One Illness Cannot be Cured

There is only one illness that cannot be cured and that is "Old age" You cannot cure old age.

Imam Ahmed has narrarted that Usamah bin Shuraik said that " I was with Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H) that when Bedouins came to him and said ' O Messenger of Allah ( GOD ), should we seek medicine ? He ( Muhammad P.B.U.H ), 'Yes , O slaves of Allah (GOD), seek medicine, for Allah has not created a disease except that he has In addition created its cure, except for one illness.' They said.'And what is that ?' He said, 'Old Age." link to it ( Click here )

Reference " Ibn Hanbal 'Musnad' 1:377

So from this we can see that every disease has a cure for it in this world.


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