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Cure For Heart Attack

You probably be thinking right now that is there a cure for heart attack or is this post is a fake ? The answer to your question is that Yes there is Cure for Heart Attack. You want to find it out, then read the rest. I came to know about this cure from a news article whose author is Javed Chaudhry, he is very famous columnist in Pakistan.  Let's come to the point, the cure actually lies in Dates a special type of dates known as " AJWA DATES" these are only found in Saudi Arabia and non other place in world. These are very expensive dates, if you want to buy Ajwa Dates of 1 kg it will cost you 80 SAR( Saudi Riyal ) which is equal to $ 21 US Dollars. These date are very delicious I really love to have one of these dates :).

These Ajwa Dates contain :

1. Sugar (60%).
2. fat (2%).
3. protein (2%).
4. Minerals (2%).
5. Vitamin A and B3.
6. Iron.
7. Potassium.
8. Folic acid.

If you go back to history of Islam, you will know that there was a brave warrior known as Saad Bin Abi Waqas, he had first heart attack in the history of Islam. When Prophet Muhammad came to know about this ( If you don't know about who Muhammad is then read my blog post named " Aids Cure" and the other one is "Black Seeds", there I have given reference of him. He said give him Ajwa Dates along with seeds ( so it's Ajwa dates plus crushed seeds of Ajwa dates) after using this, Saad Bin Abi Waqas became healthy and he never had a heart attack for the rest of his life. In Saudi Arabia, doctors advise patients to take Ajwa Dates who have Ischemic Heart Disease.

So you know the procedure is very simple any one who has heart disease take Ajwa Dates along with powdered seeds of Ajwa Date for some time period (30-40 days) it will definitely cure you.

There is a renowned person in Pakistan, he is known as Malik Riaz, who owns Bahria Town who is one of most rich entrepreneurs of Pakistan. In the year 1995 Malik Riaz had a problem of heart, doctors told him that his heart's three valves/arteries are closed, there fore we need to do angioplasty. One of his friend told him to eat Ajwa Dates for one month before they go for angioplasty. If during this time there condition remains same then they are free to do angioplasty. Malik Riaz took went for this procedure for one month after one month he went to London's Cromwell hospital. There the doctors took his heart tests and after the reports the doctors told him that he had no heart problem. Malik Riaz showed the doctors the old reports of heart, they said this condition cannot be of his because his heart is healthy. Long story short, in 2009 Malik Riaz again went to same doctor in London, and doctors saw that his heart condition hasn't changed since.

I had a sms from friend of this method of curing heart disease, I searched for it and now I want to share with you. Isn't it a miracle for heart patients ? They spend lot's of money to cure themselves and there are risks in it too. My question to you is that if any of your friends, you, parents any one you know who has heart disease, why not give them Ajwa Dates ?  Just to try ? Why not use it when there is no risk in it ? If the patient doesn't gets cured you can go to scientific method I mean the choice will always be there.

You might be asking OK, so where is the scientific proof ?  So the answer to this is that unfortunately there has been no valuable search done on these Ajwa Dates. Even if there is no search done on it, it doesn't means that dates are not useful it's just the fact we have not yet reached to that level to understand the miraculous benefits of Ajwa Dates.


  1. Modern has proved that the dates are the best fruits for the helpful to cure the heart disease.This fact will not be ignore toward the science.This modern research has increased the importance of dates which is already described in the many Hadith.

  2. This is a very great article. Now a days even younger age can have the possibility of heart attack. And prevention can be a key to have a better heart.

  3. Thank for sharing this useful information.

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  5. Thank you dear , you done great job of sharing these correct information.

  6. Mashallah thanks for sharing such great gift I will give it try for sure inshallah

  7. You had shared nice information about your experience in curing the Heart attack which is preferable, Thanks a lot..


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