Sleeping Better

For those of us who spend hours tossing and turning in the bed, psychologists studying sleep disturbances have a number of suggestions for overcoming insomnia ( about which I wrote in sleep disorders ). They include :

1. Exercise Daily

Exercise during the day and try to avoid naps. This helps to make you tired before going to bed. Moreover if you start learning systematic relaxation techniques and biofeedback can help you with every day's tension and stress.

2. Stick To The Time Period No Matter What

Make a regular bedtime and stick to the schedule. Putting your body in a schedule makes your body to rest more and effective working of whole body.

3. Bed Is Your Sleeping Place And Nothing Else

Your bed should be for sleeping. Don't watch T.V, indoor games, study, browsing on the bed this worsens the sleep habits. Bed should be only for sleeping.

4. Please Avoid Drinks

If you want to have a good night sleep then avoid using drinks that contain caffeine after every lunch. These include coffee, tea etc. These can have effect of waking you up as long as eight hours.

5. Milk Yummy

Drink a glass of warm milk at bedtime beacuse milk has chemical that helps you to go to sleep better and yes your parents are right.

6. Sleeping Pills Think About It

Just don't use sleeping pills. $100 million are spent each year on sleeping pills which may benefit you but only in short run in the long run they may cause more harm than good. By the way ,you must avoid sleeping pills unless they are prescribed by a health care professional includes such "natural" remedies as melatonin tablets, which are available without prescription in health food stores. On the other side of the picture, sleeping pills help very effectively when you travel from one time zone to another.

7.  Don't Sleep

Try not to go to sleep. This advice, which sounds strange at first, actually makes a good deal of sense. Psychologists after lots of research they have found that part of the reason people have difficulty going to sleep is due to the fact that they are trying very hard. A better way to achieve this is one suggested by Richard P. Bootzin who is professor and sleep disorder expert at the University of Arizona, who helps people to recondition or change their sleeping habits. He teaches them to go to the bed only when they feel tired and exhausted . Here is the deal If the person does not gets to sleep with in the time period of 10 or ten minutes he/she should get out of bed immediately and do something else,they should return to bed only when they are feeling tired again, simple isn't it ?. This method should be continued, all night if required. But in the morning, the patient has to get up at the usual time or hour and then during all day he/she must not take rest. After three to four weeks on this drilling/training, most people become conditioned to associate their beds with sleep and fall asleep rapidly at night.

If non of the technique works and you are still awake in the night, you must consider yourself visiting to a sleep disorder center. There is a helpful address which I found to which you should write if you have sleep disorder, they will provide you with a list of accredited clinics which I believe is very useful.

American sleep disorders association, 1610 14th street Norwest, Suite 300, Rochester, Minnesota 55901-2200

I hope this will help a lot of people in United Stated of America. Happing sleeping :)


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