5 Great Secrets of Men Revealed to Women

If you believe that your man doesn't listens to you, or he is very traditional man, sits quietly then you are in the  right place to know the secrets of men. After searching through internet, books where there is lot of material. I sorted out the best of points that can describe man's feeling.
This  is about relationship between men and women. Men do express feelings but they express in different ways.

Here are following secretes of our (men) women should know. So here it goes

1. I Love You

Men do say "I Love You" but through actions, that's the way it is, rather than saying through words men do actions that comfy you like cleaning dishes, cleaning room, helping with your chores etc.

2. We Listen

Normally when women talk to men they tend to expect words like "I see", " I am listening" " hmmm", something like that but men mostly listen quietly when you are talking, then you start to believe that they are not listening but we are listening, then men decided according to it. The main point here is that men listen always.

3. Men need their personal time

Even when men give a lot of time to family, relationships they also need time for themselves you know the guy thing, men like to have their own personal time like going to gym, gardening, long drives.

4. Learn from Fathers

If you want to know how he will react to you in different situations than you need to look at his father. Yes, sons are reflections of their fathers. Sons learn from fathers, how to behave to women, how father relates to mother, you can get the idea.

5. Appreciation

This is a fact that men respond to appreciation. Take for example parenting if you give more value to your husband about caring children then he will be involved more in parenting.

So now you our greatest secrets :)


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