Do You Want To Quit Smoking ?

Those who smoke, once in there life time they do desire that they never had started smoking. Why people smoke ? Through my own personal experience from colleagues, friends, family members. People smoke because they want to get through that "Hard Time". Hard time can be your studies, assignments, night shift job, you want to stay awake, you want a boost in your working, it can be any excuse which makes you to do smoking. According to statistics of smoking, there are nearly seventy percent of all smokers who want to quit smoking. This year 2011 forty percent of total smokers will try to quit smoking, by different methods like using nicotine patches, gums, cold turkey etc. 

Smokers know that quit smoking is very difficult because of the cravings that occur which is very intense that can last up to three months, that makes them believe that it's impossible. One thing that you should keep in mind is that quitting depends on your will power and there is no other way, you can say that there are patches, drugs, nicotine gums to help quit smoking but using these methods comes with very bad side effects that can last up to three to four weeks like you can have very bad nightmares, sleep deprivation. There are electronic cigarettes but FDA is unable to find any side effects of using e-cigarettes so far, but do keep in mind that you are inhaling liquid nicotine into your lungs, whose long term side effects are not known. Fasting is one of the best ways that can help you quit smoking, fasting is based on ones will power and one has to keep him/herself away from any intake for almost fourteen hours. In case of quit smoking this is one of the best methods that can help you a lot, and this is month of Ramadan which is Islamic month, where Muslims do fasting for whole month that includes smokers and non-smokers both. If Muslims can do it why can't you ? 

When you are quit smoking, if you feel stressed take a hot bath, read book, go to gym, do any thing that will help you reduce the stress, these methods will not end the stress but will dramatically reduce your stress. If you get very bad cravings take some coffee or tea that will help cravings out but don't devil in to the habit of drinking coffee as it also contains nicotine.

There are lots of immediate benefits of quit smoking, after twenty minutes of quitting an individual's heart rate comes back to normal. When twelve hours pass by after quitting, carbon monoxide which becomes part of blood when you smoke drops to normal. Your sense of hunger increases after quit smoking. These are some of immediate benefits that you get after quit smoking. So keep your will high this month and stay healthy and energetic by eating healthy foods.


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