Want to Loose Weight Fast ?

What is Obesity ? 

In simple terms we can say that Obesity = Fat person, a person whose weight is more than normal is considered obese, to find out weather you are obese or not, you need a BMI ( Body Mass Index ) chart it will help you that what should be your weight according to your height. You can easily search for it on the website.

Method of loosing Weight
There are threes rules if you want to loose weight fast. Which are:

1. Will
2. Avoiding Certain food elements.
3. Walk

Now you got the idea of obesity. If you are obese person and you want to cure it, there is a way to cure it, but it will depend on your "WILL" only. If you are willing to do, then you can succeed. After willing to reduce the over weight of body, you need to stop eating some basic food elements. It's only a small list, yes small list which you have to avoid for at-least on month. You will see your weight has reduced by just avoiding the basic three elements. These are:

1. Avoid Fat.
2. Avoid Rice.
3. Avoid Sugar.

That's all, it's small isn't it ? But here is the real catch you need to be consistent in avoiding these three basic elements, this means you have to avoid ( if you want to loose weight ) burgers, fries, Lays, sweats, rice, Chinese rice anything which has these three elements. Also it's very difficult because a obese person is somewhat addicted to these things of which only "WILL" can help to fight.

In place of Sugar you can use real honey, honey helps to burn body calories and fat. In place of fat you can only use small amount of Sun Flower Oil and Wheat Oil.

You just can't eat rice when you want to loose weight. No way don't think about it.


The last thing you have to do for one month is to Walk. Walk for 4 kilometers for exact one month. Trust me on this you will lose weight but you have to be consistent for one month ( It's Just 30 days = 720 hours )


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