I love You Tea

There are many many reasons that I enjoy drinking tea. First of all, when it's very cold winter and I am watching out of the window with a hot cup of tea in my hands it feels great. Then there is this aroma of tea when you sip it. After working for whole long day then at evening when you get a cup of tea you feel relaxed, and if you are being accompanied by a friend then it makes it real momentary. If you still not inspired by it, then here are some reasons that might tempt you to drink tea.

1. Antioxidants

If you are having signs of aging then drinking tea makes delay these signs of aging, your skin is like iron in moist air, which rusts your skin and tea helps protect it just like paints do on iron.

2. Caffeine

A coffee normally contains more caffeine then tea. If you have eight ounce of coffee it will have 135mg of caffeine on the other hand if you have tea in your hand then you will only have 30 mg of caffeine per cup. If you drink coffee to work but at the same time you get headaches or getting trouble going to sleep then you might want to switch to tea, which has same effect of keeping you up but doesn't gives you trouble going to sleep.

3. Smile

If you want to have a more white smile then consider taking tea in you daily routine because tea contains fluoride and tannins that can help a whiter smile but remember one thing that it should be with out sugar.

4. Heart Attack and Stroke 

Blood clots which are formed as a result of cholesterol and blood platelets which actually contributes to heart attack and stroke. There is a chance that if you drink tea then your blood clots may be removed by tea usage. There was a study done in Netherlands which expanded to 6 years and the researchers found that using tea makes 70% lower risk of heart attack for those people who drank black tea 3 times a day when compared to non-tea drinkers.

5. Loose weight 

A lot of people complain that they are having difficulty of loosing weight because they have very slow metabolic rate but worry not if you drink green tea your metabolic rate increases so if your metabolic rate is high then you will loose weight fast. If you take green tea for a every day for a whole year then in one year you actually loose 8-9 pounds of weight, I think it's great if combined with walk for 15 minutes daily.

6. Theanine 

If you are working very hard on some thing new and you are out of ideas then taking a cup of tea might give you some great ideas because tea has a chemical known as Theanine which actually gives boost to intelligence   it's like nitrous oxide used in race cars. So if next time you are not getting any creativity then go for a cup of tea.


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