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Natural Saturated Fats Are Good For Heart

There is a huge debate on saturated fats, one thought is that saturated fats is bad and kills us and the other group says that it is very necessary for maintaining a balanced health. But as adults we should be looking at facts and logical arguments. When we look at food industry and government agencies they tend to tell us that saturated fats are very life threating, but if we keep on going back in time we see that natural saturated fats have been used by mankind for centuries. 

"Only in twenty first century we have become knowledgeable to the extent that we have considered the natural saturated fats as bad other wise it has been used for centuries.

And due to this lack of nutrition we are seeing Increased heart attacks, heart diseases, diabetes problem and cancer. I will give you four reasons that you should be using saturated fats but these saturated fats must come in natural form and there should be no artificial fats at all. 

1.  Lower The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Now this is a fact that if you have a diet which is rich in natural saturated fats it actually protects your heart. Saturated fats has the abilty to lower the Lp(a) that has a relation with increased heart disease and natural saturated fats provide good HDL which has the ability to keep your heart in good shape.

2.  Keep Bones Healthy

Every one knows that calcium is important for development of bones but to deliver the calcium we need saturated fats thats the reason milk contains saturated fats plus calcium if you keep on taking calcium supplements and no saturated fats than that supplement will be of little use.

3.  Stay Away From Illness

If you take saturated fats than you must know that saturated fats are anti fungal, antimicrobial.  The fatty acid that saturated fats contain are:

1. Lauric Acid

2. Myristic Acid

3. Caprylic Acid

Together these three acids help fight off diseases and keeps you away from illness.

4. Brain Fat

Our brain is pure fat and cholesterol. So it needs natural saturated fats more than any other body part. Saturated fats help in hormonal growth and makes communication system in brain more better ( the nerve signals)

So here is the summary which I learnt so far

We all are bombarded with advertisements telling us that saturated fats are bad for health. Here what happens

1.  When we come to know that saturated fats are bad for heart we trade in for butter rather than vegetable oil.

2. On T.V we are told that saturated fats have bad impact on bones so we start using calcium rich milk and which is low on saturated fats.

3. We come to know that saturated fat is bad for brain so stop taking any type of traditional fats for example coconut oil etc.

As a result we are more depressed and more prone to diseases.

I hope from now own you will look differently at saturated fats. ( Always use natural saturated fats don't use industrialized saturated fats )


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