Diabetes Cure

Yes, there is a cure for Diabetes and the effects are immediate of this medicine, this medicine is only found in India and Pakistan. Very few people know about this I found about this medicine of curing diabetes in magazine which is in Urdu and they said that any one can publish this method but it should be free not for sale purposes. So here I am telling free to every one :).

So here it goes as it is.

There are three things in this medicine, and these items have different names for it.

1. First is pronounced and named as ANDARIAN in Urdu language as اندرائن and in Arabic language it's known as KHANZAL or KHANDAL written as حنظل and in Punjab area it's known as KORTAMA written as کؤڑتمۂ.

2. The second is pronounced and named as THAKAM SARS تخم سرس in Urdu. In Punjab it's known as SHAR-HE-NA ( شر ينہ ) seeds.

3. The last one is GOND-KEKAR in urdu it's written as گوند کیکر or گوند پھلاہئ.

4. Halwa ( I will explain it ).

Note: If you find difficult to find this ask any Indian or Pakistani he can easily tell you.

How to Make it

Get all these in same weight then powder them all three and mix all together remember every item should have same weight like 10gm or 20gm etc whatever quantity you like to make it but every item must have same weight. Then take this medicine in portion of 1 or 2 māshā (māshā is equal to 0.907 grams, it's actually Indian weight system used before 1833 but still is used in 21 century for reference click Here.) with Halwa and Halwa's quantity should be only 1 tea spoon.

Most of us don't know how to make Halwa if you want to know how to make it Click Here, it's actually Indian sweet dish. Yes it's sweet but it's a must part of it.

In summary 3 items equal in weight, take 1 masha or 2 with Halwa, Halwa's quantity should be only 1 teaspoon every day for at least 14-25 days. Keep checking your reports you will see your diabetes will be falling.

In some other alternative method some also include Black Seeds about which I have written. You can also use it along with three main items in same quantity. It literally works and thousands of people have benefited from this medicine. I hope it will help you too.



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