Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cancer of Liver, Bone and Breast Cancer Is Cureable

In this world there are lot's of method that have been developed to cure different types of diseases, some are known to science and while many remain unquestioned. Same pattern applies to cancer, which is curable but science has discovered but not yet being able to  proof that some particular plant or medicine or formula is whether effective in curing cancer or not. Because you know that science requires proof of every thing even knowing that "That some particular methods or herbal plants or traditional medicine has been used to cure diseases for centuries." 

Yes, there is a cure for all these three cancers (Liver, Bone and Breast Cancer). I will not make it lengthy, let's get to the point. In India and Pakistan there grows a herbal plant which is known as Simloo ( written as سملو  in Urdu and in Indian it's written as समलव ). After searching a lot I found it's Latin name which is known as Berebris Aristata ( I found this amazing page written on it, you can find more information on it by clicking it ) and it belongs to family of Berberideae. 

Actually this herb has the ability to cure cancer. The ones which are mentioned in heading are.

1. Breast Cancer.
2. Bone Cancer.
3. Liver Cancer.

Here is first simple method of using سملو Simloo to cure cancer. You can get the powdered Simloo easily from Pakistan and India. Even if you don't have resource you can buy the plant. The thing is you need to powder the plant; keep half of plant for later use and fill this powder in zero size capsules and take these capsules after every meal and keep checking the reports you will see cancer going away.

The second method is that you make small pieces of herb (each piece should amount to 3 grams) and put it in a glass of water; the amount of Simloo should be 3 Grams and do this method in morning when you have added Simloo or Berberis Aristata in water wait till evening. In evening remove the Simloo and drink the water, repeat the procedure in evening and drink that water again in morning. Simple isn't it. I hope it will help many of you who have the disease of Cancer.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diabetes Cure

Yes, there is a cure for Diabetes and the effects are immediate of this medicine, this medicine is only found in India and Pakistan. Very few people know about this I found about this medicine of curing diabetes in magazine which is in Urdu and they said that any one can publish this method but it should be free not for sale purposes. So here I am telling free to every one :).

So here it goes as it is.

There are three things in this medicine, and these items have different names for it.

1. First is pronounced and named as ANDARIAN in Urdu language as اندرائن and in Arabic language it's known as KHANZAL or KHANDAL written as حنظل and in Punjab area it's known as KORTAMA written as کؤڑتمۂ.

2. The second is pronounced and named as THAKAM SARS تخم سرس in Urdu. In Punjab it's known as SHAR-HE-NA ( شر ينہ ) seeds.

3. The last one is GOND-KEKAR in urdu it's written as گوند کیکر or گوند پھلاہئ.

4. Halwa ( I will explain it ).

Note: If you find difficult to find this ask any Indian or Pakistani he can easily tell you.

How to Make it

Get all these in same weight then powder them all three and mix all together remember every item should have same weight like 10gm or 20gm etc whatever quantity you like to make it but every item must have same weight. Then take this medicine in portion of 1 or 2 māshā (māshā is equal to 0.907 grams, it's actually Indian weight system used before 1833 but still is used in 21 century for reference click Here.) with Halwa and Halwa's quantity should be only 1 tea spoon.

Most of us don't know how to make Halwa if you want to know how to make it Click Here, it's actually Indian sweet dish. Yes it's sweet but it's a must part of it.

In summary 3 items equal in weight, take 1 masha or 2 with Halwa, Halwa's quantity should be only 1 teaspoon every day for at least 14-25 days. Keep checking your reports you will see your diabetes will be falling.

In some other alternative method some also include Black Seeds about which I have written. You can also use it along with three main items in same quantity. It literally works and thousands of people have benefited from this medicine. I hope it will help you too.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Healthy Drinks In Morning

The most of healthiest drink is Water, which every one should drink daily at least eight glass of water but we don't drink that much water. You know why ? because we take substitute of water like we drink tea, coffee, soda, alcohol, sports drink, energy drinks, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Dr.Pepper, fruit juice I mean any thing which can be substituted for water we drink it but you know these are highly caffeinated, sweetened drinks. In the morning we don't drink water for boost of energy we take tea and coffee which are best alternative in the morning. The best thing which you can do to avoid sweetened and too much caffeinated drink is to make tea or coffee by yourself.

Natural Tea

If you want to make tea then you must get properly brewed tea which is made from high quality tea leaves, by using tea from high quality leaves makes you to add less sugar in tea which in turns means less gain in weight. Go to local tea shop owner and ask for tea which is obtained from large leaves which is often less bitter in taste. Yes, you got the idea less bitter equals adding of less sugar.

The next alternative which you can use in the morning is black tea which if you use you get a boost in energy because it contains most of caffeine. You can use green tea and white tea but it will contain less caffeine effect. You can also use herbal teas but it will depend on the taste ask the shop owner to help you out in this or you can try some of herbal teas for yourself by getting samples of it, after that all you need is hot water and add couple of leaves to it, that's it you got yourself a nice cup of herbal tea. My friend drinks in the night almost 5 cups, yes 5 cups, but he uses some leaves and keeps on refilling it with hot water, do you know drinking hot water with some herbal leaves in it keeps your stomach fit and strong ? If you don't believe it you can ask any Chinese guy it's in there tradition :).

Natural Coffee

Now for the coffee, most of us think that if you don't add cream and sugar to coffee it will taste very terrible or bad. Let me tell you the fact if you use old coffee then it will be terrible without them. But if you use coffee beans if you crush them in machine, beans release oils which have unique flavor and essence. If you use this coffee you won't be needing any type of cream and sugar. So best is to buy coffee beans and crush then by yourself, trust me people you will feel the difference of coffee it will be so much better in taste and will give you unique essence.

Yes it is true that when you are on diet you have to avoid drinks but you can't ignore just one cup in the morning. 
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What is Meditation ?

Meditation can be defined as " Technique for refocusing attention that brings bout an altered state of consciousness." from definition of Rober S. Feldman.

When traditional practitioners of the ancient eastern religion of Zen Buddhism ( who do ooom ooom ) want to know about their inner spiritual strength or want to know themselves better than before, they use a method that has been used for centuries to change their state of consciousness. This method is called meditation. Although this sounds very fascinating, some form of meditation is found within every major religion including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism ( India ). Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, practice a form of meditation called transcendental meditation, or simply TM.

The unique meditative technique used in TM involves repeating a mantra which is actually a  sound word like OOOMMM, OOOMMM or any other word repeated over and over again. The basic purpose remains to focus on sound or word and non other thing exists in the world. There are other forms of meditation, the focus is on a picture, fire, light, water or some particular part of the body regardless of the nature of the particular initial stimulus, in most forms of meditation the key to the procedure is concentrating on it so thoroughly that the meditator becomes unaware of any outside stimulation or you can say environment and reaches a different state of consciousness. ( I have seen this in the movie The Last Samurai ).

Following meditation, people report that they start feeling relaxed and calmed. They sometimes relate this to stage that they have gained new insights about themselves and they have found solution to their problems which can be every day problems or the child hood problems. The long term practice of meditation may even improve health. I have found a reference to this and I put it as it is "One study of a group of elderly nursing hoe residents found higher longevity for those who practiced meditation over a three year period and another study found that people who meditated regularly had lower medical expenses ( Alexander et al., 1989; Goldberg, 1995; Herron et al., 1996 )." 

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation brings about several physiological changes. Like

1. Usage of oxygen by body decreases.
2. Your heart rate and blood pressure starts to decline.
3. Patterns of brain way may start to change.

Meditation for Beginners 

So you want to do meditation ? It becomes crystal clear that you too can meditate too without exotic methods  by using a few simple procedures or rules developed by Herbert Benson, who has studied meditation extensively. The basics are similar in several respects to those developed as a part of eastern religions but have no spiritual component like Christianity or Judaism.

The Method

Sit in a quiet room with your eyes closed, breathing deeply and rhythmically, and repeating a word or sound such as the word "A or One" over and over again. Although the procedure is a bit more in depth than this, most people find themselves in a deeply relaxed state after just twenty minutes. This has to be Practiced twice a day, Benson's meditative methods seem to be just as effective in bringing about relaxation as more mystical methods in religion.

Meditation is easy isn't it :) but twenty minutes meditation for me and concentrating is hard work :) Happy meditating

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sleeping Better

For those of us who spend hours tossing and turning in the bed, psychologists studying sleep disturbances have a number of suggestions for overcoming insomnia ( about which I wrote in sleep disorders ). They include :

1. Exercise Daily

Exercise during the day and try to avoid naps. This helps to make you tired before going to bed. Moreover if you start learning systematic relaxation techniques and biofeedback can help you with every day's tension and stress.

2. Stick To The Time Period No Matter What

Make a regular bedtime and stick to the schedule. Putting your body in a schedule makes your body to rest more and effective working of whole body.

3. Bed Is Your Sleeping Place And Nothing Else

Your bed should be for sleeping. Don't watch T.V, indoor games, study, browsing on the bed this worsens the sleep habits. Bed should be only for sleeping.

4. Please Avoid Drinks

If you want to have a good night sleep then avoid using drinks that contain caffeine after every lunch. These include coffee, tea etc. These can have effect of waking you up as long as eight hours.

5. Milk Yummy

Drink a glass of warm milk at bedtime beacuse milk has chemical that helps you to go to sleep better and yes your parents are right.

6. Sleeping Pills Think About It

Just don't use sleeping pills. $100 million are spent each year on sleeping pills which may benefit you but only in short run in the long run they may cause more harm than good. By the way ,you must avoid sleeping pills unless they are prescribed by a health care professional includes such "natural" remedies as melatonin tablets, which are available without prescription in health food stores. On the other side of the picture, sleeping pills help very effectively when you travel from one time zone to another.

7.  Don't Sleep

Try not to go to sleep. This advice, which sounds strange at first, actually makes a good deal of sense. Psychologists after lots of research they have found that part of the reason people have difficulty going to sleep is due to the fact that they are trying very hard. A better way to achieve this is one suggested by Richard P. Bootzin who is professor and sleep disorder expert at the University of Arizona, who helps people to recondition or change their sleeping habits. He teaches them to go to the bed only when they feel tired and exhausted . Here is the deal If the person does not gets to sleep with in the time period of 10 or ten minutes he/she should get out of bed immediately and do something else,they should return to bed only when they are feeling tired again, simple isn't it ?. This method should be continued, all night if required. But in the morning, the patient has to get up at the usual time or hour and then during all day he/she must not take rest. After three to four weeks on this drilling/training, most people become conditioned to associate their beds with sleep and fall asleep rapidly at night.

If non of the technique works and you are still awake in the night, you must consider yourself visiting to a sleep disorder center. There is a helpful address which I found to which you should write if you have sleep disorder, they will provide you with a list of accredited clinics which I believe is very useful.

American sleep disorders association, 1610 14th street Norwest, Suite 300, Rochester, Minnesota 55901-2200

I hope this will help a lot of people in United Stated of America. Happing sleeping :)
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How much sleep is necessary ?

After writing about sleep disorders I got this bug in my mind that how much actually a person needs sleep ? After searching a lot what I found is that the exact amount can't be found or is not firmly established. What I can say that our bodies would require a tranquil "rest and relaxation" period in order to refresh or you can say repair ourselves. Although I know that some sleep is necessary but what I don't know just how much is absolutely required. For example, while most people sleep between seven and eight hours each night, there is a wide variability among individuals, with some people needing as little as three hours while others still need 9 or more than this to refresh. What I learnt so far is that sleep requirements change with the passage of life time, as we age we need less and less amount of sleep. That's all I know firmly :).

I tried to find some material to find out how much a person can remain awaken I found that people who participate in sleep deprivation experiments, in which they are kept awake for as long as 200 hours which is equal to 8.3 days continuously. They feel weary and irritable, can't concentrate much on work, and show a loss of creativity, they also show a decline in logical reasoning ability but this can vary in the daytime which means in daytime there reasoning still remains high. However interestingly when these people are allowed to go to sleep normally for one day at least they come back quickly and perform at pre-deprivation levels just after few days. ( Reference Dement, 1976; Webb, 1992; Dinges et al., 1997 ).

Those of us who worry, then, that long hours of study, work, or perhaps partying are ruining our health should feel heartened including me :). As far as anyone can tell, most people suffer no permanent consequences of such temporary sleep deprivation. At the same time; though, a lack of sleep may make us feel edgy, angry, slow our reaction time, and lower our performance on academic tasks or office tasks. We certainly won't feel particularly good. In addition, what we should not do is that we must avoid routine activities when we are awake for a long period of time because we put ourselves and others at risk when we try to carry out routine activities, such as driving, when we're very sleepy. As sleep researcher Stanley Coren suggest "Going without sleep is as much of a public and personal safety hazard as going to work drunk in the morning".

So now you got the idea :)
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sleep Disorders

What is a Sleep Disorder ?

A sleep disorder is a condition which affects you that how much you sleep and how well you are sleeping. Sleep disorders can be caused by any condition like poor habits, poor medical conditions these all can have great impact on your sleep.

The Dangers of Poor Sleep

According to search done on sleep disorders, if you have sleep disorder then there is relation to car accidents, poor performance at job, injuries at job, mood swings, memory problems, obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

What are the symptoms of sleep disorders ?

Following are the main symptoms of sleep disorders.

1. You feel very sleep through out the day.
2. You try to get sleep but you can't and if you do you get to quickly.
3. Snoring.
4. Your breathing stops during sleep.
5. You eat and then drink water and quickly go to bed. ( full stomach)
6. There is a urge in you to move legs which are at rest.
7. You feel uncomfortable feeling in legs in night.

Sleep Cycle

To understand sleep disorder you first need to know about sleep cycles. There are two types of cycles.
1. REM ( Random eye movement)
2. Non-Rem

Rem accounts for 25% of total sleep and is associated with dreams and this tends to increase as morning comes near. The rest of all our sleep falls in second category that is non-rem, which is based on four cycles which moves from light to deep sleep cycles. So sleep disorder actually interferes with these cycles and if these cycles are disturbed we feel restless.

How much should I sleep ?

Sleep requirement is different for every individual. As a general pattern :

1. Infants need 16 hours of sleep.
2. Teenagers require 9 hours of sleep.
3. For adults it's 8 hours.

But keep in mind that for each individual the requirements are different. An adult may be require 4 hours of sleep but for other minimum 12 hours are must, it depends.

The Insomnia

There are lots of people almost third of U.S citizens come across insomnia. Insomnia is a condition in which you don't go to sleep or you sleep for very little time then get up. If this condition prevails for some time then you are a victim of insomnia.

Hygiene and Insomnia Relation 

Insomnia is some what related to poor hygiene factors. Like you drink coffee at late evening, you go to bed full stomach, you go to bed at different time most of the week, you are watching television and fall asleep. You have cough.

Mental condition and Insomnia

Insomnia has deep link with mental condition if you are very stressed about something you will get dreams about it, if you very scared of coming condition you will get up in night. Also when you take medication to suppress the depression, body can react to it and you may not get to sleep. You definitely need to talk to your doctor.

Different Medical Conditions and Insomnia Relation

If you have any one of the following then there is a chance to get insomnia in these conditions. If you don't get sleep well due to following conditions go to doctor immediately.

1. Getting Heartburns.
2. You have asthma.
3. Breathing problem when sleeping.
4. You have flu and bad cough.
5. Arthritis


In this type of sleep disorder a person feels extremely sleepy during day time and a person may go to small naps when working ( you must have seen some of these guys ). Here are some conditions that tell you whether you have Narcolepsy or not. Those who have Narcolepsy they go to REM immediately, if you have this condition talk to your doctor about it.

1. When you first wake up you feel you are unable to move your body.
2. Feeling extremely week when you are getting up.
3. You dream during naps.
4. Dream like hallucinations as you wake up.

The Disorder of Sleep: Sleepwalking

The number of people who actually have this condition is very less but those who have it they have a sleep disorder. The one who sleep walks doesn't remember anything what he did during sleep and this occurs during Non-Rem stages. Normally children have this disorder but can prevail in adults.

When is the right time to call doctor ?

There are methods if you know them you can fight on your own with sleep disorders but if you snore, gasp, you are taking medication which keep you awake at night then immediately call your doctor.

Keep a Sleep Diary

If you keep a sleep diary with you, you can get valuable information about yourself. A sleep diary can tell you about :

1. Your wake up time.
2. Your bed time.
3. How long you slept.
4. If you take coffee write about it, this can tell you information about sleep patterns.
5. Getting dreams.
6. What did you eat before going to sleep.
7. Stress.
8. Medications you are taking daily.

One of the best methods to treat any sleep disorders I came across is to exercise daily and do it in evening not late evening. Exercise should be intense or which makes you tired you will get a very good night sleep. It's my own personal experience :)

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Great Secrets of Men Revealed to Women

If you believe that your man doesn't listens to you, or he is very traditional man, sits quietly then you are in the  right place to know the secrets of men. After searching through internet, books where there is lot of material. I sorted out the best of points that can describe man's feeling.
This  is about relationship between men and women. Men do express feelings but they express in different ways.

Here are following secretes of our (men) women should know. So here it goes

1. I Love You

Men do say "I Love You" but through actions, that's the way it is, rather than saying through words men do actions that comfy you like cleaning dishes, cleaning room, helping with your chores etc.

2. We Listen

Normally when women talk to men they tend to expect words like "I see", " I am listening" " hmmm", something like that but men mostly listen quietly when you are talking, then you start to believe that they are not listening but we are listening, then men decided according to it. The main point here is that men listen always.

3. Men need their personal time

Even when men give a lot of time to family, relationships they also need time for themselves you know the guy thing, men like to have their own personal time like going to gym, gardening, long drives.

4. Learn from Fathers

If you want to know how he will react to you in different situations than you need to look at his father. Yes, sons are reflections of their fathers. Sons learn from fathers, how to behave to women, how father relates to mother, you can get the idea.

5. Appreciation

This is a fact that men respond to appreciation. Take for example parenting if you give more value to your husband about caring children then he will be involved more in parenting.

So now you our greatest secrets :)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Rid of Bad Breath

In today's life there are many who have bad breath and they want to get rid of it. Here are some ways by which you can get rid of bad breath.

1. Baking Soda: Use baking soda, Baking Soda has this ability that it makes mouth a bad living place for bacteria.

2. Chewing Gum: If you use non-sugar chewing gum your bad breath will go away. Why ? because your mouth will produce saliva when you chew gum this helps to kill germs. This research was done by scientists of University of California. Also chewing mint leafs and fennel Seeds helps in reducing bad breath.

3. Diet: If you eat more protein foods it will make your breath bad and worse if you eat high protein foods and sleep with out brushing your teeth your breath will stink. The reason is that high protein foods increase the production rate of germs.

4. Green Tea: According to scientists green tea contains polyphenol which helps to kill mouth germs and this tea does not let's you have bad breath.

5. Artificial Mouth Wash: These are in wide use these mouth washers are also effective use it when ever you are going out.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Want to Loose Weight Fast ?

What is Obesity ? 

In simple terms we can say that Obesity = Fat person, a person whose weight is more than normal is considered obese, to find out weather you are obese or not, you need a BMI ( Body Mass Index ) chart it will help you that what should be your weight according to your height. You can easily search for it on the website.

Method of loosing Weight
There are threes rules if you want to loose weight fast. Which are:

1. Will
2. Avoiding Certain food elements.
3. Walk

Now you got the idea of obesity. If you are obese person and you want to cure it, there is a way to cure it, but it will depend on your "WILL" only. If you are willing to do, then you can succeed. After willing to reduce the over weight of body, you need to stop eating some basic food elements. It's only a small list, yes small list which you have to avoid for at-least on month. You will see your weight has reduced by just avoiding the basic three elements. These are:

1. Avoid Fat.
2. Avoid Rice.
3. Avoid Sugar.

That's all, it's small isn't it ? But here is the real catch you need to be consistent in avoiding these three basic elements, this means you have to avoid ( if you want to loose weight ) burgers, fries, Lays, sweats, rice, Chinese rice anything which has these three elements. Also it's very difficult because a obese person is somewhat addicted to these things of which only "WILL" can help to fight.

In place of Sugar you can use real honey, honey helps to burn body calories and fat. In place of fat you can only use small amount of Sun Flower Oil and Wheat Oil.

You just can't eat rice when you want to loose weight. No way don't think about it.


The last thing you have to do for one month is to Walk. Walk for 4 kilometers for exact one month. Trust me on this you will lose weight but you have to be consistent for one month ( It's Just 30 days = 720 hours )
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Loss of smell and taste

There are very few people which actually loss the smell sense. Normally when it's cold and you catch cold you can't smell anything, but sometimes it becomes permanent even if you don't have cold. There is a natural method by which you can actually treat your loss of smell and taste. Fenugreek seeds have this ability that it can restore your ability of smelling and tasting sense.


Take one table spoon Fenugreek seeds, put it in water for some time 1 hour most. Then take 300ml of water, put Fenugreek seeds in water after that allow it to heat/cook on low temperature. When only cup of this has left remove it, filter this water by not allowing Fenugreek seeds to get in and drink this as tea. After some days of using it your sense of smell and taste will return. 
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cure For Heart Attack

You probably be thinking right now that is there a cure for heart attack or is this post is a fake ? The answer to your question is that Yes there is Cure for Heart Attack. You want to find it out, then read the rest. I came to know about this cure from a news article whose author is Javed Chaudhry, he is very famous columnist in Pakistan.  Let's come to the point, the cure actually lies in Dates a special type of dates known as " AJWA DATES" these are only found in Saudi Arabia and non other place in world. These are very expensive dates, if you want to buy Ajwa Dates of 1 kg it will cost you 80 SAR( Saudi Riyal ) which is equal to $ 21 US Dollars. These date are very delicious I really love to have one of these dates :).

These Ajwa Dates contain :

1. Sugar (60%).
2. fat (2%).
3. protein (2%).
4. Minerals (2%).
5. Vitamin A and B3.
6. Iron.
7. Potassium.
8. Folic acid.

If you go back to history of Islam, you will know that there was a brave warrior known as Saad Bin Abi Waqas, he had first heart attack in the history of Islam. When Prophet Muhammad came to know about this ( If you don't know about who Muhammad is then read my blog post named " Aids Cure" and the other one is "Black Seeds", there I have given reference of him. He said give him Ajwa Dates along with seeds ( so it's Ajwa dates plus crushed seeds of Ajwa dates) after using this, Saad Bin Abi Waqas became healthy and he never had a heart attack for the rest of his life. In Saudi Arabia, doctors advise patients to take Ajwa Dates who have Ischemic Heart Disease.

So you know the procedure is very simple any one who has heart disease take Ajwa Dates along with powdered seeds of Ajwa Date for some time period (30-40 days) it will definitely cure you.

There is a renowned person in Pakistan, he is known as Malik Riaz, who owns Bahria Town who is one of most rich entrepreneurs of Pakistan. In the year 1995 Malik Riaz had a problem of heart, doctors told him that his heart's three valves/arteries are closed, there fore we need to do angioplasty. One of his friend told him to eat Ajwa Dates for one month before they go for angioplasty. If during this time there condition remains same then they are free to do angioplasty. Malik Riaz took went for this procedure for one month after one month he went to London's Cromwell hospital. There the doctors took his heart tests and after the reports the doctors told him that he had no heart problem. Malik Riaz showed the doctors the old reports of heart, they said this condition cannot be of his because his heart is healthy. Long story short, in 2009 Malik Riaz again went to same doctor in London, and doctors saw that his heart condition hasn't changed since.

I had a sms from friend of this method of curing heart disease, I searched for it and now I want to share with you. Isn't it a miracle for heart patients ? They spend lot's of money to cure themselves and there are risks in it too. My question to you is that if any of your friends, you, parents any one you know who has heart disease, why not give them Ajwa Dates ?  Just to try ? Why not use it when there is no risk in it ? If the patient doesn't gets cured you can go to scientific method I mean the choice will always be there.

You might be asking OK, so where is the scientific proof ?  So the answer to this is that unfortunately there has been no valuable search done on these Ajwa Dates. Even if there is no search done on it, it doesn't means that dates are not useful it's just the fact we have not yet reached to that level to understand the miraculous benefits of Ajwa Dates.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unique Method of Controlling Diabetes In India

You would be very surprised to read this that in Bengal there is tree known as Bael Fruit Tree also known as in Indian as Balgari or simply Bael. It's wood is used to make cups. You can easily find these cups in India. Now to control diabetes Indians who have diabetes drink water in these cups. Sugar stops coming from Urine. It's known that those who use this method, there diabetes remains in control. Here are some pictures of it, enjoy.

Ripe Bael Fruit

Bael Tree Cups Used To Control Diabetes

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Too Much Perspiration

There are lot's of people that when they work they sweat a lot, even in winter season doing small amount of work makes them sweat. Worry not. There is a simple solution to this problem.

Take a tea bag, put it in the boiling water, when tea bag gives it's color take out this tea bag and rub this tea bag under the shoulders part, tea contains special type of acid that helps to reduce the excessive perspiration.

Also when you bath after bathing get a piece of Alum ( Known as Phitkari in India ) rub it under the shoulders and some body parts this will dramatically reduce perspiration. Hope this would helped you, happy bathing :)

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