Live Long By Having Mediterranean Diet

All of us must be familiar with the word "Meditate" where you try to understand yourself by sitting in a quiet room. But very less know about Mediterranean diet, and if you are woman and you are on Mediterranean diet you can live upto 15 years more and if you are a male you can expect to live 8 years more. 
So what is Mediterranean diet ? 

Mediterranean diet is a combination of vegetables ( any vegetable), nuts, fish, meat, olive oil, fruits along with very small amount of alcohol. If you are doing excercise daily and if you combine this basic food combination to your daily diet provided the condition that you don't smoke you can expect to live longer as much as 15 years. According to the study which was done in Netherlands at the university of Maastricht under the supervision of Piet van den brandt, who is epidemiology professor, observed almost 120,000 men and women together whose age ranged from 55 to 69 years during the year of 1986 and yes this was ten year study period. He said that " If you choose to live healthy by taking a healthy life style then this has profound effects on health as well as age. The Mediterranean diet effects were more visible in women than the men." The effects were 15 years more in women and 8 years more in men, which is very significant effect. So now the decision is yours that which one do you choose a long healthy life or short unhealthy life by taking all the garbage of fast food ? The choice will always be yours. So in my opinion stay healthy by eating healthy food items.


  1. There are lots of dietary methods being developed today. It may be difficult to choose the most appropriate method, but the safest way to go is still daily exercise. You must be responsible with your body by providing it with the necessary daily supplements and engaging in regular exercise.


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