Benefits of Almonds

For some days ago I have been searching for benefits of almonds, there nutritional facts and figures, what are there health benefits. So far so good here is what I have found so far.

Almonds Nutritional Facts 

Remember I wrote a post on natural saturated fats which is good for health if you haven't read it go Here.

Nutritional facts of almonds are as follows 

A total of 100 grams of Almonds contain :

1. 546 Calories.

2. It has the total fat of 46.9 grams in which it has saturated fats amounting 3.5 grams, Mono-un-saturated fats to the quantity of 29.3 grams ( I don't know exactly what it does ).

3. No Cholesterol.

4. It has sugar which is about 3.7 grams.

5. Dietary fiber contains the amount per 100 grams is 11.6 grams.

6. It has protein used in building muscles containing about to 20 grams per 100 grams of almonds.

7. Almonds are rich in Calcium and Iron in the ratio of 25% to 20%.

So if I summarize the nutritional benefits I would say that  almonds contain no cholesterol which is bad for heart, very low on sodium, and it is high in magnisium.

Health Benefits of using Almonds

1. Almond is very beneficial for weak individuals which are physically weak and fat person should avoid eating almonds.

2. Almonds contain calcium which is beneficial for bones and teeth.

3. For eye sight it usage is very beneficial.

4. For remembering thing one should use it.

5. If you are in muscle building program and want to build fast body muscle then eat almonds it will help to build protein very fast.


  1. Almonds are not only for chocolates recipe, but also rich in different healthy elements. And benefits from almonds are unbelievable but this is all true and scientifically based.

  2. Almonds are good for fat people as it reduces belly fat


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