Bee Sting Used to Alleviate Arthritis

What is Arthritis ?

Before going to bee sting point one should know that is Arthritis ? Arthritis is actually burning of joints. So a joint is that part of body where two bones meet and function of joint is to make body parts to move, so to sum up when you move your body parts and you feel inflammation at joints then you have arthritis.

Different Kinds of Arthritis Treatment

Depending on each individual body uniqueness, Arthritis treatment becomes different for different individual. Like if you are over weight then this may be a cause of Arthritis so to treat it you must have to lose weight, if you do high stress work where joints are involved like Data Operating work, packaging etc then it may cause arthritis but the main goal of every treatment is to reduce the pain in joints which unfortunately has not yet been to the point where it can be cured.

One Kind To Treat Is By Using Bee Sting

Bee Sting or it's venom has been used in China to cure multiple of diseases like Fibromyalgia, arthritis and the like. Bee Sting used to cure disorders and diseases is known as Bee Venom Solution (BVS) which is availible in every form but not in capsules :) you can easily get by over the counter shop. What I found is that Bee Venom can treat Arthritis, pain, different types of skin syndromes for this you need venom in cream form to apply it. I wrote about Eczema Cure some time ago, if you go to  homeopathic side where this venom is known as Apis mellifica ( it's just the bee sting name )  which can cure eczema. So if you have inflammation in joints then you should consider applying the venom in cream form which can treat your pain.

According to one study which was done in 1988 at University of Aristotelian, which is located at Greece, they applied the venom to rats which had arthritis like disease and they found that it really reduced the inflammation. According to report it was said that venom has the ability to slow down the compound which causes pain (arthritis).

There are some side effects of using bee venom therapy like some individual get skin allergy by using it. So it's better to ask doctor before using it.


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