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Sleep Disorders

What is a Sleep Disorder ?

A sleep disorder is a condition which affects you that how much you sleep and how well you are sleeping. Sleep disorders can be caused by any condition like poor habits, poor medical conditions these all can have great impact on your sleep.

The Dangers of Poor Sleep

According to search done on sleep disorders, if you have sleep disorder then there is relation to car accidents, poor performance at job, injuries at job, mood swings, memory problems, obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

What are the symptoms of sleep disorders ?

Following are the main symptoms of sleep disorders.

1. You feel very sleep through out the day.
2. You try to get sleep but you can't and if you do you get to quickly.
3. Snoring.
4. Your breathing stops during sleep.
5. You eat and then drink water and quickly go to bed. ( full stomach)
6. There is a urge in you to move legs which are at rest.
7. You feel uncomfortable feeling in legs in night.

Sleep Cycle

To understand sleep disorder you first need to know about sleep cycles. There are two types of cycles.
1. REM ( Random eye movement)
2. Non-Rem

Rem accounts for 25% of total sleep and is associated with dreams and this tends to increase as morning comes near. The rest of all our sleep falls in second category that is non-rem, which is based on four cycles which moves from light to deep sleep cycles. So sleep disorder actually interferes with these cycles and if these cycles are disturbed we feel restless.

How much should I sleep ?

Sleep requirement is different for every individual. As a general pattern :

1. Infants need 16 hours of sleep.
2. Teenagers require 9 hours of sleep.
3. For adults it's 8 hours.

But keep in mind that for each individual the requirements are different. An adult may be require 4 hours of sleep but for other minimum 12 hours are must, it depends.

The Insomnia

There are lots of people almost third of U.S citizens come across insomnia. Insomnia is a condition in which you don't go to sleep or you sleep for very little time then get up. If this condition prevails for some time then you are a victim of insomnia.

Hygiene and Insomnia Relation 

Insomnia is some what related to poor hygiene factors. Like you drink coffee at late evening, you go to bed full stomach, you go to bed at different time most of the week, you are watching television and fall asleep. You have cough.

Mental condition and Insomnia

Insomnia has deep link with mental condition if you are very stressed about something you will get dreams about it, if you very scared of coming condition you will get up in night. Also when you take medication to suppress the depression, body can react to it and you may not get to sleep. You definitely need to talk to your doctor.

Different Medical Conditions and Insomnia Relation

If you have any one of the following then there is a chance to get insomnia in these conditions. If you don't get sleep well due to following conditions go to doctor immediately.

1. Getting Heartburns.
2. You have asthma.
3. Breathing problem when sleeping.
4. You have flu and bad cough.
5. Arthritis


In this type of sleep disorder a person feels extremely sleepy during day time and a person may go to small naps when working ( you must have seen some of these guys ). Here are some conditions that tell you whether you have Narcolepsy or not. Those who have Narcolepsy they go to REM immediately, if you have this condition talk to your doctor about it.

1. When you first wake up you feel you are unable to move your body.
2. Feeling extremely week when you are getting up.
3. You dream during naps.
4. Dream like hallucinations as you wake up.

The Disorder of Sleep: Sleepwalking

The number of people who actually have this condition is very less but those who have it they have a sleep disorder. The one who sleep walks doesn't remember anything what he did during sleep and this occurs during Non-Rem stages. Normally children have this disorder but can prevail in adults.

When is the right time to call doctor ?

There are methods if you know them you can fight on your own with sleep disorders but if you snore, gasp, you are taking medication which keep you awake at night then immediately call your doctor.

Keep a Sleep Diary

If you keep a sleep diary with you, you can get valuable information about yourself. A sleep diary can tell you about :

1. Your wake up time.
2. Your bed time.
3. How long you slept.
4. If you take coffee write about it, this can tell you information about sleep patterns.
5. Getting dreams.
6. What did you eat before going to sleep.
7. Stress.
8. Medications you are taking daily.

One of the best methods to treat any sleep disorders I came across is to exercise daily and do it in evening not late evening. Exercise should be intense or which makes you tired you will get a very good night sleep. It's my own personal experience :)


  1. Good one. People, who are unable to find time off the work during day, use the sleep hours for recreation. The body can take such abuses for a day or two but once the limit is reached, it retaliates back with symptoms of chronic sleep disorders.


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