.

So every women should use Broccoli as it is anti-cancer agent and I say that men must also use this vegetable as it is full of nutrition. 
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

HIV/AIDS Treatment A Breakthrough

Today I was reading on HIV/AIDS treatment and I found a fascinating news about the new treatment. There was a conference which was held in Chicago, the name of conference was "Inter-science Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy". 

According to the researchers they said that they have found a way to protect the T-Cells through cell based therapy, when HIV/AIDS virus attacks the human body it's primary target is T-cells. 

Scientists have found a way to protect the T-cells from HIV/AIDS virus. What I have found is that the CEO of Sangamo's who is Edward says in these words "The data are very encouraging" and I hope so it's the case :).

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Natural Home Remedies

In the world there are lots of home made remedies, some remedies work some don't work. So I have created a list which can help to understand that weather which home remedy works or not. So here we go :)

1. America: Chicken Soup To Fight Cold

When ever it's cold many Americans go for Chicken soup and Americans believe that chicken soup helps to fight cold. But is it really that effective or just a myth ? According to one study done by  University of Nebraska that when one drinks chicken soup the white blood cells move at 75% increased rate which can help to reduce the infection dramatically. So drink up as much as chicken soup in winter because it works.

2. When Bee Stings Native Americans Use Garlic To Reduce The Pain

When some one gets sting by bee, if garlic is rubbed on the infected area it reduces the pain and stops the swelling. According to Ranella who is clinical assistant professor at Boston University that it's true. So when ever bee stings you again rub that area with garlic, you will relieved immediately.

3. Japan: Ginger Tea For Cold

In Japan when ever one catches cold or flu, they boil 2/3cup of water then crushed ginger is added along with 2 teaspoons of sugar also sometimes ginger roots are also added but in sliced form. According to Dr. Kemper he says that Ginger has the ability of circulation which in turn can help the body to get rid of cold more rapidly. But there is another added benefit of drinking Ginger Tea or just taking ginger, according on one study which is of Iranian study found that those women who had nausea and problem of vomiting it, taking Ginger in the amount of 1000 mg per day decreased their illness by more than 50%.

4. China: Egg To Cure Headaches

In China when ever one gets headaches or wants to get rid of headaches forever. Chinese say that if you take three eggs and boil them, take one boiled egg and remove it's shell put the egg in a cotton made handkerchief, then rub this egg on head and face and keep on doing it till it gets cold, throw that egg away and repeat the procedure. According to Judy Fulop who is a medicine specialist " This method seriously frustrates me" as there is no positive finding on this one. So headaches don't go away with this method.

5. Spain: Garlic Tea With Lemon And Honey To Fight Cold

According to Dr. Kemper this tea can help fight cold effectively as lemon is rich in vitamin C, garlic is full of antibacterial power and third honey can sooth the effect of cold.

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What To Do, When You Need Immediate Attention ?

There are times when you no one is home and you are your own in the kitchen. You are making some salad for yourself and when slicing the tomatoes you also slice your finger. Now at this time lots of question pop up in mind that weather you should apply bandage on it or go to the ER, or go to Walmart, CVS. The first thing you should do is to go to these CVS or Walmart as these also have drop-in medical clinics that can help you out with your situation as they contain nurses, physicians and even sometime doctors. In these situations they can help you out but if they think that you really need to go to ER they will tell you. If you have medical insurance, then there is chance that your medical insurance company might also contain 24/7 nurse hotline, which in many cases can become very useful. There are many who don't have any health insurance if this is the case then you can go to, now this website can help you find federally funded clinic near you. Just type in your home address and you will be there :).
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hepatitis A, B, C

Hepatitis is a disease, where virus attacks only liver and as a result causing inflammation of liver. When a person is diagnosed with Hepatitis A,B,C which ever it may be, a fear comes in mind. There is at the moment no cure for Hepatitis but only treatments are available which can suppress the infection. I myself was diagnosed with Hepatitis A, I got my self scared lots of question started to pop up, for which I had no answers. There are lots of things which I learnt during this disease in terms of treating this disease. I want to share my personal experience with you so that it will help anyone who has hepatitis, and what to do when you get hepatitis.

1. Don't be afraid when you get diagnosed with this Hepatitis.

2. Diet is most important factor in getting rid of this disease. The specific food items which I found to be useful are:

a) Boiled Rice.

b) Boiled Vegetables.

c) Small quantities of fruits but no Mango included.

d) Boiled water, drinking after each hour.

e) Glucose D mixed with water, two times a day.

f) If you can get Real honey from the farm then this real honey is a must have, because I take it 1 table spoon in the morning and one in the night, this has helped me sooth the stomach pain, and indigestion is getting better. Try it you won't regret it but there is only one condition that Honey must be real no added, artificial flavors in it.

There are two basic kinds of Honey. One is produced in summer where bees make honey from fruits and the second one is produced in Spring, when bees make honey from flowers. Honey made from flowers is of superior kind, both kinds are effective, but I am using Honey made from flowers.

g) Don't eat meat but you can take Chicken only.

i) You can take milk once in a day as it also contains fats, so only one glass is good.

j) If you can get natural sugar cane juice, it's natural glucose, and trust me it's very good for liver.

k) Some times you can do fast for 12 hours this helps your stomach to relax and in my case fasting becomes
more easy as I have lost my appetite.

l) Don't eat any fried foods.

3) Try to rest as much as you can as in this disease a person can't eat much so if you are doing physical work it will make you weak and can cause sever fatigue, joint pains. So be-careful with physical work.

4) The period in which hepatitis goes away is from 6 to 9 months and it can go away earlier provided that if diet is maintained. I am on 3-week when the Hepatitis was found in me, but I using the given diet pattern I am feeling much better.

5) Take Lemon-tea some time, but I drink it 2-3 times a day as lemon and hot-water helps in digestion.

6) Don't take tea ( the one with sugar and milk in it ).

I gave a test at lab of ALT SERUM level and you know what I go to point 10 , the scale in which ALT is considered normal is 0-42, so i came at 10 which is very perfect and I am very happy because this diet pattern has helped me to recover in three weeks.

I also read the Surah Fatihah which is the First surah of Quran, I read it because it is known as the Cure. As I read it with the intention of healing Hepatitis I started to feel better as soon as I finished the Surah. So I must say that you should also read this Surah as it has Healing power. If you don't want to read it, it's ok, the above diet pattern helps to fight Hepatitis effectively. 
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Energy Therapy: Integrative Healing For Cancer Patients

Medical patients facing a cancer diagnosis should be aware that traditional medical treatment is not their only option. Alternative therapies such as emotional freedom technique (EFT), healing touch, and intuitive bodywork have a place in cancer treatment as well.

Known as energy healing, these alternative healing therapies can benefit cancer patients in a number of important ways. They help patients cope with the emotional and spiritual aspects of living with cancer such as rare diseases like
mesothelioma as well as the physical side effects (pain, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting) that can really take their toll on a person's health.

Patients typically feel a tremendous loss of control when they discover they have cancer. EFT and other healing therapies give them a renewed sense of being in control. When integrated with standard medical treatment, alternative therapies offer hope to cancer patients. Even those with the most serious cases are most likely faced with an unfavorable
mesothelioma life expectancy can reap the benefits of energy healing. By healing the mind, all patients should be aware that it helps to heal the body.

EFT, healing touch, and intuitive bodywork are three different forms of energy therapy. Patients can receive them alone (EFT tapping, for example) or in combination (as intuitive bodywork integrated with healing touch). Each therapy works in a unique way to support natural healing. They do this by clearing energy blocks at many different levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This allows for the free movement of universal life energy.

While energy healing cannot treat or cure cancer, it can help patients explore the roots of their illness and manage their current symptoms. Numerous anecdotal reports suggest EFT and other energy therapies can help cancer patients bear their symptoms, pain, and stress.

Some people consider energy healing to be humankind’s definitive healing tool, supporting a person's journey from brokenness back to wholeness. Conventional medicine (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation) usually produces painful side effects in people who are already suffering pain. EFT, healing touch, and intuitive bodywork -- together or apart -- can minimize the negative effects of cancer treatment.

The National Cancer Institute, reports a growth in the number of cancer patients using energy therapy as an alternative healing method. They use these alternative treatments, not in replace of, but alongside traditional cancer treatment. Complementary therapy helps patients manage cancer in a safe, non-invasive manner. And it is ideal for patients with serious illnesses like mesothelioma or pancreatic cancer, because it helps them accept death and reach inner peace.

Patients who are diagnosed with cancer naturally want to fight their disease. While conventional treatment is a proven method for battling cancer, alternative therapies are often essential for helping patients survive the fight. EFT, healing touch, and intuitive bodywork may work better for some patients than others. But patient testimonials and anecdotal reports make energy healing worth exploring.

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